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7/12/2015 -25yearoldRobertC.HayesofWarsawRoad,LeRoy
was arrestedon July12, 2015by theLeRoyPoliceDepartment and
chargedwith one count of Criminal Possession of aWeapon in the
FourthDegree, aMisdemeanor,UnlawfulPossessionofMarihuana,
aViolation, andDriversViewObstructed, aViolation.
Hayeswasstopped forallegedlyhavinghisdriverviewobstructed
on Clay Street in the Village of LeRoy. After a brief investigation
the operatorHayeswas arrested after allegedly being in possession
ofmarihuana and an edgedweapon.
Hayes was issued an appearance ticket and is to appear in the
LeRoyTownCourt on July 27, 2015 to answer the charges.
07/14/2015 - 23year old JosephH. Schenkhavingnopermanent
addresswasarrestedyesterdayby theLeRoyPoliceDepartment and
chargedwithonecount ofPetitLarceny, aClassA-Misdemeanor. It
is alleged that Schenk stole coins from an acquaintancewhile at an
addressonMillStreet in theVillageofLeRoy. Schenkwasarraigned
before theHon. D. Sehm of the LeRoyTownCourt and committed
to theGeneseeCounty Jail in lieu of $250 bail.
The LeRoy 11/12 year old all
star teamwent 2-2 in pool play
this year. They opened up with
a home game against Oakfield,
whichLeRoywon 9-1.
Giavanni Caccamise started
out the game with a solo home
run to set the tone. The LeRoy
bats would remain hot until the
game was called in the fifth in-
ningdue to rain.KennySaunders
had three hits, a double and two
singles.Healsoscored three runs.
Ryan Friend had a HR a dou-
ble and scored twice. Giavanni
Caccamise had aHR, single and
score two runs. ColinMcCulley
laced a double and a single. He
would also go on to score a run.
Cody Lytle collected a double
a single to left field. RyanFriend
startedon themound for LeRoy.
He struck out two batters while
giving up two hits and a run.
Andrew Loftus relieved Friend
and struck out one.
Geneseo 8, LeRoy 5
For the second game in a row
GiavanniCaccamise ledoffwitha
solohome run.TheLeRoybatters
had some solid hits butmistakes
in the field would prove costly.
Geneseo would take advantage
andhave a six run second inning
toput LeRoy in a earlyhole. Le-
Roy fought back but eventually
fell short. Giavanni Caccamise
ledLeRoy at theplatewith aHR
and a singlewhile scoring twice.
had doubles, singles and scored
runs. Alex Panepento ripped a
double to the right center field
gap. Grant Gilligan and Kenny
Saunderschipped inwithsingles.
LeRoy 12, Dansville 0
LeRoy’s offense scored early
andoften tooverpowerDansville.
The offensive charge was once
again ledbyGiavanniCaccamise.
He had aHR, double, single and
scored two runs. CodyLytle had
two hits, with one being a deep
blast over the scoreboard for a
home run. Andrew Loftus had
a single and would score three
times. Brady Fix also singled
andscoreda run.AlexPanepento
and Chase Bordonaro both had
singles, Bordonaro going on to
score. Ethan Beswick and Ryan
Friendeach scoredafter drawing
walks.AndrewLoftus startedon
the hill for LeRoy. He pitched
two innings striking out four
beforegivingway toCaccamise.
Giavannicame in reliefand threw
verywell. He kept theDansville
batters off balance with a good
mix of pitches. Caccamise col-
lected ten k’s and only surren-
dered two hits.
Batavia 10, LeRoy 5
LeRoy traveled to Batavia to
play their last game inpool play.
Batavia had a big second inning,
plating seven runs. LeRoy tried
to claw their way back into the
game, but they were unable to
consistently get to Batavia’s
pitchers. CodyLytlehad a triple
and a single. RyanFriend scored
a runwhile recordingasingleand
a double. Kenny Saunders had a
double andGiavanni Caccamise
rounded out the hits for LeRoy
with a single.
11/12YearOldAll Stars
15, 17, 20, 25, 30,
and 40 cu. yd.
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