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IndiansWin 2014 ScanlanCup
ScanlanCupFinals –Game 1
June 17, 2014
Indians 10 Tigers 3
The two teams with the best
regular season records would
meet todecide thechampionship.
InGame1, the Indianswouldbe
shut down in the 1st inning after
4batters. TheTigerswouldcome
up in the bottom of the 1st and
ise reached safely. ReeceTresco
wouldhit a single. However, In-
dian’s pitcher MaxinMcKenzie
wouldstrikeout thenext2batters
togetoutof the inningscoreless.
In the top of the 2nd, Brady
Fix would lead off for the In-
dians blasting a triple to right
field. Tiger’s pitcher Giovanni
Caccamise would retire the
next batter. TylerStrollowould
come up next and hit toward
first base. Caccamise would
fieldandattempt toget Fixona
playathome. Fixwouldslide in
safelyunder the tagfromcatcher
In the top of the 3rd inning,
Maxin McKenzie led off for
the Indians with a double. Tyler
Slaven would be put out on a
fielder’s choice scoring McK-
enzie. Cody would single next,
Lytle. BradyFixsingledand then
Finn Shelby doubled scoring
RobinsonandFix. In thebottom
of the 3rd, Giovanni Caccamise
would single and Reece Tresco
followed one batter later with a
single scoringGiovanni.
Top of the 4th inning Maxin
McKenziedoubled. TylerSlaven
would be next and hit an inside
park home run. The Indians
were not done. In the top of the
5th JesseThomas would draw a
walk. JakeWilliamswould reach
safely. MaxinMcKenzie would
popout to center field.However
anoverthrow to thirdbase todou-
ble upThomaswould allowhim
toscore.Slavenwould then triple
allowingSlaven to score.
In thebottomof6th, theTigers
wouldget on theboardwhenRe-
eceTresco singled to lead off in-
ning,AustinSaeva tripledscoring
Tresco. Zach Vanderhoof would
Vanderhoof.However, thatwould
be the extent of the rally.
MaxinMcKenzie would pitch
a great game for the Indians to
McKenziewouldgo thedistance
striking out 14 and allowing 3
isewould start the game for the
Tigers allowing 1 run in 1 2/3
innings of work. Austin Saeva
would also pitch for the Tigers
going 4 1/3 innings striking out
10 and allowing 9 runs.
Hitting for the Indians were
Maxin McKenzie (2 doubles),
Tyler Slaven (triple, home run),
CodyLytle,AidanRobinson (sin-
gle, double), Brady Fix (triple,
double, 2 singles), Finn Shelby
(double, single), Tyler Strollo,
and Alex Dowell. Hitting for
ReeceTresco (2 singles),Austin
Saeva (triple), ZachVanderhoof
(double), andTylerWilliams.
ScanlanCupFinals –Game 2
June 18, 2014
Indians 5 Tigers 4
In game 2, the Indians would
continue with their dominate
pitching… this time ledbyCody
Lytle. In thismatchup, the Indi-
answere the home team.
Lytlewould shut down thefirst
3battershe faced in the topof the
1st. The Indians would come up
in the bottom of the 1st inning
withMaxinMcKenzie andTyler
Slavenbothreachingsafely. With
no outs and 2 on, Cody Lytle
would hammer the first pitch he
saw over the left field fence to
give the Indians a 3-0 lead. The
Indianswould threaten toexplode
in the 1st inning as the next 2
batters also reached safely, but
the Tigers would manage to get
out of it not allowing any further
The Indianswould score again
in the bottom of the 3rd when
Tyler Slaven led off the inning
witha triple to right.Next batter,
CodyLytlewould single scoring
Slaven. In the top of the 4th,
Reece Tresco would lead off
the inning for the Tigers. Tresco
the left field fence to get the Ti-
gers on the board. Austin Saeva
and Zach Vanderfhoof would
both reach safely. James Blake
would single next scoring Saeva
and Vanderhoof. The Indians
wouldmakeacouplebigplays in
thefield to get out of the inning.
In the topof 5th,Trescowould
single, but was able to move to
3rd on throwing errors. Van-
derhoof would hit Tresco in
knotting the score at 4. In the
bottom of the 5th, Slavenwould
single followed by a single from
Cody. Aidan Robinson would
hit a grounder to 3rd putting out
Slaven,but theattempt foradou-
ble play therewas an overthrow
to 2nd base, allowing Lytle to
scorewhatwouldprove tobe the
winning run.
Cody Lytle started on the
mound for the Indians going 5
2/3 innings. Cody pitched well
allowing 4 runs while scattering
8 hits and striking out 8. Tyler
Slavenwouldcome in tocloseout
thegamestrikingout1. Giovanni
Caccamise was solid on the
mound for the Tiger going 5
innings allowing 5 runs from 10
hits and striking out 5.
Hitting for the Indians were
Maxin McKenzie, Tyler Slaven
(2 singles, triple), Cody Lytle
(home run, 2 singles), Aidan
Robinson (double), Brady Fix
(double), and Finn Shelby. Hit-
ting for the Tigers were Reece
Tresco (home run, single),Austin
Saeva,ZachVanderhoof (double,
2 singles), JamesBlake, andTy-
Congratulations Indians! What
agreat season!TheTigersshould
beveryproudof their year going
13-3 during the regular season!
support our local all-starsas they
take on the other teams in the
District 3 Tournament. Games
will be played at the LeRoy
Little League Field starting July
1st. The 9-10year old teamwill
play their first 2 games home,
vs. Geneseo. The 11-12 year old
teamwill play their last 2 games
here, July 5th vs Dansville and
on the players.
The9-10 teamplayersare: Joey
Fix, Collin McCulley, Maveric
McKenzie, Shawn Morabito,
Johnny Panepento, Cole Raus-
cher, Adam Risewick, Kenny
Saunders, Tyler Strollo, Zach
Flint andAaronLeone. Coaches
and JayCaccamise.
The 11-12 are: Giavanni Cac-
camise, Chase Bordonaro, Ryan
Friend, JakeHill,KylerLaCarte,
McKenzie, ColmRoster, Austin
co, Andrew Tygart. Alternate is
AlexPanepento.Coaches -Mike
Tresco, Mike McKenzie and
Brent Friend.
Ifyouseeanyof theseplayers -
wish themGOODLUCK!!
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