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On Sunday, November 6th at

the Byron Fire Hall the 2nd An-

nual Spirit and Skivvies Event

was held. This unique event was

started by Wendy Frongetta who

was joined by her husband, Tony

and Dawn Anderson in honor-

ing Dawn’s son and their good

friend, Mikel Anderson. Mikel

passed away in 2015 of an acci-

dental drug overdose. Although

Mikel struggled with addiction,

he was in recovery and he ded-

icated his life to helping others

and those who helped him. Wen-

dy, who knew and loved Mikel

wanted to do something in his

name to continue his helping

spirit by helping those battling

addiction, many who are home-

less. Wendy approached the

shelter, the Kahler House, that

Mikel loved in Lockport and

asked them how she might help

others struggling with the same

issues that plagued her friend.

In doing so she learned that the

first thing that happens when

someone enters a shelter is that

they are asked to shower and are

given new clothes. In every in-

stance their undergarments are

tossed out. She learned that most

shelters had donated clothes, but

were always in need of new un-


Last year Wendy and Tony

Frongetta contacted their many

friends, who contacted their

friends and they gathered at

their Byron home for a party

of giving. Family, friends and

friends of friends got in the spirit

of things and happily joined the

Frongettas bringing their donat-

ed packages of new undies. The

result was overflowing baskets

with socks, undershirts, bras and

skivvies in every color and size.

Wendy stressed that not only

adults find refuge in homeless

shelters, but sadly many fami-

lies in our area can sometimes

find themselves homeless. The

plea to gather all sizes of undies

was embraced by their friends

and the Frongettas proudly do-

nated all the collected skivvies

to Lockport Cares, Inc. and the

Kahler House.

This year word of Wendy’s

good deed gathered momentum

and other folks jumped in to help.

The Byron Fire Hall donated the

space so that she could reach out

on a bigger scale. Wendy’s chil-

dren Joe and Gina Schelemanow

as well as Mikel’s mom, Dawn,

and sisters, Cassandra Anderson

and Rebecca Rosten, donated

help on November 2nd.

Wendy shared her goal with

Steven Foster and Tim Adams,

co-owners of the Red Osier

Restaurant and they made the

event even more of a party by

generously donating many of the

needed party items including the

great food, and wine. During the

event, there was a 50/50 draw-

ing, a silent auction and some

vendors set up to show and sell

their wares.

Ted Werner, who is both on

the board of Lockport Cares,

Inc. and the program manager

at the Kahler House, spoke of

the need to support individuals

in our community. Werner men-

tored Mikel, and he spoke about

the organization’s mission, “To

prepare residents for a produc-

tive lifestyle and to help ease

the transition back into a healthy

life style supported by faith in

Christ.” In addition, he spoke of

Mikel and his important role in

helping so many people strug-

gling with addiction.

Those in attendance not only

enjoyed some very delicious and

free food and wine, but also got

to enjoy the talents of, Riley

Schillaci, Western New York’s

premier sword swallower and

sideshow artist who was seen

on America’s Got Talent. Riley

Skivvies, Spirits and a Sword Swallower!

Dawn with Wendy and Tony

The Little Bugs Playgroup class at Love Bugs Preschool has been

getting into the Thanksgiving spirit. They've been working hard

on using their words with each other and saying "please" and

"thank you". Recently they each stamped a special Indian head-

band and then worked on their color recognition by picking out

and saying the colors of each feather on their headband.

1 little, 2 little, 3 little Indians!

happily donated her talents and

entertained at the event. Riley

walked over broken glass, laid

across a bed of nails while her

partner broke a cinderblock

on her chest with a mallet, and

swallowed an exceptionally long

sword while the audience gath-

ered around her only a few feet

away. Riley has a website show-

ing some very dangerous stunts

that she performs.

The multiple clothes baskets

over-flowing with undies in ev-

ery size and color lined one wall

and Wendy happily thanked

those who attended and donated.

The skivvies that were collected

on November 2nd will be donat-

ed again to Lockport Cares, Inc.,

the Kahler House, Community

Action in Genesee and Orleans

counties, area half-way houses,

sober-living facilities, battered

women’s organizations and

veteran’s organizations in our

community. This will be an an-

nual event and Wendy hopes that

with plans of next year’s 3rd An-

nual Spirit and Skivvies Event

she can help even more people.

For more information or

if you would like to donate to

this cause, contact Wendy at







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