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Plumbing&Heating, LLC
10991LakeRd., Pavilion • (585) 584-3841
Full Insured
All TypesOf Plumbing
&Heating Jobs
Water&Sewer Lines •Water Treatment&ConditioningSystems
Established 1947
NeedA Place TOHAVE IT?
American Legion
Post 576
53WestMainSt., LeRoy, NY
Inside - 2RoomsAvailable
Outside - LargePavilion
Our goal is toprovidea safe, funplace for youngadults todevelopa
passion togrow in the Lordandmeet otherswith that samepassion.
Itwill be likeachurch service, runby the youngadults,
withadult supervision. Afterward, therewill be time for fellowshipwith
games and/or serviceprojectswith light refreshments.
The “church service”will consist of singing, prayer, andBible reading.
Webelieve that theBible is the inspiredWordofGod, and that reading it
line-by-line is important tounderstandingandgrowing inGod.
Wehope to teach youngadults to stand firmonGod’sWordas they
prepare toenter a secular society.
•ages: 12andup
•time: Friday from 7-9pm, starting January 8th
•study: thebookof Romans (a 16weekcourse), taught by JosiahGariboldi
•place: 7115WestMain Street
*Disclaimer: Aswego through thebookof Romans, wewill be talkingabout currentmoral issues, suchas homosexuality,
andwhat theBible says on these issues. Thoughwewill not go intogreat detail, these topicswill bementioned.
**ASL interpretationavailable
ElizabethGariboldi at (585)-768-8443or e-mail at
Weareexcited toannounce that
Penuel Christian Fellowship
is organizingayoungadult fellowshipandBible study.
byGreg “Porp”Rogers
2015 is in the books. It came
in likea lionandout likea lamb.
The challenges of the first three
months were rewarded by a re-
cord warm fall; we will have to
see how this affects our budget
for the current fiscal year.
The past year produced pos-
itive momentum around the
Village, with our Safe Route
to School Project finally com-
pleted, adding $400,000 of
new sidewalks. The Village tax
abatement programs were put
into place to help bring fore-
closed and short sale houses
back into shape, as well as help
for ourMainSt. area.
New businesses opened, the
Divine Tree, No Finer Diner,
UR Urgent Care, and of course
Dunkin Dounut’s, while this
shows positivemomentum there
ismuchmore to do this year.
In 2016 the Village Board
will put evenmore focus on our
Main Street and Creek area; we
feel these two areas are the cor-
nerstone of our community.
2016 is also a contract year
for both the DPW and our Po-
lice Department, in these times
health care is always the main
issue for both parties, but in the
past we feel a fair contract was
negotiated, and I’m sure that
will hold true again this year.
So as I am kind of glad to see
2015 leave, I am optimistic for
2016. HappyNewYear!
“The pessimist sees difficulty
in every opportunity; the opti-
mist sees the opportunity in ev-
ery difficulty.
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