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LeRoy 3 Batavia 4
LeRoy’s 9/10 year old all-stars
beganpool playon6/29byhosting
Batavia in what would amount to
a pitcher’s duel and instant classic.
Bataviawon thecoin tossandwould
be thehome team. LeRoygoton the
board first in the 2nd inningwhen
Ryan Shirley scored after being
walked and driven in by pitcher
TommyCondidorio’ssingle. LeRoy
added a run in the top of the 4th
after Jackson Fix drove inMaicen
McKenziewith a ground out.
Batavia tightened the score in
the5th inningwithacoupleofhits,
taking thegame into the6th inning
with score of LeRoy 2 Batavia 1.
In the top of the 6th, Drew Strollo
singledand then tookhis things into
hisownhands. Strollostolesecond
base, and after an errant throw,
the speedster would race around
the bases to add to the LeRoy lead
heading into thebottomof the6th.
Batavia did not give up however,
and after a couple of hits tied the
game at 3. Batavia threatened to
win in the inning, however catches
by outfielders Maicen McKenzie
and Adrian Stephens would send
the game into extra innings.
LeRoy would go down 1-2-3 in
the top of the 7th, giving Batavia
the opportunity to win the game.
A lead off single and aggressive
base runningwouldplaceaBatavia
runnerat3rdbase. LeRoy’sdefense
would make two outs, however a
hard hit ball and hustle down the
first baseline scored the runner,
givingBatavia thewin 4-3.
Tommy Condidorio pitched a
masterful game for LeRoy, going
6 innings, striking out 2 and only
walking 1. Connor Hegeman
finished the game on the mound
for LeRoy. The defense was out-
standing,makingplays all over the
field. Condidorio led the Knights
at the platewith2hits, awalk, and
anRBI. DrewStrollo (walk), Tony
Piazza,RyanShirley (2walks), and
Merritt Holly also added hits for
LeRoy, while Strollo, Shirley, and
MaicenMcKenzie scored. Jackson
Fix had an RBI as didMcKenzie.
LeRoy 15 Dansville 9
LeRoy travelled toDansville on
7/1 for amatchup against the 9/10
year old all-stars. LeRoy jumped
out on top early in the top of the
1st inning. Drew Strollo doubled,
Tommy Condidorio tripled, and
Jackson Fix singled to start out
LeRoy with 2 runs almost imme-
diately. RBIs byConnorHegeman
andXavienWalker and a single by
Jackson Spezzano finished off the
1st inning, giving LeRoy an early
5-0 lead.
Another single by Fix started
out the2nd inning. Awalk toTony
Piazza brought RyanShirley to the
plate, who knocked both runners
inwith a single. ConnorHegeman
would drive in Shirley, extending
the lead to8-0after2. DrewStrollo
started things up again in the 3rd,
drawing awalk and stealing a cou-
ple of bases, eventually scoring on
a sacfly fromCondidorio. Jackson
Fix singled again and scored on a
double fromTonyPiazza,extending
the score to 10-0. Dansville put
up two runs in the 3rd tomake the
score 10-2 after 3.
LeRoy’s offense kept it up in
the 4th. After a walk to Maicen
McKenzie and single by Xavien
Walker, Jackson Spezzano drove
inMcKenziewitha single. Walker
would score on a passed ball and
Spezzanowould laterscoreonasac
fly byDrew Strollo, giving LeRoy
a 13-2 lead. Dansville scratched 2
runsacross in thebottomof the4th,
avoiding themercyruleandsending
thegame into the5th inningwith a
13-4 score.
drewwalks and scored in the 5th,
extending the lead to 15-4 Dans-
villekeptup thefight adding3 runs
in the5thand2 in the6th, however
came up short as LeRoy won the
game by a score of 15-9.
Connor Hegeman got the win
on the mound for LeRoy. Also
pitching for LeRoy were Andrew
Pocock, DrewStrollo, andMaicen
McKenzie. Eight different players
hadhits forLeRoy, includingDrew
Strollo (double, 3 walks, 2 runs,
RBI),TommyCondidorio (triple, 1
run, 2RBI), Jackson Fix (3 hits, 1
walk, 4 runs, 1 RBI), Tony Piazza
(double, walk, 2 runs, RBI), Ryan
Shirley (single,2 runs,2RBI),Mai-
cenMcKenzie (single, walk, run),
XavienWalker (single, walk, run,
2 RBI), and Jackson Spezzano (2
hits, run, RBI). Connor Hegeman
drove in2,AndrewPocock scored,
and Adrian Stephens drew a walk
LeRoy 14 Geneseo13
LeRoy returned home to face
Geneseo on 7/3 inwhat amounted
to be a wildly entertaining game.
LeRoywon thecoin tossandelected
tobe thehome team. Geneseo took
the early lead in the first inning,
scoring2 runs. LeRoybattledback
in the bottom of the 2nd. Connor
Hegeman and Jackson Spezzano
singled to start of the inning.
Strikeouts by the next 2 batters
seemed to slow down the LeRoy
rally, however leadoff man Drew
Strollo, 2 weeks shy of his 10th
birthday,beltedahomerunover the
left fieldwall toput theKnights on
the board, taking the lead3-2.
in the topof the3rd, scoring5 runs
to take a 7-3 lead. LeRoy cut the
lead to7-4after JacksonFixscored
after a single and aggressive base
running. Geneseo added another
run in the top of the 4th extending
the lead to8-4. LeRoybattledback
in thebottomof the inning. Maicen
out the inningwith singles. Adrian
Stephens scored both runners on a
huge double, bringing the score to
8-6. The rallywasnotoverasDrew
Strollo then walked, setting the
table for Jackson Fix, who singled
to drive in Stephens and Strollo,
knotting the score up at 8-8 after
4 innings.
Geneseo scored a run in the
top of the 5th to take the lead once
again, 9-8. However, not to be
undone, LeRoy had an answer in
the bottomhalf. McKenzie,Holly,
and Stephens got things started
again, all reaching base. A walk
to Strollo would score McKenzie.
Tommy Condidorio would then
belt anRBI single. Fixknocked in
another runwith a fielder’s choice,
followed by a RBI single by Tony
Piazza. Aggressive runningandan
RBI byMcKenziewould tack on 2
more runs, leaving thescoreat14-9
heading into the 6th inning.
LeRoy would get 2 quick outs
in the 6th, however againGeneseo
made things interesting. Several
hits later, thescorenowstoodat14-
13, with the tying run at 2nd base.
However a slidingcatchbyConnor
Hegeman in right field would end
the rallyand thegame, securing the
win for LeRoy 14-13.
Connor Hegeman started the
game on the mound for LeRoy.
Ryan Shirley relieved and struck
out 7 in 3 innings to get the win.
MaicenMcKenzieclosed thegame
on themound. Offensively, numer-
ous players contributed for LeRoy.
game at the plate, crushing a HR,
drawing2walks, scoring3 runsand
knocking in 4 RBI. Tony Piazza
had 3 singles, a run, andRBI from
thecleanupspot. JacksonFixhad2
singles, awalk, 2 runs, and 3RBI.
Also getting hits for LeRoy were
Tommy Condidorio (single, run,
RBI), Connor Hegeman (single,
run), Jackson Spezzano (single,
run), Maicen McKenzie (single,
walk, 2 runs, RBI), Merritt Holly
(single, 2 runs), and Adrian Ste-
phens (double, walk, run, 2 RBI).
RyanShirley also drew 2walks.
LeRoy 15 Oakfield0
LeRoy took the trip toOakfield
on7/6, looking for their3rdstraight
winandhopeful berth in thecham-
pionship game. LeRoy started out
wassoondriven inbyaJacksonFix
triple. Tony Piazza later drove in
Fix togiveLeRoyanearly2-0edge.
In the top of the 3rd, theLeRoy
bats got hot again. Strollo led off
the inning with a single, and this
time scoredonadoublebyTommy
Condidorio. A single by Piazza
and walk to Ryan Shirley loaded
the bases for Connor Hegeman.
Hegeman, 2 days short of his 10th
birthday, would take advantage
and celebrate early, blasting a shot
over the centerfield wall for the
grand slam.
DrewStrollowalked to lead off
the4th inning, and later scoredona
passedball toextend the lead to8-0
after 4 innings. LeRoywould then
score7 runs in the5th inning, pow-
ered by walks and singles by Fix
and Piazza and doubles by Shirley
andHegeman. TommyCondidorio
shut theOakfieldbatsdownagain in
the5th,finishing thegameupearly
viamercy rule, 15-0.
Tommy Condidorio was out-
standing on the mound, only al-
lowing 2 hits, striking out 2 and
walking none in 5 innings of work
toget thewin. TheLeRoy offense
was excellent again, ledbyConnor
Hegeman (HR,double, run,5RBI).
Gettingmultiplehitsfor theKnights
were Drew Strollo (2 singles, 2
walks, 4 runs), JacksonFix (triple,
single,walk,2 runs,RBI),andTony
Piazza (2 singles, walk, 2 runs, 1
RBI). Alsocontributingoffensively
(double, walk, 2 runs, RBI), Ryan
Shirley (double, 2walks, 2 runs, 2
RBI), Jackson Spezzano (single),
MaicenMcKenzie (2 walks, run),
andXavienWalker (2walks, run).
The win clinched a spot in the
district championship game for
LeRoy. The 9/10 year old all-stars
travel toBataviaon7/11 for thebig
game at 6PM.
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