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LeRoyLittleLeagueHighlights -Week 6
Tigers 8 White Sox0
TheTigers tookon theWhiteSox for
the last timeof theyear. TheTigerswere
able to put up a run in the 1st and 2nd
Caccamise, a double by Joey Brennan
and a sacrifice fly byReeceTresco. In
the 5th inning theTigers broke it open,
scoring 5 runs helped by hits from
Austin Saeva, Zach Vanderhoof, Joey
Brennan and Tyler Williams. James
Blake added anRBI single in the6th to
end the scoring and theTigerswon8-0.
With thewin theTigers clinched the#1
Seed in the Scanlan Cup playoffs and
won their 2nd straightHistorical Cup.
ReeceTrescowent thedistance for the
Tigers giving up only 3 hits, 0 walks
and struckout 15. GiavanniCaccamise
had3 singles, 2RBI’s and scoredonce.
Luke Caccamise added 2 singles and
anRBI. JoeyBrennanhad2doubles, 2
RBI’s and scored twice. TylerWilliams
hadasingleand runscored,whileReece
Tresco added a single, RBI and 2 runs
scored and James Blake had a single
and anRBI.
ColmRoster started for theWhiteSox
going2 inningsandstrikingout2.Tom-
mySaunderscame in tofinish thegame
going4 inningsandstrikingout4. Ryan
Friend led theway at the plate going 2
for 3with2 singles. ColeHeany added
theotherhit, rippingadouble to thegap.
RedSox 5 Yankees 2
For the third time this season these
teamssquaredoff inaclose,wellplayed
game.TheRedSoxwereable towin this
one behind the arm ofAlexPanepento.
Alex pitched 5 1/3 innings and struck
out 7. Jimmy Burns came in in relief
and struck out the 2 batters he faced.
The hitting stars for the Red Sox were
CamGreene andNickEngel. Both had
2hits apiecewhile JakeHill chipped in
with 1hit.
TheYankees were led by the arms of
Shawn Morabito and Kyler LaCarte.
Morabito pitched 3 innings and struck
outwhileLaCartepitched2 inningsand
struckout4.LaCarte led theYanksat the
plate with 3 hits whileAndrew Tygart
added 2. Doug Irwin and Morabito
roundedout thehittingwith1hitapiece.
Indians 4 Twins 3
The Indians and Twins faced each
other for thefinal time this season.This
game turned out to be a pitcher’s duel
for thefirst 3 innings.But in thebottom
of the 4thwith one out,AndrewLoftus
smoked a double to the center field
fence. Andrewwould score later in the
inning on a sac fly hit by Zach Baker.
The Indians would come back in the
tophalfof the5th to score someof their
own. Maveric McKenzie would draw
a walk with 2 outs. MaxinMcKenzie
would followwitha single. CodyLytle
would followwithadoublescoringboth
McKenzie boys. Tyler Slaven would
single for the 3rd straight Indians hit
scoringLytle. TheTwinswerenotdone.
reach safely in the bottom of the 5th
after being hit by a pitch. The Twins
would manufacture a run scoring Filio
that inning. TheTwinswould enter the
home half of the 6th being down 3-2.
Ethan Bewick would lead off singling
to center. AndrewLotfuswould follow
workhiswayaroundand score to tie the
game at 3.
The game would go to extras. In the
top of the 7th, MaxinMcKenziewould
single. McKenzie wouldmake his way
to3rdbasewithTylerSlavenat theplate.
Slavenwould hit a sac fly to right field
allowing Maxin to score. He Indians
wouldshutdown theTwins in thebottom
of the 7th to get thewin.
Both starting pitchers played well for
their respective teams. MaxinMcKenzie
went 7 innings for the Indians scattering
5 hits, walking 1, striking out 7, and
allowing 3 runs. AndrewLoftuswould
go 5 2/3 innings allowing 3 runs while
strikingout 7.
Hitting for the Indians were Maxin
McKenzie (2hits),CodyLytle (double),
Tyler Slaven, and Brady Fix. Hitting
for theTwinswere EthanBeswick,An-
drewLoftus with 2 hits (double), Colin
McCulley, andConnorWright.
Whitesox15 Yankees 1
The Whitesox and Yankees squared
off for the 4th time this season. The
Whitesox jumpedout toanearly leadby
putting up 3 runs in the first inning. In
the second inningwith a runner on first
Ryan Friend hit a 2 run home run over
the left field fence. Tommy Saunders
followed thiswithahomerunofhisown
making the score 7-0. TheYankees got
on the board in the fourth inning when
Andrew Tygart hit a homerun over the
right field fencemaking the score 7 -1.
In the topof the6th theWhitesoxwould
add8more runsfinishing thescoreat15-
1. Ryan Friend pitched a terrific game
giving up only 1 hit and striking out 13
with nowalks.
Andrew Tygart pitched 5 1/3 strong
innings striking out 7 and walking 3
and Doug Irwin pitch the final 1 2/3
innings striking out 1 and walking 1
TheWhitesox hitting attackwas led by
RyanFriendwho had 4 hits and 5RBIs
(1homerun, 3 singles),KennySaunders
had 4 singles and 1RBI, TomSaunders
had 3 hits (1 homerun and 2 singles),
Adam Risewick with 2 singles, Colm
Rosterwith2hits and1RBI (singleand
double), JacobMarcello with 2 singles
and a RBI andMike Buccinna added a
single and 1RBI. Zack Flansburg also
reached base and scored a run.
Tiger8 Twins 6
TheTiger andTwinsmet for the fourth
timeof theyear. TheTigerswere able to
jumponTwinspitching scoring7 runs in
thefirst 2 innings. HitsbyReeceTresco,
Giavanni Caccamise, James Blake and
TylerWilliams sparked the offense. The
Tigers capped their scoring in the 5th
inning as Connor McGee scored Tyler
Williamswith anRBI single. TheTwins
wouldnot quit. They scored1 in the 2nd
on 3 straight hits fromColinMcCulley,
TonyFilioandColeRauscher.They then
added1 in the thirdand3 in the5th tocut
the lead to8-5. EthanBeswick scored in
the5thonadoublebyZachBaker tomake
it 8-6, but that was as close as it would
get as theTigershungon for the8-6win.
GiavanniCaccamisewent4 innings for
the Tigers striking out 3 and scattering
6 hits. Luke Caccamise came in for 1
inning, andAustinSaevafinishedoff the
anRBI and scored 2 runs. James Blake
had 2 singles, anRBI and scored twice.
Reece Tresco had a single and triple,
4 RBI’s and scored once, while Zach
Williamshad2singles, scored twiceand
Connor McGee added an RBI single.
Riley Wood added 2 walks and a run
scored alongwith a stellar performance
in the field at 2ndbase.
EthanBeswickstartedon themound for
theTwinsand thenwouldbe followedby
TonyFilio andCollinMcCulley. The 3
pitchedwell combined for 7 strike outs.
EthanBeswickhad2 singles and scored
2 runs,AndrewLoftus had adouble and
scored a run, while Zach Baker had 2
McCulley had 2 singles, an RBI and
scored twice, Tony Filio had 2 singles
and an RBI and Cole Rauscher had 3
singles. Brian Roblee was able able to
add a single andRBI.
Whitesox 8Twins 2
TheWhitesox and Twins squared off
for the last regular seasongame for each
club. TheWhitesoxgotoff toa fast start
asKennySaunders ledoffwith a single
to be driven in for a score by Adam
Risewick. RyanFriend hit a single that
scored Adam Risewick. Colm Roster
worked a walk which led the way for
Cole Heany’s 2 run double that scored
FriendandRoster thatgave theWhitesox
a4-0 leadheading into thebottomof the
first inning. The Twins would answer
right back as Andrew Loftus reached
basewitha singleand thenwashit inby
Colin McCulley with an RBI making
the score 4-1 after the first inning. The
Whitesox would answer back with 2
more runs in the second with hits by
AdamRisewickwhowas later hit in by
RyanFriend’sdouble. TommySaunders
got into the action by hitting a single
that scoredRyanFriendwhichmade the
score6-1. Heading into the third inning
AaronLeone ledoffwithasingle to later
be hit in by Kenny Saunders. During
the bottomof the third inning theTwins
wouldadda runof theirownwhenColin
McCulley reachedbase, and thenwashit
in by Cole Rauscher making the score
7-2. Both team’s defenses tightened up
and theonlyother score came in the6th
inning by theWhitesox as Cole Heany
hit a doublewho then scoredon anRBI
single byAaronLeone.
Colm Roster started on the mound
for theWhitesox and pitched 2 innings
walking 2 and striking out 2. Tommy
Saunderspitched theremaining4 innings
of the game striking out 3 and walking
1. Tony Filio started on themound for
the Twins and pitched 2 1/3 innings
striking out 2 and walking 2. Ethan
Beswickcame inon relief andpitched3
2/3 innings striking out 7 andwalking
1. The Twins hitting attackwas led by
EthanBeswickwhohad 2 singles, Cole
Rauscher had a single and double and
1 RBI. Colin McCulley added an RBI
and Chase Bordanero, Andrew Loftus
and Dray Grayson each added a single
each. TheWhitesox hittingwas led by
Cole Heany who had 2 singles and a
singleand2doubles and2RBIs,Kenny
Risewick with a single and double and
1RBI,Aaron Leonewith 2 singles and
1 RBI, Mike Buccinna with 2 singles,
Tom Saunders with a single and 1 RBI
andColmRosterwho added a single.
Indians 22 Yankees 1
The Indians andYankees would go at
it onemore time to close out their 2014
seasons. The Indians would jump out
to an early lead scoring 7 runs in the
homehalfof the5th. The Indianswould
score12more in the3rd inning to takea
commanding lead. JesseThomaswould
acquire his first Little League hit of the
season in the bottom of the 3rd inning.
Way to go Jesse! In the top of the 4th,
theYankeeswouldgeton theboardwith
a lead off bomb hit byGrantGilligan.
Hitting for the Indians were Maxin
McKenzie with 2 hits (double), Tyler
Slaven (3 hits), Cody Lytle (4 hits),
Aidan Robinson, Brady Fix (3 hits),
Tyler Strollo (2 hits), and Jesse Thom-
as. Hitting for theYankees wereGrant
Gilligan with 2 hits (home run), and
RedSox 9 Tigers 5
The last game of this years’ regular
season featured the regular season
champion Tigers versus The Red Sox.
With the top seed locked up, the Tigers
were able to play carefree and the Red
Sox took advantage.
TheRedSoxbangedout 11hitson the
day with Brock Flint, CamGreene and
JakeHill leading theway.(2hitsapiece).
pento all contributed hit as well. Nick
Engel started the day in themound and
lasted 3 innings and struck out 4. Jim
Burns ( 1 inning, 1k) and Jake Hill (2
innings, 4k) rounded out the pitching
forThe Sox.
The Tigers were led once again by
Reece Tresco. Tresco had a big game
with 3 hits including a HR. He also
pitched 2 innings and struck out 6.
Giavanni Caccamise( 2 hits) and Joey
Brennan ( triple) also had good games
at the plate. Finishing off the pitching
for theTigerswereZachVanderhoof( 1
inning,1k),Brennan(1 inning.1k),Luke
Caccamise(1 inning) andAustinSaeva(
1 inning, 3 ks)
Congrats to all the teams this year.
Pleasecomeoutandcheeron theplayers
as the ScanlanCup playoffs start. June
10 the #6 Yankees vs #3 White Sox
(6:00). June 11 the #5 Red Sox vs #4
Twins (6:00). June14TBDvs#1Tigers
(10:00) and TBD vs #2 Indians (1:00).
The Scanlan Cup Finals will be June
17-19 (6:00).
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