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byStephenR. Barbeau
Supervisor, Town ofLeRoy
(585)768-6910 x 231
This month had one of those
calendar periods where there
were threeweeks betweenboard
meetings. However, I think I at-
tended more ancillary meetings
than anyother period. So, I have
much to report to you.
First, I attended a meeting
(along with Highway Superin-
tendent Stauffer, Village Police
ChiefHayward, FireAsst. Chief
Wood, and Fire Commissioner
Diskin fromLeRoy) at theGen-
esee County Sheriff’s Office for
the purpose of discussing a new
911 cell tower for LeRoy. Most
likely, this will be constructed
at the Town Highway Dept. (re-
placing the current obsoleteone)
by the County andwill have the
effect of greatly improving (es-
peciallymobile) communication
within theVillageandNortheast
sections of the Town (currently
substandard) forfirst responders.
Thiswill be done by State grant
monies and we hope it is com-
greatly improve thehealth/safety
of our community.
Water District #10 is in con-
struction phase and, as of this
writing, is proceeding with few
problems (we have had a couple
of meetings to review progress
andmake some small changes).
Residentsof theareaare remind-
ed of theMCWAmeeting at our
TownHall onApril 21 from 3-7
PM (ifyouarewithin theDistrict,
youshouldhave receiveda letter).
Hopefully, this time next month
you will be receiving MCWA
water. Debt service charges will
not begin until you receive your
January, 2017, tax bills.
Next, the Village and Town
Boards met together recently
to discuss the concept of a new
vacant property code. We have
received a number of sample
codes from other NY communi-
ties in theirattempt tocombat the
unanimously agreed to send the
issue to the joint PlanningBoard
and theMayor and I will attend
to discuss the issuewith them at
their nextmeeting.
Ihad theopportunity toattend
a workshop (LeRoyans GED
and Sandy Brady also were in
attendance) held by the Cornell
Cooperative Extension at the
Genesee County Park on the
impending Emerald Ash Borer
(EAB) problem. We have a lot
of ash trees in LeRoy and Gen-
esee County. For those of us old
enough to remember the elm
trees that were so prevalent in
town until the 1960s (e.g., Elm
Street), that seems to be the sce-
narioweare facingnowwith the
ash. Erie/Niagara and Monroe
Counties have infestation areas
currently and these are moving
east/west, respectively. I have
put some poster information for
homeowners (alongwith invasive
weed species) in the lobbyof the
TownHall. I think this is a topic
we need to start reviewing on a
county level.
Finally, I had an opportunity
to meet with representatives
from theCountyEDC andClark
Patterson Engineering about the
status of the proposed commer-
cial parkat theWestBergenRd./
Rt. 19 site. GCEDCwill be pur-
chasing the property this spring
andwe will use the rest of 2016
to complete the SEQR (environ-
mental study) and rezoning re-
views.Wewillbe looking tostart
with infrastructure development
forphaseone (a fewhundred feet
of roadwork base, water/sewer
lines, retention pond) in 2017.
Lots of positive activity
with lots of intermunicipal
cooperation. Look forward to
discussing thesewithyouas I see
Town Supervisor Column
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