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For our lunch meeting today
we dined at the LeRoy Country
Club and President Tony Gugi-
no, brought themeeting to order
promptly at 12:15.
Guests today included: seniors,
Maura Rogers, Colton Duyssen
and Cameron Snell as well as
our guest speakerMarkZoccali.
Following the
Pledge of Al-
, Prayer and Four-Way
Test theannouncements included:
Club’s Christmas party at Pres-
ident Tony’s house in January,
Christmas bell ringing at Tops,
ChristmasCarolingstartingat the
Greens, a fewupdatesonWinter-
fest activities, an announcement
about First Night and Lynne
talkedabout theChristmasGhost
Tour at theLeRoyHouse. It was
also announced that our annual
next week and our meeting will
be held at theLegion.
Missed Meetings: There were
manymissedmeetings including
some from Carol Wolfe, Jerry
McCullough, Lynne Belluscio,
Mary Margaret Ripley, Tim
Ellison tonamea few.Almost all
had amake up, or two.
Home on the Range
was sung
for the December birthday’s
which included, Tracy Ford,
Carol Wolfe, TomCox and Ron
Pangrazio. Lynne Belluscio was
also included for hermissedNo-
vember birthday.
Fines were quick today but
for his University of Michigan
Lauren Humphrey intro-
duced our guest speaker of
the day, her brother, Mark
Markhas devotedhis life
to serveothers and through
his work at an orphanage
and school in Guatemala
he is making a significant
differencewithin the com-
munity of Huehue. We
watched a short video of
his work and there were
many questions asked of
Mark. Thank you Mark
for all of thework that you
do! Tofindoutmoreabout
Mark’s organization visit
Then the bell was rung and
our meeting was over until next
week. Don’t forget to “Like” us
on Facebook at “Rotary Club of
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