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LeRoy JuniorFootballWinsChampionship!
TheLeRoyJuniorFootball team,
comprised of 3rd and 4th graders,
completed a perfect season by
defeatingLivonia in thechampion-
shipgameby a scoreof 40-6. The
victory ran the Knights record to
9-0, as the teamoutscored theirop-
ponents this seasonbyanastound-
ingcombinedscoreof286-18. The
win gave the LeRoy Junior squad
their 2nd title in 3 years.
Both teams made the trek to
Wellsville for thebattleat aneutral
site.Livoniacame into thegameon
a hot streak, winning6games in a
row including 4 straight shutouts.
Not to be outdone, LeRoy came
into the titlegamebehind5straight
shutouts and an explosiveoffense.
Livonia began the game on
offense, and the first play from
scrimmage was an early indicator
of how thedaywouldgo, asDrew
Strollo busted into the backfield
and tackled theLivoniaball carrier
for a 4yard loss. Three plays later
the Knights would take over after
a turnover on downs. A 25 yard
runbyStrollowouldput LeRoy at
the10yard line.A fewplays later,
quarterback Tommy Condidorio
powered through on a QB sneak
behindcenterZacharyTooley from
the1yard line tobegin the scoring
with a touchdown. Tony Piazza
hammered through on the conver-
sionattempt,giving theKnightsan
early 8-0 lead.
Livonia’s offense took the ball
over with similar results on their
next possession. Luke Lathan
sacked theQBonseconddown,and
ona runner that broke looseon3rd
down. DrewStrollomade another
tackle for loss on4thdown, giving
the offense the ball back in good
field position. Only 3 plays later,
sprinter Jackson Fix broke loose,
dodgingmultiple defenders on his
way to a 34 yard touchdown run,
extending the lead to 14-0.
Livonia answered back quickly,
as on first down their speedy run-
ning back took advantage of an
darted 65 yards for a touchdown.
The Knights defense swarmed on
theconversionattempt,keeping the
Livonia runneroutof theendzone,
keeping the lead at 14-6.
LeRoy’s offense took the ball
over at their own 35 yard line for
their 3rdpossession. Only4plays
later,DrewStrollobroke looseand
flewdown thesideline fora55yard
touchdown, taking any momen-
tum away from the Livonia team.
After a failed conversion attempt,
LeRoy’s lead stood at 20-6 before
the endof awild 1st quarter.
LeRoy’sdefensewould settle in
behind tackles for loss by Connor
Hegeman and Xavien Walker,
took over, and began a 12 play
drive that could only be described
as “ground and pound.” Behind
excellent blocking frommultiple
units including Cam Maxwell,
Hunter Beverly, Aiden Davis,
Zachary Tooley, Holden Sulli-
van, Wyatt Draper, Danny Howe,
TristanWeiseltier, Joey Biletskiy,
WilliamBogan, Xavier King, and
Adrian Stephens, fullback Tony
Piazza took center stage on the
drive, delivering blows and car-
rying defenders on multiple runs,
highlighted by a big 24 yard gain.
Jackson Fix again made tackling
difficult for Livonia on a 16 yard
gain of his own. After the defend-
ers stacked the box the try to stop
Piazza, Drew Strollo finished the
drive running untouched around
the left side fora9yard touchdown,
extending the lead to 26-6.
LeRoy’s defense again stood
tall behind tacklesby JackEgeling
and Adam Woodworth, forcing
another turnoverondownswithout
allowingafirstdown. TheKnights
offense tookover, andfiringonall
cylinders again began a scoring
drive. This drive however only
took4plays, asDrewStrollobroke
free again and outran the Livonia
defenders for a 35 yard score.
Tony Piazza ran in the conversion
attempt untouched, giving the
Knights a 34-6 halftime lead.
The Knights opened the 2nd
half with the ball and it appeared
as if they would score almost im-
mediately, as the speedy Jackson
Fix broke loose for a 60 yard TD.
However a holding call would ne-
gate his excellent effort, and push
the Knights back. Fix would then
break off a 20 yard gain to get the
Knightsmoving in the right direc-
tion.DrewStrollo added a28yard
gain,putting theKnights intoLivo-
nia territory.ConnorHegemanadd-
ed some exciting carries, however
continue topush theKnightsback.
Eventually the Knights would
overcome thepenalties, asTommy
Condidorio dropped a perfectly
placed pass into a streakingDrew
Strollo’s hands for a 40 yard TD
pass andcatch. Theplayextended
the score to 40-6.
LeRoy’s defense would stand
strong the rest of the game behind
excellent teamwork. Livonia at-
tempted a comeback by trying to
utilize the passing game. Safeties
Alex Spezzano, Peter Clark, and
Zachary Samis provided excellent
coverage, allowing multiple sacks
by defenders Connor Hegeman,
CYFLhas a rule that causes a team
to forfeit if theywin bymore than
39points, theKnightsoffensehad to
playconservatively for the4thquar-
ter, eventually kneeling on the ball
in the victory formation to secure
thewin and championship trophy.
LinebackersTonyPiazza (6 tack-
les) and Drew Strollo (5 tackles,
1 sack) led the hit parade. Xavien
Walker (4), Tommy Condidorio
(2), JakeHiggins (2),LukeLathan
(2 tackles, 1.5 sacks), Connor
Hegeman (3 tackles, 1.5 sacks),
Jack Egeling (1 tackle, 1 forced
fumble, 1 sack), Aaric Luce (2),
and Holden Sullivan (1 tackle, .5
sack) all made multiple tackles.
Alsocontributingwith tackleswere
AdamWoodworth, Danny Howe,
Jace Jedrewski, Wyatt Draper,
Northrup,andJacksonFix. Unable
to play due to injury, but season
longcontributors, JaycePanepento,
DJO’Geen, and Jude Sherman all
providedcharismaticsupport from
the sidelines.
and did themajority of their dam-
age in the 1st half. Drew Strollo
rushing,2catches for44yards, and
4TDs. TommyCondidorio added
10 yards on the ground including
a TD, as well as 44 yards passing
and a TD. Tony Piazza punished
would be tacklers with 67 yards
rushing and 2 successful 2-point
conversions. Jackson Fix gained
73yards on the groundwith aTD,
and provided excellent blocking.
Also carrying the ball for LeRoy
were Connor Hegeman, Aaric
Luce, Luke Lathan, and Adam
All 31 players made important
contributions during this very
special season. Each player grew
andnotonlyplayed thegamewell,
but played the game with honor
and sportsmanship. The teamwas
Brian Powers, Tom Condidorio,
Lathan, JohnPiazza, JoeSherman,
andColinWoodworth. Thecoach-
es and team would like to thank
the LeRoy Youth Football Board,
cheerleaders, parents, families,
friends, and fanswhoallmade this
perfect season possible.
Back (players): Aiden Davis, AdamWoodworth, Kyle Northrup, Xavier King, Joey Biletskiy,
WilliamBogan,TonyPiazza,AdrianStephens.Middle:DJO’Geen, JakeHiggins,CameronMax-
well, Zachary Samis,Alex Spezzano, PeterClark, Holden Sullivan, DannyHowe, JackEgeling,
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