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Superintendent of Schools
At the Board of Education
Meeting onTuesday, April 12th,
the Le Roy Central School Dis-
the 2016-17 school budget. The
budget development has been a
and theadministrative teamhave
worked hard to maintain and
enhance educational programs
while ensuring fiscal responsi-
bility to the community.
After eight years of enduring
the gap elimination adjustment
(GEA), I am happy to report
that theDistrict’sGEAwas fully
restored in the State budget this
year. While this is extremely
helpful for the design of next
year’s budget, we still feel the
loss of the several millions of
dollars that were withheld over
this period time that will never
be recouped. In termsof thestate
foundation aid, we continue to
struggle with a flawed formula
that disproportionately distrib-
utes aid throughout the state.
Low wealth and rural schools
are still receiving less funding
under this formula than some of
our more wealthy counterparts.
Thiscausesfiscaldistressand in-
creasespressureson the local tax
base tocompensate for thestate’s
shortcomings.Wemust continue
to advocate for our schools.
Next year our total budget
will be
which is an
increase of
or about
over last year’s budget.
The bulk of this increase is due
to operating and salary costs.
Wearealsoaddinga school psy-
chologist, increasing a .5 music
position to a 1.0, and restoring
a clerical position that was re-
duced several years ago.Wewill
also exchange a current BOCES
social work position into a 1.0
counseling position, essentially
moving from one part of the
budget toanother.Tooffset these
increaseswehaveone retirement,
thatwill not be replaced andone
other retirement, that while will
be replaced, will generate some
Superintendent ’ Column
Thisyear therewill bea1.28%
levy increase, this is well below
the tax levy limit that is imposed
under the tax cap calculation
formula of
for next year.
Most importantly, wewill strive
to keep our
tax rate
, the most
important number to you, the
taxpayer, to within .12 cents of
the current year. I always like to
remindpeople that this rate isnot
setuntilAugust.Ourbest tax rate
estimate at this time is
Last year we estimated $23.79,
with the actual number coming
in at $23.70.
In making yearly decisions
about the budget, we consider
many important perspectives in-
cluding the input thatwe receive
from the community, teachers
and administrators, as well as
the mission, vision and goals
of the district for our students.
Our main goal is to continue to
do what is best for our students
to prepare them for the world
beyondourwalls.While thiscan
be a challenging balancing act,
we feelconfident that the2016-17
LeRoy School budget willmeet
these needs.
More information about the
budget will be coming in the
District Newsletter and will be
available on the District website
in late April.
New this year
, is
Coffeewith theSuperintendent,
onMay4, 2016 from9:00am to
10:00 am and again from 4:00
pm to 5:00 pm. in the district
opportunity to have an informal
discussion about the budget, the
RITE project or any other topics
of interest. Ihopeyoucan joinme!
The full budget will be pre-
sented at theBudget Hearing on
Tuesday,May10th at 7:00pm in
MemorialAuditorium. The bud-
getvote isMay17th in theTrigon
Gym from
8:00am to8:00pm
Please note the time change.
Thank you for your continued
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