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LE ROY PENNYSAVER & NEWS - OCTOBER 15, 2017 $250,000 For LeRoy and Stafford Fire Departments State Senator Michael H. Ranzenhofer today has an- nounced $250,000 in state funding for LeRoy and Staf- ford Fire Departments. “Today’s announced state investment will assist lo- cal fire departments and defray a major portion of expenses for important capital projects, while preventing a higher property tax burden for local homeowners,” said Ranzen- hofer. October 8th marks the start of Fire Prevention Week. This year’s theme is Every Second Counts: Plan 2 Ways Out! “Our volunteer fire- fighters are dedicated, and they are working tirelessly to protect and serve our com- munities each and every day,” said Ranzenhofer. “This finan- cial support will ensure that life-saving services will con- tinue to be available for Gene- see County residents, business- es and visitors.” Fire departments receiving grants include: Stafford Volunteer Fire Depart- ment: $150,000 The funding will be used for facility upgrades at Stafford Fire Department, including: • Replacement of the origi- nal fire station roof; • Improvements to damaged blacktop; and • New energy-saving LED exterior lighting. “Stafford Fire Depart- ment is very appreciative of the efforts of Senator Ranzenhofer in securing these much needed funds. We have been a finan- cially secure organization for many decades with low town taxes due to our very success- ful antique car raffle. Supposed changes to the enforcement of charitable gaming laws have brought that to an abrupt end, burdening our local taxpayers. These funds will help our orga- nization’s ability to respond at peak levels,” said Stafford Fire Department President James Call. The project is expect- ed to start in April 2018 and be completed by the following September. The project’s total cost is estimated at $225,000. LeRoy Fire District: $100,000 The LeRoy Fire District is planning to acquire land to ex- pand parking and storage areas for fire safety equipment. The existing fire station– located at the intersection of Routes 5 and 19 in the Village of Le- Roy– is virtually landlocked, limiting the District’s capabil- ities. The existing parking area lacks enough spaces for fire- fighters to park their personal vehicles during an emergency response call. “By acquiring prop- erty, the opportunity for future expansion will be assured, while meeting the immedi- ate safety needs by provid- ing zones for both emergency personnel accessing apparatus and the general public during operations from the station. Receiving this grant will allow us to complete the preliminary work and provide the needed additional financing to extend a purchase offer on the prop- erty,” said LeRoy Fire District Commissioner Gerald Diskin. We would like to THANK the Republican Party for highlighting some of wonderful works that our elected officials and other community members have worked so hard on through the years. It is Jackie Whiting’s planning which allows so many to enjoy the Recreation Activities and staffs the pool throughout the sum- mer. The Town Highway Department that opens closes and maintains our community pool that, thanks to so many private donors, was revived! Multiple Community members organize marathons, Oatka Festival, winter events and help create our historical district! It is about people- not party. It is however unfortunate; that the Republican Party implies that these positive changes have occurred due to their “qualified, skilled and competent” elected officials alone. Democrats currently in office- Mike Welsh- Town Justice, Tom Stella- Town Council, Eric Stauffer- High- way Superintendent, Patty Canfield- Town Clerk- should be acknowledged as well for the success in our community. In a time when so much of our country and world is so divided; we feel it is more important then ever to work together, across party lines, for the good of the whole community. We vow to work together,regard- less of party, to keep LeRoy one of America’s Great Communities. The Democratic Committee Re-Elect- Mike Welsh - Town Justice Elect- Ninja Calhoun -Town Council Elect- Rob Stiles - Town Council Remember to Vote- November 7th It is about people- not party