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LeRoy Red & Black Flag Football Team


flag football teams hosted their

respected rival Cal-Mum on

Sunday at the new and improved

facilities at Hartwood Park.After

two tough weeks away from the

friendly confines of Hartwood,

the RED& BLACK teams repre-

sented their home field and new

facility with a defensive mind

set and an attitude that their

rival, who is known for a rug-

ged defense that spans multiple

decades could not match. The

LeRoy defense would not allow

a first down the entire game.

This effort and attitude was

the perfect opening game that

this storied football school and

facility deserved.

The RED team started out

on defense with their interior

lineman grabbing flags in the

backfield of Cal-Mum. Kade

Olivani picked up where he left

off last week against Avon by

grabbing the first flag, 5 yards

behind the line of scrimmage.

Young Upstart, Jacob Koch-

manski would follow Olivani's

lead and do the same on the very

next play. Jacob Keller, the left

defensive end who is always out-

sized, beat his man on the very

next play making it 4th down and

forever. Cal-mum with no room

to run, passed up the middle on

4th down as middle linebacker

Chandler Hall broke it up im-

mediately. This first series on

homecoming weekend,in a new

facility, against your greatest ri-

val could not have been scripted

any better for the Knights.

On the first offensive pos-

session for LeRoy, quarterback

Ryder Stiles threw a dart to Don-

ovan "pocket Hercules" Gaillard

for the score. Stiles and Gaillard

would hook up for 3 touchdowns

on the day. Stiles was on point all

morning, completing 5 passes on

5 attempts with 3 touchdowns.

Carson "Nutter" Stiles would

catch the other 2 passes on the


Andreas Condidorio had a day

of football that he may never

forget as he scored on a nice run

and played on the early success

of the interior line play from

Kochmanski, Keller, Olivani and

Hall. Cal-Mum with nowhere

to run or pass on the interior

forced a throw that Condidorio

would intercept and run into the

end zone. Andreas a true gamer,

scores his first defensive touch-

down of his career. He would

intercept another pass later in the

game that was over his arms and

behind his head reminiscent of

a Madden play to end a perfect

home opener for LeRoy.

The BLACK team defensive

effort and results mimicked

the RED teams but with even

more bravado and swagger.

Jon "hawk -eye" Bogan, Peyton

Privitera and Marin Kemp all

had early flag grabs for a loss.

Cameron Dunaway had 2 pass

deflections that set up a fanta-

sy day for Jude Christ. Christ

vowed not to let Cal-Mum get a

first down as he has 2 intercep-

tions with 1 resulting in a PICK

6 TOUCHDOWN! Christ was

well prepared, as he was up and

dressed to play at 6:30am on

game day for the 1030am kick

off. Early bird gets the pick 6!

On offense the BLACK team

was lead by Quarterback Peyton

Privitera who threw his first

TOUCHDOWN pass to Jude

Christ."The road-grader", Grady

Kanaley broke off 2 long runs

resulting in TOUCHDOWNS.

Kanaley's first TD was a cut-

back run with a burst of speed

that left him 15 yards ahead of

any Cal-Mum defender.

Brennan Weber found success

running behind a crushing text

book blocks by Brayden Wilson

and Caleb Schutt. Weber just

missed his first TD by one yard

as the gritty Cal-Mum defense

never quit.

FIrst & Goal and Marin Kemp

gets the call on a 22 dive and you

can count on her decimating a

defense as she exploded into

the end zone as another "Kemp


The Youth teams play this

Sunday against a rugged York

team that is unbeaten on the



1 Church St., LeRoy, NY 14482


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