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LeRoy Junior Knights 20 –

Canisteo Redskins 0

The 2016 Community Youth

Football League Champion-

ship was played at Avon Central

School in a matchup between the

undefeated 8 – 0 LeRoy Junior

Knights against the 7 -1 Canisteo

Redskins. For the first time this

season, Mother Nature made her

presence felt on what would be a

cold, damp and at times, rainy day.

The Junior Knights would win

the toss and chose to defer, prefer-

ring to start the game on defense

and get the ball to start the second

half. Canisteo’s offense, averag-

ing 24 points per game, would

take the field starting from their

35 yard line. Three stops by the

LeRoy defense powered by Hold-

en “Sully” Sullivan, Luke Lathan,

Jude Sherman, JoJo Vernacinni,

Aaric Luce and Jake Egeling set

up a 4th down and 3. Canisteo,

showing faith in the offensive

line, chose to go for it on fourth

down early in the game. Howev-

er, Holden Sullivan, Aaric Luce

and Jake Egeling teamed up to

bust through the line and stop the

Canisteo running back for no gain.

LeRoy would take over

possession of the football at

Canisteo’s 42 yard line. LeRoy’s

offensive line would seize control

of the line of scrimmage early

as Adam Woodworth and Luke

Lathan teamed up behind them to

drive the Knights down to 10 where

they faced a 3rd down and 1. The

Knights would draw the defense

offsides and be rewarded with a 1st

and goal at the 5. One play later,

Woodworth would give LeRoy a

6 – 0 lead. The PAT attempt failed.

LeRoy 6 - Canisteo 0.

Canisteo’s next possession

started with a fumbled exchange

between the QB and running

back pushing them into a 2nd and

14. On the next play, Canisteo’s

Gavin Bob got loose first around

the left end then cut back all the

way across the field, avoiding

multiple LeRoy tacklers before

finally being brought down at the

49 for a 19 yard gain. LeRoy’s de-

fense would again stiffen for three

straight plays forcing a 4th & 2.

For a second time in as many pos-

sessions, Canisteo chose to go for

it. DJ O’Geen made it a bad de-

cision as he shed his blocker and

stopped the Canisteo back a yard

short of the first down maker.

LeRoy would take over at

their 42. An 8 yard gain byWood-

worth was negated after a holding

penalty. This would end up being

the final play of the first quarter.

On the first play of the 2nd quar-

ter, LeRoy would turn the ball

over to the Redskins who would

take possession at LeRoy’s 45

yard line.

On the first play of their next

drive, Canisteo’s Gavin Bob broke

loose down to LeRoy’s 20 yard

line. On the next play, Bob once

again broke free around the left

side and appeared to be headed

for a game tying score when Jude

Sherman raced across the field for

a touchdown saving tackle forcing

Bob out at the 1 yard line. With

only a half yard to spare, LeRoy

would stage a huge four play goal

line stand behind defensive stal-

warts Luke Lathan, DJ O’Geen,

Jude Sherman and Holden Sulli-

van. Wyatt Draper and Jake Egel-

ing would make the final stop be-

hind the line on 4th and goal.

With their backs against the

goal line, the Junior Knights chose

to line up Woodworth under cen-

ter for consecutive QB sneaks.

Aaric Luce, DJ O’Geen and Hold-

en Sullivan would provide enough

push to allowWoodworth to move

the ball to the 6 yard line setting

up a crucial 3rd & 5. Woodworth,

behind an ever determined offen-

sive line and lead blockers pow-

ered forward for 8 yards and a first

down. Now with some breathing

room, the Knights were poised to

strike. After a 5 yard run by Luke

Lathan, Jake Higgins and Jude

Sherman executed text book blocks

“on the edge” and Adam Wood-

worth out ran the entire defense for

81 yards and TD. The PAT failed.

LeRoy 12 – Canisteo 0.

The half ended as Canisteo

was forced to punt as time ran out.

LeRoy opened the second half

with the football and a chance

to lengthen their lead and take

firm control of the game. Seven

straight plays run into the heart

of the defense aided by a face

mask penalty set up LeRoy with

a 1st and 10 at Canisteo’s 20. The

eighth play of drive proved too

much for the Redskins’ defense

as Wyatt Draper, Luke Lathan and

Jude Sherman delivered punish-

ing blocks at the point of attack

and Woodworth raced 20 yards

for a touchdown. After a suc-

cessful PAT run by Woodworth,

LeRoy had extended the lead to

LeRoy 20 – Canisteo 0.

Canisteo looked like they

were going to answer and answer

quickly as Gavin Bob again, on a

nifty cut, got to the sideline and

appeared to be on his way to a 65

yard touchdown. However, for

the second time, Jude Sherman

sprinted from across the field to

catch him from behind at the 4.

This set up LeRoy’s second goal

line stand of the day. Four at-

tempts to score from the 4 yard

line turned up empty as LeRoy’s

defense, behind Cole Tonzi, Wy-

att Draper, Cam Wilson, Aaric

Luce, Jude Sherman and Jack

Egeling stopped them short, again

with only a half yard to spare.

The remainder of the second

half saw LeRoy’s offense play

”keep away” as they held onto the

ball for a total of 29 plays. In do-

ing so, they never gave Canisteo

a chance to stage a comeback as

Canisteo was given the opportuni-

ty to run just 9 second half plays.

In a show of determination and

heart, as many as 19 different Ju-

nior Knights took turns on the of-

fensive line while paving the way

for first down after first down.

As the game clock wound

down to zero, the Knights were

able to assume the best offensive

formation in football, the “Victory

Position” as quarterback Alex

Spezzano took the final snap

and “took a knee”. LeRoy 20 –

Canisteo 0.

The Junior Knights offensive

line and lead blockers led the way

for Adam “Bucha” Woodworth

as he gained 226 hard fought

yards on 31 carries. Luke Lathan

carried the ball 7 times for 27

yards and Jude Sherman 6 times

for 19 yards.

The Junior Knights defense

was led by Jude Sherman who

recorded 10 tackles followed

by Jack Egeling with 8. With

6 tackles each was Holden

Sullivan and Aaric Luce. Adam

Woodworth had 5 tackles, Luke

Lathan 4. DJ O’Geen and Wyatt

Draper each had 2 tackles. Jay

Lathan, Alex Spezzano, JoJo

Vernacinni, Noah Kaczanowski,

Connor Elmore, Joey Reschke,

Cole Tonzi, Cameron Wilson all

chipped in with 1 apiece.

The victorymarked the second

straight CYFL Championship

and 18th consecutive win by the

LeRoy Junior Knights.

LeRoy Junior Knights Football

2016 CYFL Championship Game