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Game 6 of t he Jun ior

Knights’ season was hosted at

Hartwood Park. The Genesee

Valley Bills brought their 5-0

record and a defense that had

not allowed a point in 5 games

to town. This game between

two undefeated teams would be

for first place in the division and

a potential spot in the CYFL

Championship Game.

GVB won the toss and

chose to defer allowing the

Knights to start the game with

possession of the ball. LeRoy

was able to draw the defense off

sides on the first play of game

giving them 1st & 5 at GVB’s

40 yard line. A run for 6 yards

by Adam Woodworth sand-

wiched by runs of 2 yards and

4 yards by Luke Lathan, gave

LeRoy 1st & 10 from GVB’s

48 yard. Crushing blocks by

Jake Higgins, Jude Sherman

and Luke Lathan paved the way

for Adam Woodworth to sprint

28 yards for the touchdown,

as the Knights made an early

statement to the GVB defense.

Luke Lathan pounded it in for

the PAT making the early score

LeRoy 8 – GVB – 0.

GVB’s first possession be-

gan with a 20 yard run around

the right side, followed by a 3

yard carry setting up 2nd & 3

from LeRoy’s 47. However, a

high snap got away from the

GVB quarterback and Aaric

Luce out hustled the GVB

backs to recover the fumble.

The turnover gave LeRoy

the ball at GVB’s 48 yard line

and a chance to extend an early

lead. The Junior Knights start-

ed their drive with runs of 4

and 5 yards by Luke Lathan, 3

yards by AdamWoodworth and

3 yards by Jude Sherman giv-

ing LeRoy a 2nd & 7 at GVB’s

34 yard line. Again, LeRoy’s

offensive line with the help of

lead blockers Jude Sherman and

Luke Lathan, allowed Adam

Woodworth to get to the edge

and race 34 yards for the touch-

down. Woodworth followed it

with a run for the extra point.

LeRoy 16 – GVB – 0.

The GVB Bills, on their

next possession, made it known

they were not going to go away

that easy. The Bills offense

struck back with a 10 play drive

of their own, closing to within

8. LeRoy 16 – GVB 8.

The Junior Knights would

answer GVB’s drive with one

of their own. However, unlike

their typical up tempo scoring

drives, the Knights pounded

the ball down the field over the

course of 16 plays featuring

power runs by Woodworth,

Lathan & Sherman behind

the line of Jake Higgins, Jace

Jedrewski, Aaric Luce, Holden

Sullivan, DJ O’Geen, Wyatt

Draper and Grady Gilligan.

The drive ended with a score

on 4th and Goal from the 6 yard

line when Adam Woodworth,

behind crushing lead blocks by

Lathan and Sherman, scored

off the right side. PAT failed.

LeRoy 22 – GVB – 8.

GVB had one more chance

with the ball before the end of

the half. Right away it looked

like they may take advantage

of it. Runs of 12 yards and 32

yards set the Bills up at LeRoy’s

15 yard line. 3 more runs by

GVB set up 4th & 2 from Le-

Roy’s 7 yard line and a chance

for GVB to close the gap. How-

ever, Jack Egeling and Luke

Lathan exploded through the

line to bury the running back

in the backfield and preserve

the 22 -8 halftime lead.

GVB started the second

half with the football and im-

mediately set out to make a

second half statement. On the

first play, the Bills burst down

field for 40 yards down to the

LeRoy 25. However, LeRoy’s

defense stiffened while pushing

the Bills backwards and forcing

them to turn the ball over on

downs on an incomplete pass

on 4th and long.

GVB’s defense answered

and held the Junior Knights

forcing them to turn the ball

over on downs at their own 36

yard line. Eight plays later,

GVB scored on an 8 yard run.

The Junior Knights stopped

GVB on the PAT however;

GVB had made it a one score

game. LeRoy 22 – GVB 14.

Each team would be forced

to punt on their next two pos-


This would set up the Le-

Roy’s most important drive

of the game. Taking over at

their own 25 yard line and not

wanting to give the ball back

to the Bills, the Junior Knights

attacked the middle of the GVB

defense. 5 straight runs “up

the gut” between the blocks of

DJ O’Geen and Wyatt Draper,

including a 20 yard burst by

LeRoy Junior Knights

LeRoy 30 – GVB 14

Luke Lathan, moved the ball

to GVB’s 33 yard line. The

6th straight time proved to be

the difference as Draper and

O’Geen opened a gaping hole

on the left side and Lathan and

Sherman made easy work of

the linebackers allowingWood-

worth to sprint 33 yards for the

touchdown. A successful PAT

byWoodworth pushed the score

to LeRoy 30 – Avon 14.

The game would end with

score of LeRoy 30 – GVB 14

as LeRoy turned the Bills over

on downs on their final posses-

sion. This allowed the Junior

Knights to assume the “Victory

Position” and kneel on the ball

for the final two plays.

Adam Woodworth led all

ball carriers with 20 touches for

188 yards and 4 touchdowns.

Luke Lathan had 12 carries

for a hard fought 55 yards and

Jude Sherman gained 20 yards

on 5 carries.

Jude Sherman led the Le-

Roy defense with 11 tackles.

Aaric Luce and Luke Lathan

followed with 7 tackles each.

Jake Higgins had 6 tackles,

Jack Egeling and AdamWood-

worth each had 4. With 2

tackles each were Jacob Bow-

man, Joey Reschke, Holden

Sullivan and Dawson “WoJo”

Wojtaszczyk. Chipping in

with 1 tackle each were Alex

Spezzano, Noah Kaczanowski,

Wyatt Draper, Connor Elmore

and CC Corcimiglia.

LeRoy plays at Dansville

this Sunday, October 16th

at noon.

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