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1ChurchSt., LeRoy, NY14482
The New York Landmarks
Conservancy has announced
a Sacred Sites Grant has been
awarded to historic religious
properties $7,000 grant to the
First Presbyterian Church of
LeRoy for roof replacement.
“Religious institutions reflect
the history and immigration
patterns of communities,” said
York Landmarks Conservancy.
“Many provide vital services
that reach beyond their congre-
gations. We all have an interest
in preserving them.”
The wood frame First Pres-
constructed in Federal Wrenn-
Gibbs meeting house style in
1825-1826, and attributed to
ers and farmers who settled in
field Parsons. The congregation
was established in 1812, and
affiliated with the Presbyterian
denomination by 1814, initially
meeting in homes, schools and
enlarged several times in the late
19th and early 20th century. In
1839, thesanctuarywasextended
by20’ to the rearand, in1856, the
church was renovated in Gothic
Revival style. Ten years later
in 1866, the present Italianate
round-arched windows, several
retaining original etched glass,
were installed, and the present
spireadded to thebell tower. The
sanctuary was also renovated,
with the installation in 1866 of
cast ironcolumns, lowergalleries
and a pipe organ.
In 1913, Rochester architect
Claude Bragdon designed a
ColonialRevival SundaySchool
additionat the rearof thechurch.
In 1928, Le Roy-based archi-
tect and engineer Charles Ivan
Cromwell, amember of the con-
gregation, designed the monu-
featuringRomanDoric columns
and pilasters. Cromwell also de-
signed a substantial enlargement
to Bragdon’s education wing in
1945-1951.Wood shinglesat the
spire were replaced with alumi-
First PresbyterianChurchReceivesGrant
num in 1976, and a ramp added
to a secondary entrance in 2009.
Thesitevisitconfirmed that the
23-year-old asphalt shingle roof
at the sanctuary, and30-year-old
asphalt shingleat thecommunity
wings is severelyweathered, and
at theendof itsuseful life. There
areactive leaks in twosectionsof
the community wing, damaging
interiorfinishes.Theproject is led
byAnne VerHague, an architect
who is amember of the congre-
gationandco-chairof thechurch
initiated National Register. It
incorporates a complete tear-off
of multiple layers of roofing at
thecommunitywing, newvalley
and vent flashing, ice and water
shield, and step flashing at the
junction of the sanctuary and
community wing. The proposal,
byaBataviageneralcontractor, is
consistent with the architect-de-
veloped scope.
a range of community programs
including a nursery school, gar-
exercise and dieting support
group, senior painting class,
andmission knitting group. The
church also contributes funds
and volunteers to two Le Roy
interdenominational community
initiatives, a community food
pantry which serves 500 house-
holds, and the Le Roy Christian
an after school program, teen
center, summercamp,playgroup,
caregivers’ support program and
weeklymeal program.
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