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Well thefinalweekof the regular season
wasplayedand theScanlanCupplayoffsare
set.TheWeekof June15-20will feature the
quarterfinals with the #1White Sox vs #8
vs #3RedSox, and#4Twins vs #5A’s. On
June 20 the four winnerswill square off in
the semi-finals, followed by a best 3 series
to the Little League and keep supporting
the players!!
Orioles 10 A’s 4
The Orioles andA’s squared off for the
3rd time this season on Monday night.
The Orioles struck first when after Adam
Risewick reached base and Tyler Strollo
singled, Alex Panepento connected for his
first career dinger, a 3-run shot over the
left fieldwall. Not to be outdone, A’s star
Chase Bordonaro connected in the bottom
of thefirst forhisfirst careerhomer, leaving
the score at 3-1Orioles after 1 inning. The
Orioleswould get back on the board in the
3rd, afterPanepentodoubled,CoryWallace
singled, and Connor Wright doubled to
extend the lead to5-1. Back to it in the top
of the 4th, the Orioles scored 2 more on
andTylerStrollo. Panepentowouldscoreon
a passedball. DrewStrollo then laiddown
a bunt, and would ultimately score after
speeding around the bases after an errant
throw tofirst base attempting to throw him
out. TheA’s answered in thebottomof the
4thwith2 runs,poweredbya triplebyBrian
Roblee, anRBI singlebyBradyFix, andan
RBIbyLukeRider, leaving thescoreat9-3.
Both teams would score another late run,
resulting in a final score of 10-4 in favor
of theOrioles.
Aidan Robinson and Brady Fix pitched
for theA’s. ChaseBordonarohomered and
singled, Brian Roblee tripled and scored,
and JacksonFix singled. BradyFix tripled,
singled,hadanRBIandscored twice,while
Connor McGee singled and Luke Rider
had anRBI.
Alex Panepento had a complete game
on the mound for the Orioles, striking out
3 while only walking 1. He also enjoyed
another monster game at the plate, going
3-3 with a homer, 2 doubles, 3 runs and 4
RBI. AdamRisewickalsoadded3hits and
3 runs. TyStrollosingled twicewith2 runs,
andRBI. CoryWallace added ahit, scored
and also drove a run in. Connor Wright
doubled andFinnShelby drove in 2 runs.
White Sox 9 Indians 2
The Indians and White Sox squared
off Wednesday night. TheWhite Sox got
a quick start as Kenny Saunders lead off
with a single and would later score on a
hit byBryce Lathanmaking the score 1 -0
after 1 inning. Zach Vanderhoof started
on themound for the Indians and held the
White Sox to just 1 run through 2 innings
of play. KennySaunders got things started
for the White Sox in the top of the third
with a solohome run shot. RyanFriendhit
a single andwould later score tomake the
score 3-0 after 3 innings of play. Kenny
Saunders was the starting pitcher for the
White Sox and pitched a shutout until the
bottomof the fourthwhenShawnMorabito
hit adouble andwould later scoreonhit by
Matt Roloson. Matt Roloson would later
score tomake thescoreWhiteSox3 Indians
2 game after 4 innings of play. TheWhite
Soxwould add 6 runs in the top of the 5th
onhits fromAndrewKettle, JasonLaSage
andMike Buccina. Both teams were held
scoreless in the6th inningand thefinal score
wasWhite Sox 9 and Indians 2. Pitching
for the Indians was Zach Vanderhoof who
pitched32/3 innings strikingout 7,Maver-
ickMcKenziepitched12/3 inningsandTom
Condidorio pitched the final 1 2/3 innings.
Kenny Saunders pitched a complete game
for theWhite Sox striking out 11. Hitting
for the Indians was ZachVanderhoof with
2 doubles, ShawnMorabitowith a double,
MattRolosonwitha singleandZachFlans-
berg with a single. Hitting for the White
Sox was Kenny Saunders with 2 singles
and aHomeRun, BryceLathanwith a sin-
gle, Ryan Friendwith a single and double,
AndrewKettlewitha single,MikeBuccina
with 2 singles, JackDuyssenwith a single
his first little league hit.
Twins 3 RedSox2
TheTwinsand theRedSoxplayed for the
third time this season.TheTwinspulledoff
the1-0victoryonopeningday, and theRed
Soxwon thesecondmatchup.Withplayoff
positioningon the line thiswouldbeamost
interesting rubbermatch.
The Red Sox didn’t waste any time
getting the offense going. Andrew Loftus
started things off with a lead off single
followed by a Johnny Panepento double.
Grant Gilligan drove them both in with a
single and the Sox would take a two run
advantage. In the bottom of the first the
Twins came out swinging as well. Colin
McCulley ledoff lacinga single intocenter
field. After a stolen base and a passed ball
McCulleywouldbeon third. JoeyBrennan
hit him inwith a single.
After the first inning hits proved to be
difficult tocomeby.AndrewLoftuspitched
well, strikingout eight batters beforebeing
relievedbyGrantGilligan. TheTwinsused
three pitchers who would combine for
twelve strike outs while only surrendering
six hits. Cole Rauscher started, ColinMc-
Culley came in relief and Ethan Beswick
closed it out.
TheRedSoxwereahead2-1 formost of
the game, but in the fifth inning the Twins
offensecamealive.ColinMcCulley reached
onwithasingle.Thenwith twooutsand two
onColeRauscher ripped the ball down the
left field line for a triple that brought home
McCulley andBeswickwith the tying and
gamewinning runs.They led theoffense for
theTwins.McCulleyscored twiceandhada
single.Beswick scoredonce and alsohad a
single.ColeRauscherhada triple, andJoey
Brennan aRBI single.
Grant Gilligan had a great game at the
plate for theRedSox.Hecame throughwith
a triple and two singles. JohnnyPanepanto
had a double, and Andrew Loftus had a
pair of singles
Yankees 7 Tigers 1
On Thursday the Yankees and Tigers
wereable tomakeup theirpreviously rained
outgame. Thegamewouldsee theYankees
go on to a 7 to 1 victory. Hitting stars for
theYankeeswereCodyLytlewith 2 home
runsand1RBI,RyanShirleywent3 for4at
theplatescoring2 runs,RyanHigginswent
2 for 4with1 run scored, ZachBakerwent
3 for 3 and also got on base after he was
hit by a pitch. Brett Babcock also added a
single and anRBI for theYankees. For the
Tigers, Giovanni Caccamise went 2 for 3
with a triple and a single and scored a run.
TylerKlienwent2 for4at theplate. Gianni
Ferraraand Jamesaddedhits for theTigers.
Blake would also earn an RBI. Cody
Lytle pitched a complete game allowing 7
hits while striking out 8 for the Yankees.
Giovanni Caccamise allowed10hitswhile
strikingout 11batters. Gianni Ferrara also
sawactiononmound for theTigersstriking
out 1batter.
Orioles 10 Twins 2
The Orioles and Twins opened up the
finalSaturdaydayofbaseballat theLLField
on a dampfield. TheTwins struck early in
the 1st inning, when Joey Brennan scored
Cole Rauscher on a single. The Orioles
answered back in the bottom of the 1st,
using plate discipline to draw a fewwalks.
Eventually a big double byConnorWright
scoredFinnShelbyandDrewStrollo togive
theOrioles a 3-1 lead after 1.
Bothpitchingstaffssettleddownuntil the
Orioles struckwithabig six run4th inning.
JoeyStephany started the inningwitha sin-
gle, andwouldbedriven in shortly after by
aTyStrollo single. Another singlebyAlex
Panepento would load the bases, and Finn
Shelby cleared the bases with a big triple.
Consecutive singlesbyCoryWallace,Con-
norWright, andanother singlebyStephany
would finish the scoring in the 4th, giving
the Orioles a 9-1 lead. Colin McCulley
would score in the 5th for the Twins, and
singleplatingAdamRisewick,finishing the
scoringoff10-2with theOriolesvictorious.
Cole Rauscher (1 K), Colin McCulley
(6 Ks), and Joey Brennan shared pitching
duties for theTwins. Offensively,McCulley
singled and scored, Rauscher singled twice
and scored, and Brennan singled and had
anRBI. EthanBeswick andKadenBurger
addedsingles,whileLillyUbertyadded two
big singles aswell.
Alex Panepento (7Ks) andAdamRise-
wick (5Ks) both pitched 3 innings for the
Orioles. Risewick had 2 hits and 2 runs,
whilePanepentoaddedasingleand run. Ty
Strollo singled twice and drove in 2while
scoring 1, and Finn Shelby tripled, drove
in3 and scored twice. DrewStrollo scored
and drove in a run, while CoryWallace (1
run, 1 RBI), Connor Wright (2 RBI), and
Joey Stephany (1 run, 1 RBI) all had two
hits each.
Yankees 8 Indians 6
OnSaturday theYankees tookon the In-
dians. TheYankeeswouldgoon towin the
game 8 to 6. Hitting stars for theYankees
were Cody Lytle who went 2 for 4 at the
plate and scoredone run and1RB1. Ryan
Shirleywent 3 for 4 at the plate scoring 2
runs. RyanHigginswent1 for2at theplate
andalsowalkedscoring2 runs. ZachBaker
went 2 for 3with 2 doubles 4 RBIs and 2
runs scored. Brett Babcock went 2 for 3
with 2RBIs. IeionFrawley had a base hit
and anRBI. AaronLeone added a double
for theYankees and scored 1 run. Hitting
stars for the IndianswereZachVanderhoof
went 2 for3withawalkand2 runs scored .
ShawnMorabitohithisfirsthome runofhis
little leaguecareerwitha toweringshotover
the leftfieldwall. ThiscameafterShawn’s
earlier trip to the plate where he hit a line
drive shot to left field that bounced over
thewall for a ground rule double. Shawn
ended the day going 2 for 3 plus earned a
walk. Hewouldscore2 runsandget1RBI.
LandenSaevawent 2 for 2 at theplate and
earned a walk. Tommy Condidorio hit a
double Maverick Mckenzie also added a
hit for the Indians. MasenMckenziewas a
menaceat theplatedrawing2walks. Pitch-
ing for theYankeeswereZachBaker,Brett
Babcock, IeionFrawley,MerritHolley, and
AaronLeone. Pitching for the Indianswere
MavericMckenzie, ShawnMorabito, and
A’s 18 WhiteSox 15
In the final game of the regular season
forbothclubs, the1stplaceWhiteSox took
on the 5th placeA’s. The gamewas a slug
fest andended inafinal of 18-15A’s. Both
teams combined for 33 hits including two
home runs each byBradyFix from theA’s
andRyanFriend from theWhite Sox.
The A’s got multi-hit games by Chase
Bordonaro, Jackson Fix, Brady Fix, Luke
Rider, and Ayden Riggi. Bordonaro and
BradyFixhad4 runseachwhileJacksonFix
added 3, andAntonioMartinez andAyden
Riggi chipped in with 2 each. Brady Fix
had8RBI’s including aGrandSlamwhich
proved to be the difference in the game.
Aiden Robinson, Bordonaro and Rider
combined to strikeout 10WhiteSoxhitters
whilewalking7. Bordonarogot thewinon
themoundwithRider clinching the save.
The White Sox got multi-hit games
Friend, Jason LaSage, Mike Buccina and
Alex Dowell. Bryce Lathan had 4 runs,
while Friend, AndrewKettle and Buccina
each had 2. Kettle, LaSage and Bryce
Lathan struck out 11 A’s batters while
walking ten.
The White Sox clinched the Historical
Cupwith a14-2overall record and thefirst
seed in the ScanlanCup playoffs. TheA’s
finished 8-8 and will have the 5th seed in
the playoffs.
Tigers 8 RedSox 3
The final regular season game of 2015
was played between the Tigers and Red
Sox. The Tigers plated two in the top half
of thefirst behindawalkbyGianniFerrara,
singles by Giavanni Caccamise, James
Blake, Jackson Spezzano and a double by
CamGreene. TheRedSox respondedwith
one of their own in the bottom of the first
on a run scored by John Panepento after a
lead off walk. The Tigers scored 4 more
runs in the second to make the score 6-1.
Thehighlight being a2 runhomerun to left
field by Cam Greene. The Red Sox half
of the second inning was highlighted by a
hard hit single to left field byColeAshley
to record his first hit of the season. In the
third inning the Tigers twicemore crossed
homeplate. After a leadoffwalkbyDylan
Maciag, Gianni Ferrara tripled then Luke
Caccamise singled to score Ferrara. The
Red Sox scored two of their own in the
bottom of the thirdwhich proved to be the
final runs of thegame. AndrewLoftus and
Grant Gilligan singled and with two outs
JimmyBurns doubled to left field to score
them both. Final score 8-3.
Pitching for Tigers were Cam Greene,
GianniFerraraandLukeCaccamise. Gianni
Ferrarafinished1-3witha tripleand2 runs
scored. Luke Caccamise 2-4 with a run.
Giavanni Caccamise was 3-4 with a triple
and 2 runs. Cam Greene was 2-4 with a
double and home run. James Blake and
Jackson Spezzano added singles. Dylan
Maciagwalked twice and scored two runs.
On themound for theRedSoxwereJohn
Panepento, Grant Gilligan and JimBurns.
John Panepento scored once behind a pair
of walks. Andrew Loftus walked twice,
singled and scored a run. Grant Gilligan
added twohitsandrunscored. JimmyBurns
doubled andColeAshley singled.
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