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LE ROY PENNYSAVER & NEWS - OCTOBER 15, 2017 SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL ADVERTISERS! They help sponsor the local news section of the Le Roy Pennysaver. THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT! •Sn o w P lo w D ri vers • L o a d er O p era to rs •Sn o w b lo wer Tech n i ci a n s Sen d res u m eto : i n f o @b u b b a s la n d s ca p e.n et o r s to p i n to o u r o f f i ce: 81 L a keSt., L eR o y You’ll be doing it anyway - might as well get paid for it! Flag Football vs GVB The Knights Red and Black squads traveled to Letchworth for a windy, rainy, early Sunday morning matchup. The Black Knights started with a bang as Roland Goodenough took it the distance on the first play from scrimmage. Touchdown Knights! The Knights second possession took twice as many plays to score. After a big run from Benito Bautista, Drew Beachel took it to the house after a nice cut back and a huge block by Xander Rob- bins. With the run game in full swing, the Knights had every player in on the action. Andrew Sibley and Preston Heschke had good runs up the middle. Weston Humphrey turned something into nothing with some nice moves in the backfield. Benjamin Singleton would bust through the secondary and zig zag his way to the endzone, for his first career touchdown! Following runs by Xander Robbins and Jaxon Cook, Gunner Humphrey would show his speed and vision and find the endzone. Roland Goodenough would end the Knights barrage of scoring for his second touchdown of the day. The Knights defense was stellar as usual. Playing as a singular unit, making play after play, the Knights defense held GVB in check for most of the day. The Red Knights explosive offense was on display as they took the field. On the second play for the Knights, Landon Kaczanowski and Thomas Englerth opened a huge hole for Dominik Redmon to burst through. Touchdown Knights! Eli Fortuna would weave through the GVB defense on the Knights next possession to score his first career touchdown! Amist all the wind, Sammy Bogue would get into the offensive action by throwing a laser to Redmon, who would score his second touchdown of the day. Bogue wasn’t done there, as he hit Robert Dunn on a deep strike for another Knights touchdown! Montesano and Englerth would have big runs for the Red offense, following the big blocks of Corey Brown. Luke Offen would end the Knights scoring with a sweet run down the sideline for his first career touchdown! The Red defense was equally impressive on this windswept day. Cameron Montesano, Bogue, and Offen would put up a wall and attack the GVB backfield. Corey Brown would anchor the middle while Dunn and Redmon secured the outside as the Red defense made play after play in the GVB backfield. The Red and Black squads set the tone for the day as they wel- comed the Knights PeeWee squad onto the field. Red and Black head home Sunday to face York at Hartwood Park. Go Red and Black!