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NotesMarch 23, 2016
The March 23rd meeting of
the Rotary Club of Le Roy was
called toorderbyPresidentTony
Gugino. The engaging lively
group warmed us up on a cold
gloomyMarch day! There were
noguests todaydue to theEaster
Announcements included a
reminder toallRotarians and the
community regarding the Easter
Egg Hunt on Saturday. There
will be aRotary social gathering
at the Le Roy Country Club on
April 21st at 5:30. Rotarians are
encouraged tobringaprospective
member to the event. Plans are
underway tohave regularHappy
Hourevents!Graze toRaise tick-
ets are available from Samantha
Vagg and members are encour-
aged to sell them to individuals
whowill attend the event.Graze
to Raise will be held at Mercy
Grove onMay 20th. There will
be a Graze meeting in the next
fewweeks, keep your eyes open
for an email fromSam.
The United Way Day of Car-
ing isMay 18th at 8 am. People
will meet at Dwyer Stadium to
completeprojects fornon-profits.
Therewill be awrap up celebra-
tion following.TheRelay forLife
Kick off Bowling Party is April
9th from12 to4at theVikingVal-
hala inBergen. $10will get you
twogames, shoes, asliceofpizza
and a beverage. All proceeds go
to theAmericanCancer Society.
Contact Mary Young if you are
David Grayson encourages
members to visit our website.
It has been upgraded to include
new information for prospective
members and current members
should update their information.
Go to
Boyce was presented a check
for the LeRoyAmbulance. Bob
spokepassionatelyabout theneed
for continued financial support
for this essential service.
Tom Cox, Jim Ellison, David
Grayson, Tom Moag, Randy
and Mary Young were all
fined formissedmeetings.
Anil Sawhneywas fined
for the honor of being a
LifeMember of theAmer-
ican Dental Association.
Anil called on the services
of a past president to fine
President Tony for giving
away bags from a recent
Florida trip.
The program today was
presented by Martha Bai-
ley.Marthaspokeabout the
significance of our major
fund raising events. She empha-
sized the importanceofallRotary
members becoming actively
involved in our fundraisers in
order to continue to finance the
tremendous work we do in the
tarysponsors twomajorfundrais-
ers, theApplianceRaffle, which
funds the Club for the year, and
the Graze to Raise which funds
the Milne Scholarships. The
other events we host, and there
aremany, emphasizecommunity
awareness and fellowship. There
was a livelydiscussion about the
importance of communicating
withpeople regarding the signif-
icance of our programs and how
our community benefits from
Rotary events.
Please like the RotaryClub of
LeRoy onFacebook.
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