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LittleLeagueRoundUp -Week 3
Whitesox 4Yankees 3
TheWhite Sox and Yankees played a thriller
of agamewhich startedoff in thefirst inningwith
CodyLytle hitting a double to start the game. He
would later score on a hit by Zack Baker. The
Yankees tooka1-0 leadafter1 inning. TheWhite
Sox got on the board in the bottom of the second
whenAlexDowell hit a singleandmoved to third
on Jason LaSage’s double. With runners on 2nd
and 3rd, Kenny Saunders hit a single to score 2
runs. Pitching by both clubs held the game tight
until the 5th inningwhenRyanShirleywas hit in
byZackBaker’s double. ZachBakerwould later
score as well making the score Yankees 3White
Sox 2. In the bottom of the 6th theWhite Sox’s
Chase Cummings earned a walk andwas moved
tosecondonKennySaunderssingle. JackDuyssen
drew a walk to load the bases with 1 out. Ryan
Friend came to the plate and blasted a double
scoring Chase Cummings and Kenny Saunders
creating a final score of 4-3. Zach Baker started
on the mound for the Yankees and pitched 1 2/3
innings striking out 2 and nowalks. Cody Lytle
came inon reliefandpitched32/3 inningsstriking
out 9 andwalking 4 andRyanHiggins closed out
thegamewith1walk. RyanFriend startedon the
mound for theWhiteSoxandpitched51/3 strong
innings striking out 14 and walking 2. Andrew
Kettle came in for 2/3 of an inning and earned a
savebystrikingout2andwalking1. TheYankees
hittingwas ledbyCodyLytlewith twodoublesand
1 runscored,ZackBakerwithasingleanddouble,
2 RBIs and a run scored, and a single by Ryan
Higgins and a run scored by Ryan Shirley. The
White Sox hittingwas led byRyan Friendwith 3
singles andadouble and2RBIs,KennySaunders
with2 singles and2RBIs and1 run scored, Alex
Dowellwithasingleand runscored, JasonLaSage
withadoubleand runscoredandChaseCummings
with a run scored.
Tigers 8 Twins 6
TheTwinsandTigerssquaredoff inagame that
sawLukeCaccamisemake his first LittleLeague
start on themound. The Twins took an early 3-0
lead in the top half of the first behind singles by
The Tigers answered with 4 of their own in the
bottomhalfwith thehelpof singlesbyGianniFer-
rara, Giavanni Caccamise andCamGreene. The
Twins recaptured the lead in the third scoring two
runs. Ethan Beswick doubled followed by three
straight singles by Cole Rauscher, Joey Brennan
and JacksonLocke. Trailing 5-4 in the fourth the
Tigersscored three runs thatwouldprove tobe the
difference as both teams traded runs in the fifth
resulting a final score of 8-6.
win going 5 1/3. James Blake recorded the save.
Gianni Ferrarawent 4-4with2 runs scored. Luke
isewas2-3with2 runs scored. JacksonSpezzano
andJoshNobleeachearned theirfirstLittleLeague
hits and JoshNoble scored a run.
EthanBeswick started for the Twins and Joey
Brennan came in to relieve. Ethan Beswickwas
2-3with a double and run scored. ColeRauscher
was2-2withawalkand2 runs. JoeyBrennanwas
2-3with2 runs scored. JacksonLockeadded two
hits andColinMcCulley scored a run.
RedSox 22 A’s 14
The Red Sox and A’s turned in the league
highest scoring game to date, when they got
together lastWednesday. Therewas lots of action
taking place throughout the entire game. In total
there were 24 hits with 4 of them being hit out
of the park.
Leading the way for the Red Sox at the plate
was JimmyBurns andGrant Gilligan. Burns had
3 hits including a Home Run and Triple while
scoring3 runs.Gilligan alsohad3hits and scored
3 runs. Andrew Loftus( 2Bwith 4 runs scored),
John Panepento ( 3 runs scored), Ben Pocock(
2 hits and 4 runs scored) and Andrew Pocock(2
hits) were big contributors to theRed Sox squad.
MichaelCovertandColeAshleyscored runswhile
TonyPiazza scored twice.
TheA’swere led inabigwaybyBradyFix.Fix
was awesome at the plate, hitting 2 Home Runs,
one being aGrand Slam. Fix added a double and
scored4 runs to roundout amonster game.Aiden
Robinsonhad a great game alsohaving2doubles
and a Home Run while scoring 3 runs. His HR
was back-to-back with Fix’s grand slam. Other
contributors for the A’s were Luke Rider(2 hits),
Jacob Marcello( 1 hit, 1 run), Connor Magee(1
hit, 1 run),BrianRoblee (1hit, 1 run)andAntonio
Martinez( 1 run). JacksonFix added 2 runs.
On themound for theRedSoxwasBurns and
Panepento. Burns struckout 9over 32/3 innings.
Panepento pitched the final 2 1/3 striking out 5.
The A’s went with Robinson, B.Fix, Rider and
Roblee on themound.
Tigers 7 Indians 2
The Tigers and Indians welcomed back Zach
Vanderhoof from the DL after missing the first 6
gameswithbrokenwrist. TheTigers jumpedout to
anearly3-0 lead in the tophalfof thefirstbehinda
andCamGreene. The Indians answeredwithone
of their own in the bottom half on a singles by
Zach Vanderhoof and Jake Williams and walks
by Shawn Morabito and Tom Condidorio. The
Tigers added three more in the top of the 2ndon
singles byLukeCaccamise, Giavanni Caccamise
andCamGreene. MaicenMcKenziescored in the
bottom of the second tomake the score 6-2. The
Tigers added one more in the fourth on a single
byGiavanni Caccamise andRBI double byCam
Greene resulting in thefinal score of 7-2.
CamGreene earned thewin on themound for
theTigersandwas3-3at theplate. GianniFerrara
scored two runs togowithhis leadoff triple. Luke
Caccamise scored two runs and a hit. Giavanni
Caccamise scored three runs to gowith two hits.
TylerKlein added a hit and awalk.
Zach Vanderhoof started on the mound for
the Indians and added two hits and a run scored.
Jake Williams was 2-3 with a double. Maveric
McKenzie and Ben Lombardo each had singles
for the Indians.
Orioles 15 Yankees 12
The Orioles bats started early Friday night,
striking in the first inning after a double by Tyler
Strollo andbase hits byAlexPanepento andFinn
Shelby to takeanearly2-0 lead. A leadoff dinger
by Yankees slugger Cody Lytle in the bottom of
the first inning and a triple by RyanHiggins and
single by Brett Babcock would tie the game up
at 2moving into the second inning. TheOrioles
would take the lead in the 3rd on a 2-out 2-run
double byCoryWallace, scoringAdamRisewick
and Strollo. In the 4th inning, the lead would
extendafterRBI singlesbyPanepentoandShelby,
The scoring in the 4thdidnot end there however,
as Drew Strollo singled and stole a base, giving
fellow rookie Joey Stephany the opportunity to
knock in2 runswithadoubleofhisownextending
the lead to 11-3.
The Yankees began a comeback by adding 1
run of their own in the bottom of the 4th when
Zach Baker drove in Lytle. The real fireworks
began in the bottom of the 5thwhen theYankees
fought back to score 7 runs to tie the game up,
powered by doubles byAaron Leone, Lytle, and
Baker. TheYankeeswere primed to scoremore,
however a double play by Orioles 2nd basemen
DrewStrolloended the inning. TheOrioles failed
to take the lead in the 6th, giving theYankees the
opportunity take thegame. AaronLeone tripled in
the bottomof the 6th, however excellent pitching
byAdamRisewick strandedhim, taking thegame
to extra innings tied11-11.
TyStrollowalked, andPanepentodrove themboth
inwith adouble. RBI singles byFinnShelby and
DrewStrollowouldextend the lead to15-11. The
Yankeeswould not give up, as Lytlewould score
onaBakerhit afterhisowndouble, however Joey
Stephany would step up for the Orioles on the
mound to secure the victory 15-12.
Alex Panepento struck out 7 in 3 innings of
workon themound for theOrioles. FinnShelby,
ConnorWright,AdamRisewick, and JoeySteph-
any also pitched for the Orioles in the slugfest.
Hittingstarsfor theOrioles includedRisewickwith
2 hits and 2 runs, Ty Strollowith 2 hits, 2walks
and 4 runs, Panepento with 4 hits, 4 runs, and 4
RBI, Shelbywith 3 hits, 3 runs, and 4RBI, Cory
Wallace with 3 hits, a run, and 4 RBI, andDrew
Strollowith2hits,a runand1RBI. ConnorWright
also scored for theOrioles and JoeyStephanyhad
a hit and 2RBI.
ZachBaker,AaronLeone, andRyanShirleyall
pitched for theYankees. CodyLytlehadhomered
andhad2doubles, scoring4runs. Bakerhad3hits,
scored twiceandhadmultipleRBI. RyanHiggins
tripledanddoubled, scoringonceandalsodriving
in runs. BrettBabcocksingled,whileAaronLeone
doubled and tripled, scoring once with an RBI.
RyanShirley,ZachYooley, and IaienFrawleyalso
scored for theYankees.
Orioles 20 A’s 7
Only12hoursafterfinishing theirFridaynight
game, theOrioles took thefieldSaturdaymorning
to take on the A’s. The A’s took an early lead in
the first when a Luke Rider double scoredAidan
Robinson. TheOrioles bats stayed hot however,
and they took the lead in the bottom of the first
after a walk to Adam Risewick, a single by Ty
Strollo and 2-run double by Alex Panepento. A
single by Drew Strollo would score Panepento
later in the inning, giving theOrioles the lead3-1
after 1 inning.
TheOrioleshitparadecontinuedas theyplated
3more runs in the2nd,poweredbyRBIdoublesby
TyStrollo andPanepento. TheA’s scored2 in the
3rd, behind good hitting byBrady Fix, Robinson
andRider. TheOrioleswere up to it again in the
3rd, adding 5 runs on a 2RBI triple byRisewick
and RBI singles by Ty Strollo, Finn Shelby, and
Connor Wright. The back and forth continued
when the A’s scored 3 in the 4th on doubles by
Brady Fix, Robinson, and Brian Roblee. Not to
be undone, theOrioles scored another 5 in the in
4th,usinghitsby theStrollobrothers,FinnShelby,
CoryWallaceandwalks toPanepento,Wright, and
JoeyStephany. Severalwalks, an inside the park
homerunbyRisewick,and triplesbyTyStrolloand
Panepento in the 5thwould close out the scoring,
giving theOrioles the victory 20-7.
AidanRobinson,LukeRider, andBrianRoblee
all pitched for theA’s. BradyFixhad2doubles, a
single, scored3 timesandhadmultipleRBI. Aidan
Robinson had 2 doubles and 2 runs, while Luke
Rider had a double, single and 2 RBI. Connor
McGee and Brian Roblee doubled for the A’s,
while Aiden Riggi singled. Roblee and Antonio
Martinez also scored for theA’s.
Adam Risewick pitched very well for the
Orioles, strikingout 3 in5 innings ofwork. Joey
Stephanypitched the6th inning, securing thewin.
The defense played verywell in the field, led by
Panepento at shortstop andTyStrollowho caught
13 innings in2gamesover thecourseof12hours.
TyStrollo led theOrioles batswith 5 hits, 5 runs,
and 4RBI. Panepento also scored 5 runs, with 3
hits and 4RBI. Risewick had an inside the park
homerun, a triple, 3 runs and3RBI. FinnShelby
added 3more hits and 4RBI. CoryWallace and
DrewStrolloboth added2hits a piece,withWal-
lace driving in 1 and Strollo scoring and driving
in 2. ConnorWright had a single, run, and RBI,
while Joey Stephany and Connor Hegeman both
drewwalks and scored twice.
Yankees 7 Tigers 6
In the second game on Saturday the Yankees
tookon theTigers. Thisgamewouldbea rematch
of thegame that tookplaceonopeningdaywhich
saw theTigerswin4-2. CodyLytle startedon the
mound for theYankees. In the top of the first the
Yankeeswouldgiveup3 runs. Leadingoff for the
TigersGianni Ferrara hit a single. Ferarrawould
score on an RBI triple by Giovanni Cacamise.
CamGreenewould followwitha tripleofhisown
driving inCaccamise. Greeneventuallyscoredon
a past ball. In the bottom of the first Giovanni
Caccamise took the mound for the Tigers. The
YankeesfirstbatterCodyLytlegotabasehit. Lytle
wouldeventually scoreoff anRBI singlebyZach
Baker. After the first inning the Yankees trailed
theTigers3-1. The second inning sawboth teams
held scoreless. Lytle would hold off the Tigers
in the top third inning striking out 3 batters. In
the bottom of the third Zach Baker would hit a
double. RyanHiggins hit anRBI single to drive
in Baker to put the score at Tigers 3 Yankees 2.
Brett Babcock followedwith a single of his own.
BothHiggins andBabcockwouldbe left onbase.
In the top of the fourth the Yankees would again
hold the Tigers scoreless, with Lytle striking out
2 batters. Merritt Holley lead off the bottom of
the 4th for the Yankees with a base hit. Merritt
wouldbedriven inby aCodyLytlehome run, his
third of the year. Ryan Shirley had a base hit for
theYankees but was left on base. With the score
nowYankees 4Tigers 3. The Tigerswould rally
in the5th. LukeCaccamise,GiavanniCaccamise
andCamGreene all hit doubles and scored in the
inning. JamesBlake also added a double butwas
leftonbase. ThescorewasnowYankees4Tigers6
in thebottomof thefifth. RyanHiggins leadoff for
theYankees hitting a double, butwas left onbase
as Cacccamise struck out three straight batters.
The Tigers were held scoreless in the top of the
sixth. In thebottomof thesixth theYankees rallied
for the victory. IanFrawley drew a critical walk,
followed by singles from Cody Lytle and Ryan
Shirley. ZachBakerwould followwith adouble,
scoring Lytle. Ryan Higgins and Brett Babcock
were very selective at the plate drawing walks
that lead toRyanShirley scoring thewinning run.
Pitching stats, for the Yankees Cody Lytle threw
5 and 2/3 innings striking out 12 andZachBaker
threw 1 and 1/3 innings striking out 3. Giovanni
Caccamise pitched 5 innings striking out 11 and
JamesBlake threw 1 inning getting 1 strikeout.
RedSox 6 Twins 2
TheRedSoxwere able toget thewin this past
Saturdayagainst theTwins, thanks in largepart to
theeffortofAndrewLoftuson themound.Andrew
was in control all game. He pitched 5 2/3 innings
striking out 8. Grant Gilligan picked up the final
out in relief. Loftuswas helpedout by a few solid
fielding plays by his teammates. Every Red Sox
fielder contributed defensively.
TheTwinswere ledbyColinMcCulleyon the
mound. Colin went 3 2/3 innings, striking out 9.
JoeyBrennanpitched thefinal 11/3 for theTwins.
Leading theRedSixat theplatewasBenPoco-
ck.Benhad3hits includingadoubleand scoreda
run. Bens’ brotherAndrew also chimed inwith 2
hits. JimmyBurnswasalsoa factorwith2hitsand
a run scored. Loftus (1hit and1 run scored), John
Panepento(1hit,1 runscored), andGrantGilligan(
doubleand2 runs scored) roundedout the scoring
for the 5-3RedSox.
For the Twins, Jackson Locke led the way
with 2 doubles. Mcculley(1 hit, 1 run scored),
ColeRauscher( double) andBrennan( 1hit, 1 run
scored)were offensive stars.
Whitesox13 Indians 4
The White Sox and Indians squared off in a
Saturday afternoon classic. TheWhite Sox got
on the board in first inning as Kenny Saunders
and JackDuyssenboth scored in thebottomof the
first tomake the score 2-0 after one. The Indians
came rightback in the topof thesecondwhenJake
Williams reachedon a double andwas later hit in
byTommyCondidorio. Leadingoff in thebottom
of thesecond for theWhiteSox, AlexDowell and
JasonLaSage both reached onwalks thenKenny
Saunders blasted a 3 run homerun to make the
score 5-1 after 2. The Indians battled back in the
third when Maverick McKenzie and Zach Van-
derhoof both reached base on singles and Shawn
Morabitodrew awalk. JakeWilliams hit a single
scoring 2 to make the score 5-3 after 3 innings.
TheWhite Sox got things going in the fourth as
KennySaunders ledoffwith a single, JackDuys-
sen drew awalk thenRyanFriend hit a double to
score 2. AndrewKettle hit a single to scoreRyan
Friend. Bryce Lathan and Mike Buccinna drew
walkswhich set upAlexDowell who hit a single
to scoreAndrewKettle. JasonLaSage then hit a
single to scoreBryceLathan andMikeBuccinna.
Kenny Saunders then hit a double scoring Alex
Dowell and JasonLaSage tomake the score13-3.
The Indians’ Maverick McKenzie started of the
fifth inningwith a single andwould later scoreon
ZachVanderhoof’s single tomake the final score
13-4. Kenny Saunders started on the mound for
theWhite Sox pitching 4 strong innings striking
out 4 andwalking1. RyanFriendpitched the last
2 innings strikingout 6andnowalks. ShawnMo-
rabitostartedon themound for the Indianspitching
11/3 inningsstrikingout1andwalking4,Tommy
Condidoriopitched12/3 inningsstrikingout5and
walking 1. Ben Labombard pitched 1/3 innings
and Maverick McKenzie pitched the final 1 2/3
inningsstrikingout1andnowalks. Hitting for the
Indians wereMaverickMcKenzie with 2 singles
and2 runsscored,ZachVanderhoofwith2singles
and RBI and 1 run scored, Jake Williams had a
single and double with 2 RBIs and 1 run scored
andBenLaBombardwith a triple. Hitting for the
WhitesoxwereKenny Saunderswith 2 singles, a
double, homerun and 5RBIs with 3 runs scored,
Jack Duyssen with 2 runs scored, Ryan Friend
with2doubles, 2RBIs and1 run scored,Andrew
Kettlewith2singles1RBIand1 runscored,Bryce
Lathanwith 1 run scored,Mike Buccinnawith 1
run scored, AlexDowell with 1 single 1RBI and
2 runs scored, JasonLaSagewith2 singles2RBIs
and2 runs scored.
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