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The summer airwasuponusat
TheGreensofLeRoy todayaswe
gathered forourweeklymeeting.
JakeWhiting joinedus,aswellas
PamWeaver from the National
Center for Missing & Exploited
Childrenwas also in attendance.
MarthaBailey reported thatwe
made over $900 in our annual
Rent-A-Rotarian event. Martha
also informed us that there are
collection boxes for REAL that
areout in thecommunity. Please
drop off any used books for
our event later this month. Bob
Bennett is chairing the annual
InstallationDinner scheduled for
June 29th. Rotarians and their
guests are invited to attend this
event at The Caledonia Village
Inn. Bob will have a sign up
startednextweek. ThirstyThird
Thursday will be on June 16th,
and SamVagg is in charge this
month. She will have finalized
friends, and anyone interested in
learningaboutRotaryare invited
to attend.
for $1,000 from theRotaryClub
ofLeRoy toSamVaggonbehalf
of The REA Milne Memorial
Scholarship Fund. The scholar-
ship is named in honor of Dr.
Robert E.A. Milne. Dr. Milne
served inWorldWar I for Can-
ada. He thenmoved toAmerica,
and set up a successful medical
practice in Le Roy. Following
the attackonPearlHarbor, forty
four year old Dr. Milne left his
medical practice to enlist in the
American military. He subse-
quently saw combat duty during
WorldWar II. Twoweeksprior to
contractedmeningitis, which ul-
timately lead tohis death a short
time later.TheRotaryClubofLe
Roy then established a fund to
pay for the college education for
Dr.Milne’syoungsons.The fund
continued togrow,and theRotary
Clubof LeRoyhas continued to
fund the educations of Le Roy
students ever since.
Martha Bailey, Bob Bennett,
Chris Biviano, Nanette Chiulli,
LaurenHumphrey, CarolWolfe,
andPhilWeisewereall calledon
formissedmeetings, and all had
PhilWeisewas fined for some
busypets.TracyFordwas tagged
paid up for a successful family
yard sale. Randy celebrated his
6 year Rotary Anniversary by
payingup.TomCoxwasfined for
his celebration of his 50thClass
Reunion thispastweekend.Mary
YoungandSamVaggpaidup for
“twinning” today.
PamWeaver from theNational
Center forMissingandExploited
Childrenwasourprogram today.
TheNational Center forMissing
& Exploited Children
in 1984 to serve as the nation’s
clearinghouse on issues related
children. Today NCMEC is au-
thorizedbyCongress toperform
22programsandservices toassist
lawenforcement, familiesand the
professionals who serve them.
Unfortunately, there isno reliable
way todeterminehowmany total
children are actually missing in
the U.S., as many children are
never reportedmissing.
When a child is reportedmiss-
ing to law enforcement, Federal
law requires that childbeentered
into the FBI’s National Crime
Information Center, also known
as NCIC. According to the FBI,
in2015 therewere460,699NCIC
entries formissingchildren.Sim-
ilarly, in 2014, the total number
of missing children entries into
represents reports of missing
children. That means if a child
runs away multiple times in a
year, each instance would be
entered intoNCICseparatelyand
counted in theyearly total.Like-
wise, ifanentry iswithdrawnand
amended or updated, that would
also be reflected in the total.
In 2015 NCMEC assisted law
enforcement with more than
Case type:86percentendangered
runaways, 10 percent family ab-
ductions, 2 percent lost, injured
or otherwisemissing children, 1
percent criticallymissing young
adults, ages 18 to 20. Of the
more than 11,800 endangered
runaways reported to NCMEC
in 2015, one in five were likely
victims of child sex trafficking.
Of those, 74 percent were in the
careof social serviceswhen they
AMBER Alerts have success-
fully recovered 816 children,
including 28 recoveries credited
to the wireless emergency alert
program. NCMEC’s forensic
than 6,000 images of long-term
missing children and created
more than480 facial reconstruc-
tions for unidentified deceased
children. NCMEC has assisted
law enforcement withmore than
717 cases of unidentified chil-
dren’s remains and has assisted
in 65 identifications.
Team Adam, which provides
rapid, on-site assistance to law
enforcement incasesofcritically
missing children, has deployed
more than 960 times. There are
tips, educationmaterials, & vid-
eos for everyone on how to keep
our children safe at no cost on
theNCFMECwebsite. Formore
information please visit www.
missingkids.org .
Please like the Rotary Club of
LeRoyonFacebook.Formore in-
of LeRoy, visit leroyrotary.org
Crocker’s Ace Hardware in
LeRoy has an immediate open-
ing for acashier.Must beable to
stand foran8hour shift.Cashier
duties include operating cash
register, greeting customers,
hardware problem solving and
light carry out. Good computer
and people skills are a must.
Weekdays and weekends are
needed.This isnot summerhelp.
No phone calls.
Applicationsmay be
picked up at:
8457NorthStreet Road
LeRoy, NY 14482
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