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LeRotaryNotes forAug 3rd
It was another great day to
be alive and serving in Rotary
as President David Grayson got
a running start and opened the
meeting at about 12:14 pm last
After the
and theFour-WayTest,
MarciaMcKenzie introducedour
our speaker.
It was another
Oscar-threatening performance
of the Le Roy Rotary “Birthday
Song” in honor of Sammi Vagg
who is keeping our average age
down and Bob Carlsen who is
justplain“keepingup”! Wewish
themmanymore happyyears!
David opened the floor by
recognizing Bob Bennett who
reminded themembershipof the
Le Roy Business Council Golf
Tournament which is scheduled
for September 13th at LCC.
Next up was Lauren Humphrey
who described the Chamber of
Commerce Business Workshop
Seminarsscheduledover thenext
three months. Topics include:
Human Resource Tips, Year
End Tax Planning and Strategic
Planning. These sessions are
free for members and just $10
for non-members. Contact Kelly
Bermingham formore details.
Upcoming events
the Past Presidents’ Dinner, the
AnnualApplianceRaffleand the
Several folkseither“donated to
the cause” for missingmeetings
or presented make-ups or other
quasi-excuses including Bob
Bennett who was strategically
planning something on the sec-
ond tee, Chris Biviano who has
been traveling extensively for
work, Nanette Chiuli who was
takingcareof family, JimEllison
for working at the beach, Chris-
tine Gephart for family
time, LaurenHumphrey
for strategic planning,
Scott McCumiskey for
visiting the 1800+ Is-
lands, Tim Moag for
working too hard, Rob
Murray for working out
of town and JuneDusen
for being otherwise oc-
“special recognition” in
the formofmodest fines
for various so-called in-
fractions including Bob
Bennett, Chris Biviano,
NanetteChiuli, JimEllison,Scott
McCumiskey, BobSullivan, and
“set thebar high” for keepingup
with the membership as well as
sharing our fun!
Steven Sharpe from the Gen-
esee County Sheriff’s Office
was our guest. Steven gave an
engaging talk about 911 of Gen-
esee County starting from the
location through today’s mo-
bile population who are always
online but sometimes doesn’t
knowwhere. He reminded us to
remember that location iscritical
for a rapid response by our First
Responders. The County has
hiredaGeographical Information
Servicesspecialistwho ismaking
big improvements in theCounty’s
capabilities and having the de-
reality in the near future. Steven
commended the 911 dispatchers
who do a fantastic job in taking
emergency calls from frantic
people during emergencies and
worse! Heaskedus tohelp them
out - it’s critical to knowwhere
you are when you are involved
in a problem and if you see
something bad happening while
on the road, stop as close as it is
safebeforeyou call 911 to report
a problem.
Le Roy Rotary asks you to
consider becoming part of an
organization that is about to
eradicate polio from the earth,
contributes to numerous as-
sistance projects in over 100
foreign countries, and offers a
chance for everyone togiveback
to their community. Locally,we
provide over 30 scholarships to
local students annually, provide
engaging Appliance Raffle and
Graze to Raise events as well
as many other fun events. Why
don’t youhelpusmakeour com-
munity a better place? Formore
information about Rotary visit
leroyrotary.org. Remember to
Club of LeRoy”!
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