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byStephenR. Barbeau
(585) 768-6910x231
With our reorganizational
meeting of January 14, theTown
Board began its new term of of-
fice. Iwill bepleased to continue
reporting to you various topics
over the next four years. Not a
lot changed relating to the struc-
ture of Town government. Reid
Whiting was reappointed Town
attorney andClarkPattersonLee
as Town engineer. Jeff Stein-
brenner will continue as code
Enforcement Officer, working
Monday-Friday late afternoons/
early evenings and on Saturday
mornings. As the Town Hall
is often closed during many of
thosehours, or Jeff is conducting
required field work, it is recom-
mended that you call 768-6910
ext. 223or email
to set up an appointment. Simi-
larly, assessors are available on
Mondays and Thursdays from 9
am- 1 am and on Tuesdays and
Wednesdays from9am- 4:30pm
(there are no office hours onFri-
days). Their number is 768-6910
At our firstmeeting, Iwas also
able to report that, by working
with our insurance consultant
fromTompkins, we were able to
save about $5,000 on health in-
surance premiums with our non-
union employees by switching
companies. We review this on
an annual basis and, for the first
time, actually reduced our costs
from one year to the next with-
out reducing employee benefits.
Additionally, thanks to theefforts
of Laura Brodie, my secretary/
bookkeeper, and Judy Ridley,
adult recreation coordinator, we
are going to receivemoremoney
than ever before from the GO-
ARTgrantweannuallyapply for.
hisgoesdirectly toward theTri-
gonParkSummerConcert Series
andother senior citizenactivities.
I also met last week, along
with boardmembers fromTowns
of Byron, Bergen, Stafford, Bat-
avia, andVillages of Bergen and
LeRoy, with a specialized attor-
ey from Pittsburgh who will be
egotiating our new franchise
agreement with Time Warner/
Charter. For Town (outside Vil-
lage) residents, our number one
goal is to lower the density for-
mula so that cablemight beavail-
able tomore residentswhomight
desire such. Also, we have a
unique situation in thatwe (again,
Town outside) have no (or very
minimal) franchise fee stipulation
with TimeWarner. In sum, FCC
rules allow amunicipality to col-
lect up to5%of thegross charges
onyourcablebill (videoonly-not
phone or internet) from the cable
provider.Ofcourse, thecablepro-
vider recovers that fee paid to the
municipalityby charging the cus-
tomer.Around the year 2000, the
TownBoardmade a decision (on
the last contract) to do awaywith
receiving money from franchise
fees (about $7,000 in revenue at
the time) and, therefore, lower the
bills for subscribers. As a result,
cable subscribers living in the
Town pay little (2 or 3 cents) or
no franchise fee.We aim to con-
tinue that forTown subscribers.
We also received an update
from theEPAconcerning the soil
testing on Gulf Road. In sum,
the current testing has yielded
no problems and their aim is to
continue for twomoreyearswith
this remediationproject.
The only “downer” news as
webegin2016 is that theLeRoy/
Bergenquest topursue anAmer-
ica’s Best Communities Award
has ended, as we were not se-
lected for the quarterfinal round.
While a disappointment, I want
to thank the communities of both
Bergen (especially Supervisor
Don Cunningham and Mayor
Anne Marie Barclay - Architect
Committee) and LeRoy (espe-
cially County Legislator Shelley
and technology consultant Lau-
ren Humphrey -Architect Com-
mittee) for all of your efforts
and support (donations, positive
social media posts, fundraising,
etc.). Of course, we did not put
all of our eggs in one basket and
the fine folks at GCEDC (Steve
Hyde, Mark Masse, Lezlie
Farrell, andRachelTabelski -Ar-
chitect Committee), who helped
us immenselywithABC, arecon-
tinuing to assist LeRoy with our
priority of developing the clean
commercial parkonRt. 19.
Town Supervisor Column
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