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The LeRoy Pantry and Help Fund
would like to thank you for your generous donations to
help the individuals of the LeRoy Central School District.
We were able to make Christmas Merry for 102
households, 155 children, 137 adults and 28 seniors.
In 2013, the Pantry aided 407 households, 1,137
individuals with 17,100 meals. We also share with the
Backpack and Grace’s Kitchen from time to time.
The LeRoy Pantry would like to send out a special
THANK YOU to the Town of LeRoy for housing the
Pantry and the Office Staff for meeting our needs.
The LeRoy and Stafford Fire Dept. for delivery.
The many businesses, organizations, churches and
individuals for their donations at the Pantry
and who dropped items off at different collection
sites throughout the year.
Thank you to the seniors who volunteer at the Pantry.
We could not provide the aid without everyone’s
donations and support.
Thank you all,
LeRoy Pantry and Help Fund Board
Judith Ridley
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