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The LeRoy youth Flag Foot-

ball teams traveled to Dansville

this past Sunday in an evenly

aged matchup for the second

time this year. On a perfect

warm fall day in the valley of

a picturesque small town it

was another fun filled, football

frenzy funday-Sunday to enjoy.

The intensity peaked early

at Babcock Park as the Pee-Wee

teams battled in a fierce game

that had both sidelines feeling


The RED & BLACK flag

squads were prepared for chip-

py, fast pace, slow pace, and

Dansville's best player, Chance

Dean-Diaz. LeRoy prepared all

week for the athletic Dean-Diaz

who is the star on the Dansville

Black team. The LeRoy coaches

brought in former players to

mimic Dean-Diaz's talents and

abilities in practice. Coach Kev-

in Olivani, felt well prepared

for anything Dansville had to

offer as he described his squads


The LeRoy RED team facing

Dansville's Red team started

off on defense first and to the

surprise of everyone, Chance

Dean-Diaz was in a Red jersey.

Dansville had this game on

the calendar circled as many

do when the LeRoy Knights

roll into their town. This was

Dansville's Super Bowl as they

stacked 1 team to compete

with the well rehearsed RED



It didn't take long for the

LeRoy defense to spot the

The LeRoy Red & Black Flag Football Teams

Keller, Hall, Kochmanski & Dunaway Lead Leroy

Jacob Keller runs for his first career Touchdown

curveball switch as Dean-Diaz

was lined up, eye to eye against

Carson "Nutter" Stiles. "Nutter

island" has not been friendly

since being burned by York's

speedy back, Bauer three weeks

ago as the younger Stiles broth-

er has shut down everything that

has come his way with some

help from his friends, Chandler

"The next big thing" Hall, Kade

"Kaderaide", Olivani , and Ry-

der Stiles. Nutter island would

stay unfriendly and combative

as Dansville would not gain a

yard on their first possession.

It would take only 3 plays

as the crisp RED offense led

by Ryder Stiles at quarterback

would feed "The Road Run-

ner", Donovan Gaillard on a 47

sweep.....Beep Beep, TOUCH-

DOWN! Gaillard would score

3 times on the day as he was

unstoppable in the first half.

The RED defense fought

hard against the stacked Dans-

ville team and did not allow

Dean-Diaz in the end zone. Ry-

der Stiles and Kade Olivani both

made last second flag grabs that

could have been touchdowns.

"Nutter" shadowed Dean-Diaz

throughout the first half as the

relentless RED defense kept

the talented half back out of the

end zone.

The RED team faced the

Dansville Black team in the

second half without their best

player Dean-Diaz and it was

an offensive explosion for the

RED Knights. Standouts, An-

dreas Condidorio and Donovan

Gaillard otherwise know as

"Thunder & Lightening" would

not touch the ball on offense in

the second half as they rested

for Geneseo.

Jacob "Mr. Handsome"

Keller took a 22 dive straight

up the middle, then juked to the

left with Dansville defenders

in his rear view mirror, burned

down the sideline, into the end

zone, TOUCHDOWN! Keller's

touchdown was the first of his

career. This play will not be

forgotten as the LeRoy fans

were loudly cheering on the fan

favorite "Mr Handsome".

On the very next offensive

possession starting left guard

and middle linebacker Chandler

Hall got the call on another

22 dive. Hall busted through

the hole as if he were a John

Deere combine and decimated

the Dansville defense. Again

the LeRoy faithful fans erupted

with noise as the big boy, Hall

rumbled into the end zone,

TOUCHDOWN! Hall's first

career TD as he is showered

with appreciation from his


On the 3rd offensive pos-

session Jacob "Snuggle in the

Huddle" Kochmanski would get

the call on yet another 22 dive.

Kochmanski would break off

into the secondary only to be

tackled from behind. Kochman-

ski, visibly upset, takes the play

after next into the end zone for

an easy breezy TOUCHDOWN!

The LeRoy faithful erupt into

cheer once again as "Snuggle in

the huddle" gets his first career


Andreas Condidorio, the

ball hawking outside lineback-

er would put the exclamation

point on the day as he ended the

scoring with a PICK 6 TOUCH-

DOWN! His second of the year.

The LeRoy BLACK team

started off the morning against

Dansville's Black squad in

an uneven matchup. Marin

Kemp, the defensive special-

ist and grinding running back

set the tempo early with a 95

yard TOUCHDOWN! Another

"KEMP QUAKE" that gets the

LeRoy fans excited.

"The road grader", Grady

Kanaley and Peyton Privitera

would follow suit on the next

2 offensive possessions, taking

the ball the distance.

Privitera was not finished

scoring as he threw a laser to

Jude Christ that went 95 yards


Four touchdowns on four

possessions when Cameron

Dunaway gets the call on pos-

session #5. Dunaway has hit

his stride in recent weeks dom-

inating in practice and games

primarily on defense. On this

gorgeous Sunday he gets multi-

ple carries on drive #5 and gets

his first TOUCHDOWN of his

career. Dunaway has already

signed his letter of intent to play

for the Junior Knights. He sure-

ly will look tough in pads next

year and be a force right away.

The second half was much

more competitive as the afore-

mentioned Dean-Diaz from

Dansville started to get rolling.

The LeRoy black defense held

their own with Brayden Wilson,

Brennan Weber, Caleb Schutt

and Kemp all playing very


Wilson and Kemp would

get knocked down and get up

again (your never going to keep

them down) to stop the stacked

Dansville Red team.

John "Hawkeye" Bogan led

a drive with several nice runs

that eventually led to anoth-

er "Kemp Quake" TOUCH-


Brennan Weber, Jude Christ

and Caleb Schutt all played

excellent defense with Weber

garnering 5 flag grabs for a loss.

Be sure to visit Hartwood

Park this Sunday, October

23rd at 10:30 am as the FLAG

Teams play their last game of

the season. The Junior Team

plays at noon and looks to

remain unbeaten as they are

on a championship hunt.

Then the BIG BOY, Seniors

take on undefeated Geneseo

with both teams looking for a