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by Kim Cox

Superintendent of Schools

It has been a busy few weeks at

our schools. I want to thank the

entire community, especially our

first responders, for all of your

support as we worked through our

facilities issues this past week.

While unrelated, it was a bizarre

set of coincidences that occurred

at the schools. Please know that

each issue was addressed with

a high level of importance and

attention to detail.

The safety

of our staff and students is

our number one concern.


necessary repairs were made

and buildings were thoroughly

inspected, ensuring that no other

issues surfaced during the pro-

cess. I want to thank the students,

staff, and the community for their

patience and understanding.

The R.I.T.E. Project is another

step closer to launch. We are in

the process of organizing and re-

organizing for this very exciting,

but complex project. Construc-

tion bids are due to the district

by Wednesday, March 23rd at

3:00 p.m., with awards taking

place at the March 29th Board of

Education meeting.

Construction is slated to start

on or near May 2nd. There are

several areas that are going to be

impacted immediately starting

on May 2nd.

At the Wolcott Street School:

• Bus Loop Relocation:


drop off and pick up will be

moved to Trigon Park for the re-

mainder of the year. This means

that there will be no parent drop

off or pick up during the hours of

8:30-9:00 am or 2:55-3:20 pm.

Only bus traffic will be allowed

in Trigon Park during these times.

It will be imperative that any

parent pick up or drop off occur


these times. There will be

no access to the

WSS building

through the current bus en-

trance or Stanley Street.


entrances will be under construc-

tion. No one will be allowed

to enter or exit the building at

either location for the remainder

of the year.

• Dismissal:

In order to facili-

tate a safe and efficient dismissal

process for our students, students

walking or those being picked

up will be held in two locations

within the building until the buses

have been dismissed,


mately 3:20 p.m.

Families will

need to determine if they will be

picking up students at theWolcott

Street or Trigon Park entrances.

Stanley Place and the back bus

loop entrances will be com-

pletely closed to traffic.


after buses depart, will students

be released from the building.

We are requesting that families

picking up at Trigon and Wolcott

not arrive before 3:20 p.m. There

will be no option of arriving ear-

ly, as there will be no cuing areas

for cars prior to this time.


please, if at all possible, try not

to schedule appointments that

require you to pick your child

up between 3:00-4:00.

In addi-

tion, if you are dropping off your

child in the morning, they must

be dropped off as close to 8:45

a.m. as possible.

All a.m. drop

offs must be made off Wolcott

Street, as the Trigon loop will

be dedicated to bus traffic only

from 8:30-9:00 a.m.

• Lunches:

The project is call-

ing for a complete renovation of

the WSS cafeteria. These will

start the first week in June. Mrs.

Locke anticipates a continued

lunch program, but there may be

limited choices for the short time

until the end of the year.

• Playground:

The school

playground will not be accessible

starting May 2nd and will remain

off limits until the fall of 2016.

Completion date is dependent on

weather and other construction

work happening simultaneously.

On Tuesday, April 5, 2016

at 6:30 p.m., in Memorial Au-

ditorium, Principal Messura

and other district personnel will

be holding an informational

meeting regarding these changes

and others related to the project.

Please plan on attending. If you

are unable to attend, please feel

free to contact the WSS Office

or the District Office for more


We appreciate your patience

and support with these changes.

While we know that there will be

some inconveniences, the end

product will be well worth it!

Best of Luck for a great week!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Superintendent ’ Column