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byStephenR. Barbeau
Supervisor,Town ofLeRoy
(585)768-6910 x 231
There are a number of items I
believeare important to report to
you thismonth.
First, it is with “sincere regret
and deep appreciation for her
years of dedicated service” that
theTownBoardaccepted the res-
ignationofCatherineStone from
her position as LeRoy-Stafford
Senior Citizen Program Direc-
tor. The “torchpasses” fromone
former LeRoyan of the Year to
another with the appointment
of Judy Ridley to succeedKaty.
Thank you verymuch Katy and
congratulations Judy!
I would also like to let you
know that theTownCode is now
available on our web site. Once
ckon the
Town of LeRoy link, then click
on the Code Enforcement link.
A link to the codewill beon that
page (note: click on the Village
of LeRoy link to find their code
also). This is another example
of howwe are trying to provide
youwith asmuch information as
possible in a convenientmanner.
I also have some “mixed” fi-
nancial news to share. First, our
total sales tax revenue for 2014
amounted to $1,070,395, up a
little over $4,000 from 2013.
That is goodnews.However,we
are having a Countymeeting on
the forecast for 2015. If gasoline
prices stay steady for the year (a
definite bonus to us as private
individuals), we may be facing
a reduction in sales tax revenue
from thispastyear.Wedobudget
conservatively, but it is nice to
at theendof theyear forour fund
Second, Iknow itmight be just
a distant memory now given the
in 2015 thus far, but FEMA has
made available federal funding
for overtime labor, salt, and
equipment use during our ear-
ly season storm of November
2014. Highway Superintendent
John Arneth has been working
diligently (attendingworkshops,
and meeting with officials) to
secure additional funding.When
Imetwith theFEMAofficials last
week to provide budget/payroll
data, they indicated we would
receive between $10,000 and
$30,000.Certainly, thatwillhelp!
Last, we have been aware
that the prices paid for farm and
vacant land (particularly, prime
agricultural land) have exploded
over the past few years. I have
had reports that show in excess
of $7,000 per acre being paid
in our area. At present, prime
agricultural land is assessed for
$2,400 per acre in the Town. Of
course, such land that is includ-
ed in an ag exempt area has the
values reduced by state formula.
However, the State has also
made it clear to area assessors
that, inorder tomaintaina100%
equalization rate (very important
to our paying of Town, County
and School taxes), these land
valuesmustbeadjusted to reflect
current values. Therefore, I have
beennotifiedbyourassessor that
prime agriculture land will real-
ize an increase in assessed value
to $3,600 per acre. This WILL
maintain our 100% equalization
rateAND raise the exempt value
higher as well so the landowner
will not see an increase inTown,
County, or School taxes (at cur-
rent rates) due to the assessment
increase. A separate letter from
the assessor will explain this
(much better than I) to affected
property owners by late March.
Please wait for this notice and
then feel free tocall theassessor’s
officewith anyquestions.
I hope this information has
provedhelpfuland I look forward
to seeing youAroundTown!
Town Supervisor Column
Wolcott Street School
Wednesday,March 4, 2015
10:00 a.m. - 2:00p.m.
6:00p.m. – 7:30p.m.
Thursday,March 5, 2015
10:00 a.m. – 2:00p.m.
ToRegister -
• Your childmust be 5 years old byDecember 1, 2015.
• Youwill need your child’s original BirthCertificate
• Proof ofResidency
• Driver’s License
Please visit ourwebsite at:
formore informationon the registrationprocess
or call
(585) 768-7115 and speak toMrs.KarenVanAlst.
LeRoyCentral School District
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