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The LeRoy Jr/Sr. High School
Rotary Interact Club is kicking
off a campaign to support Honor
Flight Rochester. Their goal is
to sponsor at least one Veteran
on Honor Flight Rochester this
coming year. This will be the
Interact Club’s major community
service project for the year.
Honor Flight has flown 32
Missions to Washington, DC.
Each mission has flown WWII
Veterans to our nation’s Capital
to be honored for their service.
Veterans and their Guardians
fly to Baltimore Washington
International Airport and travel
by bus to Washington to spend
a full day visiting the memorials
and monuments dedicated to
them and others who have given
their service to our country. They
have a banquet to end the day
and spend the night near the BWI
Airport. When the veterans land
in Rochester they are given the
hero’s welcome that they did not
receive at the end of their service.
Honor Flight is now working to
also fly Korean War Veterans
to DC.
Interact will be sponsoring an
assembly at the LeRoy Jr./Sr.
HS on Wednesday, February 5,
2014, at 8:00 am. This assembly
is part of the new LeRoy PRIDE
Character Education Program.
It will bring representatives of
Honor Flight to school to make
the student body more aware of
the program and the impact that it
has had on our veterans. Interact
and the Jr./Sr. HS Administration,
Faculty and Student Body would
also like to extend an invitation to
any veteran so that they attend the
assembly and learn more about
the program.
Veterans and Guardians who
have already flown a mission
are also invited to come and
we would encourage you to
wear your Honor Flight Shirts.
After the assembly, Honor
Flight Representatives will make
themselves available to veterans
and their families who have
questions about how to participate
in a mission. Interact and Honor
Flight Rochester invites members
of the community to visit
r a
very detailed overview, pictures
and application process.
Interact will be holding
fundraising activities at the girl’s
basketball games on February
7th vs. Letchworth (6/7:30pm)
and boy’s basketball games on
February 12th vs. Cal-Mum
(5:30/7pm). They will have a
Chinese Auction as well as an
ongoing raffle for a Kindle Fire.
The estimated cost to sponsor
a veteran is about $425.00.
Interact and the Jr./Sr. HS would
also like to invite Veterans and
their families to either or both
of these games so that you may
be recognized for your service.
Veterans will be the guest of the
district for these games.
Any community member
interested in making a donation to
this effort may do so by sending a
check to the Rotary Interact Club
care of:
Honor Flight
C/O Samantha Vagg
Le Roy Rotary Interact Club
PO Box 141
Le Roy, NY 14482
LeRoy Rotary Interact To Support Honor Flight
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