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WolcottStreetSchool -YearEndCelebrations!
Last Day of School SendOff –WSSStyle
A long-standing tradition of saying goodbye remains strong on the
last day of school! As students load the busses for the very last time
this school year, staff lineupandwish themwell!Bubbles areblown,
cheers are shouted and hugs are given as students leave the building,
load the busses and exit the parking lot. Happy summer to all!
TenuredStaff Members
Wolcott Street School add-
ed three new members to our
family! Mrs. Jennifer Trift-
shauser, Mrs. Jessica Lege-
re, and Ms. Danielle Mooney
have been granted tenure by
the district.We are very proud
of their accomplishments and
look forward to their continued
Here’s to theClass of 2021!
Our annual 6th grade awards ceremony was held during the last
week of school. Numerous awards were bestowed upon students
for their participation in programs, excelling in the classroom and
outside theclassroom, spelling, geography,math,writing, art,music,
Rotary, PTSO, etc. One of
the special awardsgivenat
the ceremony is the Brett
Merica – Golden Heart
award. This awardwas es-
tablished in2007byGerry
and BarbMerica in mem-
oryof their son,Brett,who
was a 6th grade student in
2005. Brett’s enthusiastic
personality, loyalty to his
family and friends and respectful attitude towards his teachers and
classmates made him a role model for his peers. He was pure of
heart and spirit with a smile that would brighten even the darkest
day. InmemoryofBrett, a6thgrade student is selectedby the teach-
ers who demonstrate all the qualities that Brett represented. Brett’s
mom,Barb, andhisgrandmotherwere inattendanceat theceremony
to present
with thiswonderful honor!
As we enter the 2nd year
of our PEP grant, we are
continuing to learn more
about life-long fitness and
teach- ing students about
it comes to eating properly!
Mini-vegetable gardenswere
planted as part of the grant
andwill beutilized in the fall
during our lunches! Home
grown goodness at its best!
We look forward to more
food challenges throughout
the year.
Endof theYear,
GoodCharacter Assembly
We love to close the school year by celebrating all the
good character that students display day in and day
out throughout the year! This year, studentswere giv-
en the opportunity to create an anti-bullying song to
beusedonour school busses. Staff thenvotedon their
favorite song and the winner of the song contest was
asked tocreateavideo too!Thewinnersof thecontest
wereMavericMcKenzie, Jack Tonzi, Parker Dowell,
andRyan Shirley. These boyswere the brains behind
our first ever school bus song and video! The “We
Will Stop You” video debuted at our assembly to a
roar of the student body! Next, our very ownWolcott
Street School band featuringMr. DeLuca, Mr. Nord-
hausen,Mr.Caparco,Mrs.Dechant,Mrs.Buckel, and
Mr. Greene jammed to songs including, “We’re Not
Going toTake
It”, “American
Bully” and
“Good Bye”.
S t u d e n t s
were singing
and cheering
band. This was a great way to celebrate our accom-
plishments school-wide!
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