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Make a Wise Decision on March 18th
Bob Taylor and John Mangefrida
At one time in the village of Le Roy you could walk down Main
Street and purchase anything you could ever need. Food,
entertainment, clothes, furniture and even a new car. Those of us
who can remember those days do so fondly. But, unfortunately
those times are just memories, which we can only look back on
with nostalgia. The jobs of the manufacturing companies and
businesses which supported generation of Le Royans have long
since moved away. Yet, why is it that many of us long time
LeRoyans have decided to stay here and live? And why is it that
many others have even moved here? Our village could have closed
up like many others across New York State. Despite our hardships,
our village has survived. How? What makes Le Roy different? The answer can be found in its people. The residents of
this village, our own neighbors, have always stepped up to support the village we call home, and they have taken great
strides to keep making Le Roy a great place to live. The challenge of keeping our community moving forward takes
dedication, common sense and strength in leadership. I am here, willing to carry on the tradition of dedication our
community needs. I am willing to take on the responsibility that is before me in order to help our home continue to
grow and succeed. I’ll work to find practical solutions to the difficult issues that Le Roy will face, as it continues to get
tougher to exist as a small village in New York State. And, I will continue the tradition of making Le Roy a wonderful
place to live and serve this community and its people to the best of my ability.
“No Special Interest - A Vote for All” - Taylor and Mangefrida
I am very proud of the accomplishments to which I’ve contributed
over my Trustee tenure. I have been an aggressive sponsor of
lowering taxes without jeopardizing the physical infrastructure
and assets of the village. I’ve been a proponent of creating a solid
reserve fund which will enable the future board to make
necessary DPW equipment upgrades. This without borrowing or
capital loans. We’ve seen through significant capital upgrades
like the East Avenue street construction and completed them
under budget. I supported cooperation between the Village,
Town and private sector to work the best possible fiscal resolution
to keeping our Community Pool. Lastly, I have been the liaison for
the Village with the Town. Through my participation, inter-
municipal cooperation is the best its been in years and additional opportunities remain. I am humbly seeking your
vote, so that on your behalf, we might continue additional opportunities that follow: (1) Cost effective, mandated
sewer plant renovations, (2) Continued infrastructure repairs (streets, sidewalks and utilities), (3) Growing the
Commercial base, (4) Creekbank erosion mitigation and (5) Shared website development with the Town.
I remain motivated to serve this community through dedication, commitment and hard work. I humbly ask for your
continued support on March 18th.
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