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LeRoyLittleLeagueHighlights -Week 5
Indians 6 WhiteSox 1
The Indians andWhiteSoxmet for the
rubber match of their series. In typical
fashion of this series, the White Sox
wouldscore in the1st inningwhenKenny
Saunders was hit in from a double by
RyanFriend. However, thatwouldbeall
theSoxwouldgeton thisday.The Indians
wereshutdown for thefirst2 innings,but
wouldbreakout in the3rd scoring3 runs
after several hitters would draw walks.
The Indians would score 3more runs in
the 6th inning on RBI hits fromAidan
Robinson andFinnShelby.
Cody Lytle and Tyler Slaven pitched
very well for the Indians combining for
11 strike outs and allowing 1 run. Colm
Roster, Tommy Saunders, and Kenny
Saunders would each toe the rubber for
theWhite Sox. They would combine to
strike out 10 batters.
Hitting for the Indians were Maxin
McKenzie with 2 hits (double, triple),
CodyLytle, Brady Fix, Finn Shelby and
Aidan Robinson. Hitting for theWhite
Sox were Kenny Saunders with 3 hits,
RyanFriend (double), andColeHeaney.
RedSox 6 Yankees 0
TheRedSoxwere able topickup their
3rdwinof the seasonbywinningaclose,
hard fought game vs The Yankees. The
RedSox scored4 runs in thedecisive5th
inning to pull away.
Nick Engel andAlex Panepento com-
bined for the shutout. Engel went the
first 3 innings. He allowed 2 hits while
striking out 5. Panepento went the last
3 allowing only 1 hit and striking out 2.
The Yankees got an equally impressive
outing fromShawnMorabito.Hewent 4
AndrewTygartpitched thefinal2 innings
and struck out 6.
The Red Sox bats were led by Brock
Flint andJohnPanepento.Bothhad2hits
on theday. JakeHill,AlexPanepentohad
the other hits for theRedSox.
TheYankees got hits out ofMorabito,
RichieCarpino andBryceLathan.
Tigers 6 Twins 0
Well for the fanswho came to settle in
for a long night of baseball, they would
not be happy, as masterful pitching by
Andrew Loftus of the Twins and Reece
Tresco of the Tigers ended the game in
under an hour. The first 5 innings were
dominated by pitching and defense.
The Tigers were able to get 2 singles by
GiavanniCaccamiseandReeceTresco in
the first inning, only to be sent packing
by Zach Baker whomade a super catch
in CF and then doubled off a runner at
second. The Twins threatened in the 4th
inning when Chase Bordonaro led off
with a double, butwas stranded at 3rd as
Tresco struck out the side. Loftus then
singled in the 5th, but was stranded at
3rdas theTigerdefenseheld. TheTigers
threatened in the4th and5th innings, but
a stellar Twins defense kept the score
0-0going into the 6th. This iswhere the
Tiger bats camealive.AsinglebyTresco
started it and was followed by doubles
Tyler Williams was walked and James
Blake doubled home 2. LukeCaccamise
finished the hittingwith a single scoring
his brother, putting the Tigers up 6-0.
TheTwinswould add a hit in the bottom
of the 6th, but it was not enough as the
Tigerswon 6-0.
ReeceTrescowent the distance giving
up 3 hits, walking 0 and striking out 11.
Giavanni Caccamise had 2 singles, RBI,
and scored a run. Reece Tresco had 3
singles and scored once, while Luke
Caccamise had a single and RBI. Joey
Brennan and ZachVanderhoof each had
a double, RBI and run scored and Tyler
Williamsaddeda runscored. JamesBlake
had a double and 2RBI’s. Austin Saeva
andConnorMcGee each added a single.
hit!!! Way to go!!
Andrew Loftus went 5 2/3 innings for
striking out 4. CollinMcCulley came in
for the final out. Chase Bordonaro led
theway at the plate going 2 for 3with a
single and a double. AndrewLoftus had
theotherhit for theTwinsaddingasingle.
Indians 10 RedSox 2
The Indians andRedSox squareoff for
aHome andHome series this past
Saturday. The Indians’batswouldcome
alive in this game with Cody Lytle and
AidanRobinsoneachgoing4 for 4at the
plate and combining for 3RBIs. Maxin
would collect 2 hits.
Finn Shelby and Tyler Strollo would
obtain hits of their own. Each of these
players would collect an RBI for the
day. JacobWilliams would add an RBI
of his own.
MaxinMcKenzie was efficient on the
mound for the Indiansgoing5 inningson
50 pitches allowing no runs, striking out
6, and scattering 3 hits.
MavericMcKenziewould come in the
6th inning tocloseout thegame inhisfirst
LittleLeague appearance.
Alex Panapento, Jim Burns, and John
Panapentowould each pitch for the Red
Sox inGame 1. Hitting for theRed Sox
were Alex Panapento and Nick Engel,
eachwith2hits. JakeHill andAlexPan-
apentowould score for the Sox.
Indians 15 RedSox 5
Game 2of thisHome andHome series
would see similar results as Game 1, al-
though thegamewouldbebackand forth
earlyon.MaxinMcKenziewould leadoff
withasingleandwouldscore from2ndon
a sacrifice fly fromCodyLytle. The Sox
would come right back in the bottom of
the1stwith2 runsscoredbyJakeHilland
BrockFlint.The Indianswouldget2 runs
in the 3rd inning fromMaxinMcKenzie
andTyler Slaven to retake the lead.
But once again, the Soxwould score 2
in the bottom of the 3rd aswell.
single and would score on a double hit
by John Panapento. The Indians would
enter the4th inningdown3-4whenCody
Lytle would come to the plate with one
on. Cody would blast a pitch over the
centerfield fence togive the Indiansa5-4
lead.The Indianswouldscore3more that
inningandwouldn’t lookback from there.
Cody Lytle and Tyler Slaven would
pitch for the Indians combining for 9
strike outs and scattering 6 hits. Nick
Engel, Brock Flint, and Jackson Locke
would each pitch for theRedSox.
Hitting for the Indians were Maxin
McKenzie with 3 hits (double), Cody
Lytlewith2hits (home run),TylerSlaven
with 3 hits (triple), BradyFixwith 3 hits
(double) and Aidan Robinson. Hitting
for the Red Sox were Jake Hill with 2
hits, CamGreene,AlexPanapento, Nick
Engel, and JohnPanapento.
Tigers 14 Yankees 3
The Tigers and Yankees squared off
for the last time of the year. Giavanni
Caccamise started for the Tigers, while
Andrew Tygart went for the Yankees.
The Tigers scored 2 in the first as Reece
Tresco doubled and was then singled in
by Austin Saeva. Joey Brennan singled
bringing in Saeva putting the Tigers up
2-0. In the bottom of the inning theYan-
kees got on the board asTygart blasted a
home runandKylerLaCarte scoredafter
doubling to tie the game 2-2. TheTigers
used 4 straight hits in the 2nd to score 2
more andgoup4-2. TheYankees scored
1 in the 3rd inningmaking it 4-3, but in
the4th theTigersusedhitsandagoodeye
as theywereable to score9 runs togoup
13-3. The Tigers added 1 run in the 6th
and got thewin 14-3.
GiavanniCaccamisewent51/3 innings
for theTigers givingup6hits,walking1
and striking out 6. Austin Saeva came
in to finish the game giving up 1 hit and
striking out 1. Caccamise had a double,
triple,RBIandscored3 times.LukeCac-
camisehad2 singles, 2RBI’s and scored
3, while Reece Tresco added 3 doubles,
2 singles, 2 RBI’s and scored 3. Austin
Saeva had3 singles and3RBI’s, scoring
2 and Zach Vanderhoof doubled, had 2
RBI’s and scored 1. TylerWilliams and
JoeyBrennan eachhad a single andRBI,
whileConnorMcGeehammereda single
and recorded his first LLRBI.
AndrewTygartwent 3+ innings for the
Yankees striking out 6. Kyler LaCarte
andGrant Gilligan came in to finish out
the game and each pitchedwell.Andrew
Tygart led the way at the plate with a
single, home run, RBI and run scored.
Kyler LaCarte had a single, double, RBI
anda runscored.GrantGilliganandJason
LeSage each had a single, while Bryce
Lathan added a single along with a big
catch in theoutfield.Doug Irwinwasable
to score the otherYankee run.
Whitesox 14Twins 4
TheWhitesoxandTwins squaredoff in
the final game on Saturday. The Twins
bats came alive early by putting up 4
runs in the first. ZackBaker hit a single
that brought in Ethan Beswick, Colin
McCulleyhit in2 runsandTonyFiliohad
anRBI aswell.
TheWhitesox came storming back by
putting up 11 runs of their own. Cole
Heanyhit in3 runs,KennySaunders had
anRBI,AdamRisewickhit ina run,Ryan
Friend had 2 RBIs and Tom Saunders
contributed2RBIsaswell. JackDuyssen
and Zack Flansburg also scored for the
Whitesox making the score 11-4 after
one inning.
Both teams settled down in the second
as neither team could score. In the third
inning for theWhitesoxAdamRisewick
andRyanFriendsingled toput runnerson
first and second. Tommy Saunders came
to the plate and hit in Adam Risewick.
Next, ColmRoster hit a hard single that
making the score 14-4.
TheWhitesoxwouldnot allow another
run in the game and the Twins did the
sameclosingout the scoringat 14-4.The
Whitesox were led by Ryan Friend who
pitched a complete game striking out 7
andgivingupnowalks and scattering11
hits. The Twins started Tony Filio who
pitched in the first inning striking out 1
andwalking 3, ColinMcCulley came in
on reliefwalking1. EthanBeswickcame
in at the bottomof thefirst andpitched4
1/3 innings striking out 5 andwalking 3.
TheTwinshittingwas ledbyTonyFilio
who had 3 hits (2 singles 1 double and 1
RBI), ColinMcCulley had 2 hits (single
anddouble and2RBIs), ZackBaker had
2 hits (2 singles and 1RBI), Chase Bor-
donerohad2hits (2 singles) andAndrew
Loftus andColeRauscher collected1hit
each. TheWhitesoxhittingattackwas led
byAdamRisewickwhohad3 singlesand
1 RBI, Ryan Friend had 3 singles and 2
RBIs,TommySaundersand2hits (single
and triple and 3RBIs), ColmRoster had
a single and 3 RBIs, Kenny Saunders
had a single and 1RBI, ColeHeany had
adoubleand3RBIs, and JacobMarcello
hadhisfirst little leaguehitwitha single.
Twins 22 RedSox 14
TheTwinsandRedSoxcombined toput
up thirty six runs. The Red Sox jumped
out earlyand tooka two run leadafter the
first. TheTwinswould put up six runs in
thesecond to takecontrol.Theywouldget
upbyasmuchmanyasfifteen runs in the
in the bottom of the sixth plating seven
runs to cut into theTwins lead.With two
in right field toend theRedSox rallyand
secure thewin for theTwins.
AndrewLoftuscameupbigat theplate
with three singles a double and three
runs scored. Ethan Beswick and Chase
Bordonaro both scored three runs and
had three singles. Colin McCulley had
two singles and scored two runs. Tony
Filio,Dray Grayson and Cole Rauscher
would all hit singles. ConnorWright and
BrianRobleewould both cross the plate
scoring runs for theTwins.
The Red Sox had some exciting mo-
ments at the plate. Jimmy Burns would
drive his second home run of the year
over the left field wall. Alex Panepento
laced three doubles on the day. JakeHill
recorded four hits,three singles and a
gameagainst theTwinswith threesingles.
Jackson Locke hammered a double into
the left field gap. Johnny Panepento and
for theRedSox.
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