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Flag Football team hosted the

Genesee Valley Bills (GVB)

on Sunday with something to

validate. Both squads were

coming off a beating from the

high powered YORK team as

they had something to show

clearly to GVB. And, clear it

was, as apples to apples, for the

first time this season, an evenly

aged and sized match-up led to

a dominate performance for the

boys & girl (Marin) of LeRoy.

The LeRoy boys & girl

had a chip on their shoulder

that blocked the sun as the

temperature f luctuated 10

degrees with every hip, head

& shoulder dip & dazzle

throughout the morning.

The Flag team was slotted

in the 2nd stanza of 4 - of a fun

filled, football frenzy funday-

Sunday at the New and slowly

improving facilities and the

friendly confines of Hartwood


The RED & BLACK teams

started off RED HOT off the

momentum of the Pee-WEE

victory. The Pee-Wee team

led by Tommy McGinnis who

neutralized the best player on

GVB - #76, as he earned game

ball honors in a dominant

fa sh ion . Tommy's ef for t

motivated the Flag squad and

propelled the chip on their

shoulder to be a boulder. The

Pee-Wee performance was a

prelude to the intermittent shut

down that was about to occur

over the next 3 hours.

RED TEAM - Chandler

"The Next Big Thing" Hall

anchoring the entire left side

of the RED teams offensive

line executed a perfect block

as Donovan "Pocket Hercules"

Gaillard breezed into the end

zone. Gaillard has scored

in every game this season

and with this ankle breaking

TOUCHDOWN h e h a s

officially renamed himself as

the "The Road Runner"....BEEP


Ch a n d l e r " T h e Nex t

Big Thing", Hall, who will

The LeRoy Red & Black Flag Football Teams

look great in pads next year

in PEE-WEE doesn't get the

limelight-highlight, but gets the

appreciation from his peers and

especially "The Road Runner".

The f r a n t i c of fen s ive

pace from LeRoy was the

difference on the day as the

well rehearsed RED team, led

by their quarterback Ryder

Stiles was in high tempo offense

all day while GVB was in

slow motion. In 50 minutes of

football the time of possession

was a staggeringly lopsided

40-10 as GVB slow rolled every

down in both games.

LeRoy was bored of the

slow play tactic but dialed in

with "Thunder & Lightning"

all morning. Condidorio &

Gaillard again and again broke

off long TOUCHDOWNS. The

offensive line featuring Jacob

Kochmanski, Jacob Keller,

Carson Stiles and "The Next

Big Thing" Hall, lit up GVB

all day, paving the way for 5

touchdowns on 6 possessions.

Defensively for the Red

Team Carson Stiles cut the

trail. "Nutter" Stiles who has a

nose for the football grabbed 5

flags on the day. "Nutter" along

with his older brother Ryder and

"The Next Big Thing", Hall shut

down the entire weak side all


Kade "Kaderaide" Olivani,

playing nose tackle, was in

better position than the GVB

running backs as he created

chaos for the slow rolling

offense of the Bills. Olivani,

was so pesky that the GVB

coaches complained that he

was illegally in the offensive

field of play. Undeterred and

relentless Olivani continued on

and paced the defense crushing

the GVB mis-direction plays.

Gaillard, Kochmanski, Keller,

Hall, Olivani and the Stiles

Brothers all had flag grabs as

the RED team played great

team defense all morning.

The BLACK team found

its offense as Caleb Schutt,

Brayden Wilson, and Cameron

Dunaway steam rolled the

GVB defensive line opening

up large running lanes for "The

Road Grader", Grady Kanaley.

Kanaley would be a solid play

on anyone's fantasy football

team and especially when he

plays at Hartwood, as his 4

TOUCHDOWNS on the day

were fast and furious.

Peyton Privitera has found

his running game in practice the

last few weeks and it translated

into results. Privitera, on a

double reverse scores his first

rushing Touchdown of his


Defensively for the Black

Team it's always a team effort

as Marin Kemp, Jude Christ and

Brayden Wilson spearheaded a

dominate performance. Wilson,

who is big and strong, along

with the fearless play of Kemp

and the natural instinct of Christ

close running lanes quickly.

Jon "hawk eye" Bogan, and

Cam Dunaway grabbed flags

as Wilson misdirected GVB

running backs into the middle

of the field.

The youth program travels

to Dansville this Sunday in the

1st stanza of a 4 part showdown

at Babcock park. The Pee-Wee

team, led by Brady McClurg

starts off the day off at 9am.



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