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byHeadCoach Jeff Strollo
The Le Roy Senior Knights
opened their 2014 season on the
road against the Geneseo Blue
Devils. The BlueDevils won the
toss and after receiving the kick-
off, immediately tried attacking
the edges of a very fast Le Roy
costlyasAndrewEnglerth forced
a fumblewith theKnights recov-
ering. Le Roy would take their
opening possession and march
right down the field scoring on
a 7 yard scamper by Andrew
Englerth. Alex Panepento would
plow into theendzone for the2pt.
conversionmaking it8-0.Aquick
three and out by Geneseo would
give the ball back to theKnights
and they would answer quickly
as Andrew Englerth would take
the first carry 55 yards for the
touchdown. QB Keaton Hobart
foundCodyLytle all alone in the
end zone after his first receiver
wascovered for the16-0 lead.The
Knightsdefense steppedupagain
with crushing tackles byAndrew
Englerth, Alex Panepento and
Ethan Beswick and then a nice
LeRoySeniorsBegin 2014SeasonWithA
pass breakup by Alonzo Storey
gave the ball right back to the
Knights. A 17 yard burst up the
middle by Alex Panepento and
two pass completions byKeaton
Hobart to Andrew Englerth and
EthanBeswickmoved theball to
the 7 yard line.AndrewEnglerth
would then score his third touch-
down of the game from 7 yards
out to increase the Knights lead
to 22-0. The Knights defense
again stepped upwith aQB sack
byCodyLytle and stops byZack
Vanderhoof and Brock Flint
giving the ball back to Le Roy.
Adam Risewick would continue
the scoring as he scored on a
great weaving, tackle breaking
run from 17 yards out. Zack
Vanderhoofwouldpunch in the2
pt. conversion tomake the score
endasBradyFixwould intercept
the Blue Devils QB to close out
the first half. The second half
lookedmuch like the first as the
Knights defense dominated this
game limitingGeneseo to only a
couple first downs in the whole
game. Keaton Hobart made way
at theQBposition for bothEthan
Beswick and Jason Eck, who
wereseeing theirfirst snapsat the
position. Cole Rauscher would
close out the scoring plunging
in from the one after being setup
by a great Ethan Beswick run of
24 yards. The final scorewas Le
Roy 36-Geneseo-0. This was a
complete team effort as 14 Le
Roy players would be listed on
the offensive stat sheet and 11
defensive players would be list-
ed. Keaton Hobart would finish
the game 3-3 passing with a 2
pt. conversion.AndrewEnglerth
would lead all rushers as he fin-
just 5 carries togo alongwith a7
yards reception.AdamRisewick
would chip in 52 yards and aTD
whileAlexPanepentowould add
39 yards and a 2pt. conversion.
CodyLytlehada2pt. conversion
receiving and 24 yards rushing
while Ethan Beswick added 34
yards rushing and 12 receiving.
Zack Vanderhoof, Brady Fix,
Rauscher (1TD) andBrockFlint
wouldalladdpositivegains to the
298 rushingyards!Thiswouldn’t
have been possible without the
unbelievableblockingby lineman
Jimmy Burns, ZackVanderhoof,
Cole Rauscher, Andrew Kettle,
Jackson Locke and Luke Rider).
Defensively, the Knights were
Panepentowhoeachhad6 tackles
to go alongwith a forced fumble
(Englerth) and pass breakup
(Panepento). EthanBeswick had
an interception to go along with
his 4 tackles while Cody Lytle
chipped in a sack and 3 tackles.
Brock Flint made three tackles
for losses while also getting on
the tackle stat sheet were Tyler
Vanderhoof-1, Alonso Storey-1,
Cole Rauscher-1 andBrady Fix-
1 interception. The Knights are
home for their next game on
Sunday,August31as they takeon
theHornell RedRaiders at 2pm.
Youare invited
September2, 2014
4:30p.m. –6:00p.m.
Meet your teacher
Dropoff your supplies
Visit all our special area teachers,
therapists, andschool counselor!
Stopby thecafeteria fora healthy
snack, a “new”book, and learnabout
Pizzawill beavailable.
Enjoysome funat theBounce House
fromLeRoyRecreationby theBus
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