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LE ROY PENNYSAVER & NEWS - OCTOBER 15, 2017 GCC’s A GENESEE COMMUNITY COLLEGE IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY/ AFFIRMATIVE ACTION INSTITUTION Corner Q & “What’s going on at GCC in October?” Hosted by GCC’s Tourism & Hospitality Program with support from Farm Credit/ Northeast AgEnhancement 12:30 - 3 PM | Stuart Steiner Theatre Fri., Oct. 20 The best of the Dead, the Stones & more! 7:30 PM | Stuart Steiner Theatre genesee.edu Thurs., Oct. 26 INTO THE NOW Around Town I would like to inform you of another great success when private, not-for-profit, and governmental organizations partner for the benefit of the community. You may now see the initial results of this if you take a nice fall drive out Gulf Rd- specifically, the Marion steam shovel. The new fencing and parking area are nearly completed (just a few “parking barrier stones” to be placed). LeRoy Business Council partnered with the Town of LeRoy to establish this project. We engaged a company to install the decorative fencing. This was paid for by generous donations from the Vic Blood Foundation and our local Rotary Club. The Town Highway Dept. removed the old, rusty, obstructive fencing. Dolomite Inc., donated all of the park- ing lot stone material and the Highway Dept. brought it in and did the grading. It is hoped to receive an additional donation next year to install two “interactive” signs depicting the history of mining in LeRoy and that of the steam shovel itself. Additionally, as reported by Town Historian Lynne Belluscio in one of her recent articles, experts will be coming to LeRoy soon to make recommendations as to the refurbishing of our National Historic Landmark. A big thank you to the LeRoy Business Council, Vic Blood Foundation, LeRoy Rotary, Dolomite, and our highway dept. for their contributions! Still working hard on preparing a 2018 Preliminary Budget for our October 26 public hearing. Of particular note, the Board and Highway Superintendent are exploring some new “hybrid” ideas on making the transfer station more efficient and affordable for 2018 and beyond. We are very optimistic that the tax rate will remain stable and services actually enhanced by doing some things smarter and more efficiently. Thank you and see you Around Town. LeRoy Junior Knights – LeRoy 32 – GVB 6 Game 6 of the Junior Knights’ season was hosted by GVB and It was a chilly and windy day down in Gainesville. The Genesee Val- ley Bills and LeRoy Knights both came into the game with a 4-1 record. LeRoy won the toss and chose to defer allowing GVB to start the game with possession of the ball. GVB tried running outside on the Junior Knights, but with stops by Connor Elmore, Grady Gilligan, Cole Tonzi and Conner “CC” Corcimiglia GVB was forced to punt. LeRoy started with the ball on their own 46 yard line. It didn’t take long for LeRoy to get into the end zone. Noah Kaczanows- ki ran for 46 yards for LeRoy’s first touchdown. PAT attempt was unsuccessful. LeRoy went up 6-0. On GVB’s second possession they were able to get a first down, but not much more happened af- ter that. LeRoy’s tough defense made up by Jacob Bowman, Brady McClurg, Avante Walker, and Donovan Gaillard held GVB to their second punt of the game. LeRoy wasted no time, and on second down Elmore connected with Kaczanowski on a 66 yard pass. Kaczanowski out ran the defense and was able to get in for his second touchdown of the game. LeRoy took the lead 12-0. GVB decided to change things up and made an attempt at their passing game. It didn’t fare well for them. After two incomplete passes and a knockdown by Gilli- gan, GVB was forced to punt yet again. On the Knight’s third possession Tonzi ran up the middle for an eleven yard gain giving LeRoy a first down. Joey Reschke would bull his way up the middle for 10 yards and another first down. GVB’s defense would stiffen up, and shut the drive down on fourth down. GVB had one more chance with the ball before the end of the half. Right away it looked like they may take advantage of it. They had two good downs until CC pancaked GVB’s running back, and Cole Tonzi would come out of the pile with the ball in his hands. LeRoy would have one more possession before the half. Kaczanowski, Elmore, and Reschke would move their way down field because of the crushing blocks by Nick Noble, Gilligan, CC, Simon Greene, Bowman, and Brayden Chase. Unfortunately time expired be- fore they were able to punch it in. LeRoy started with the ball in the second half. They came out ready to punch another one into the end zone. After a few nice car- ries by Reschke and Kaczanows- ki, Elmore would break a couple tackles and sprint down the field for a 48 yard run and another 6 points. PAT attempt was no good and LeRoy held a commanding 18-0 lead. GVB went four and out their first time on offense in the sec- ond half. Cam Wilson, CC, and Gilligan would shut their defense down and GVB would be forced to turn the ball back over to Le- Roy. LeRoy started on their 40 yard line. This series would be all Joey Reschke, he plowed his was down the field. On third down, on the 3 yard line he would make it into the end zone untouched. LeRoy 24-GVB 6. The second half didn’t start very well, but would end with points on the board. Brady McClurg slipped through the line with a sack for a loss of eight yards. Af- ter a facemask penalty on LeRoy, and 35 yard run by GVB they were getting ready to punch one in. GVB scored on third down with a 3 yard run into the end zone. LeRoy 24 - GVB 6. The Juniors Knights would an- swer back with a 65 yard touch- down run by Cole Tonzi on the first play of the series. LeRoy 32- GVB 6. GVB’s last series ended with a monster blow by Carson Caton and Liam Grayson would strip the ball from GVB’s running back allowing Elmore to recover the fumble. Noah Kaczanowski would lead the Knights with 9 carries for 113 yards and a 66 yard catch and 2 TD’s. Connor Elmore carried the ball 10 times for 108 yards and 1 TD, Cole Tonzi had 3 car- ries for 79 yards and 1 TD, Joey Reschke 11 carries for 46 yards and 1 TD. Drake Schwab 2 car- ries for 13 yards and Issac Stella had 1 carry for 3 yards. CC Corcimiglia led the defense with 7 tackles. Grady Gilligan had 6 tackles. Noah Kaczanows- ki, Cam Riggi and Cole Tonzi had 4 tackles. Jacob Bowman had 3 tackles. Carson Caton, Con- nor Elmore, Donovan Gaillard, Brady McClurg( 1 sack), Drake Schwab, Avante Walker, Joey Reschke, and Cam Wilson had 2 tackles. Jaxon Burnside, Liam Grayson, Colin Greene, Nick No- ble each with 1 tackle. LeRoy plays York this Sunday at Hartwood Park, October 15th at noon.