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Candlelight Tours of LeRoy House

December 3 & 4

The popular Christmas

Candlelight Tours of LeRoy

House are scheduled for

Saturday, December 3 and

Sunday, December 4 during

the Winterfest Weekend.

There will be two tours each

day at 4 and 7 pm. Advance

tickets are suggested.

Tickets can be purchased

for $5 apiece and $3.50 for

students at the Jell-O Gallery

between 10 and 4 Monday

through Saturday (1 and 4 on

Sunday) or by calling 768-

7433. There are 40 tickets

for each performance.

If you remember, last

year, Mr. McCarthy, Jacob

LeRoy’s Irish gardener, sat

in the rocking chair in the

1835 kitchen by the fireplace,

and read “ A Visit from Saint

Nicholas” much to the delight

of everyone, young and old.

The children loved the poem

last year, so it has become

a tradition. Mr. McCarthy

needs to keep his voice clear

and strong, with a little help

of sipping some of Mrs. Wad-

sworth’s lemon liquor. The

cook has made some of Mrs.

LeRoy’s sweet Dutch pof-

fertjes to pass around. You

won’t want to miss this part

of the tour!

In the upstairs front parlor,

some of the parlor games are

set up for everyone to enjoy

while in the back parlor, ev-

eryone is gathered around

the piano, getting ready to go

through town singing Christ-

mas carols.

In the upstairs kitchen,

you can share the story of one

of LeRoy’s Italian families.

The war is raging in Europe

and one of the boys is home

on leave for Christmas. And

even though there is sugar

rationing, one of the women

works at the Jell-O and has

brought home enough sug-

ar to make the fig cookies.

And in the oven is a roaster

filled with home-made sau-

sage. After midnight Mass,

everyone will return for sau-

sage with fresh Italian bread.

Someone will roast some

chestnuts and the men will

sit around the table and play

cards, sipping some home-

made wine. The music box

is playing Ave Maria.

Traditionally we celebrate

Christmas with food and

music. While doing a little

research about the music, I

wondered about the origins

of “Ava Maria,” and learned

that the music (not the

words) was originally written

by Schubert in 1825 as part

of his Opus 52 that included

seven songs based on Walter

Scott’s epic poem, Lady of

the Lake. Schubert entitled it

“Ellen’s Third Song.” Franz

Liszt arranged three differ-

ent versions for piano. The

words were originally writ-

ten in German. What most of

us know, is the version writ-

ten in Latin, which has been

recorded and sung by many

singers, under the title of

“Ava Maria.” Surprisingly,

Walt Disney included some

of the music in the 1940

movie “Fantasia.”

We hope you will plan to

join us for one of these special

tours. They last a little over

an hour, and are appropriate

for families. This the fourth

year that we have offered

these s candlelight tours.

Each year there is a differ-

ent theme, so don’t wait un-

til the last minute to get your

tickets. The refreshments are

delicious. LeRoy House will

be decorated for the holidays,

and even if it’s cold outside, it

will be warm inside.