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01/24/2016 - 45year oldThomasC.Williamee ofClaySt., LeRoy
was arrested on January 22nd, 2016 by the LeRoy Police Depart-
ment.WilliameewaschargedwithonecountofPetitLarceny, aclass
AMisdemeanor. Williamee was arrested following a complaint of
an alleged shoplifting in progress occurring at Tops Market in the
village.Williamee allegedly stole $8.11worth ofmerchandise from
Tops on January22nd2016.
Williameewas issuedanappearance ticket and is toappear inLeRoy
TownCourt on02/08/2016 to answer the charge.
01/26/2016 - 46 year old Noel M.
Wentworth of 13 Pringle Ave Bat-
avia was arrested by the LeRoy Po-
lice Department on 01/25/2016 and
chargedwith five counts of Criminal
Possession of a Forged Instrument in
theSecondDegree, a classD-Felony,
one count of Criminal Possession of
Stolen Property in the 4th Degree, a
tit Larceny, aClassA-Misdemeanor.
The Possession of Forged Instru-
ment charges stem from an allegation that during themonthof June,
2015,Wentworth, while stayingwith an acquaintance in theVillage
of LeRoy, took five different checks from the acquaintance and
forged them in her name then possessed the checks at a local bank,
cashing the checks.
The Possession of Stolen Property charge stems from an alle-
gation that in early July, 2015, Wentworth unlawfully possessed a
credit card belonging to the same acquaintance and used the card to
withdrawmoney from the bank.
The Larceny charges stem from themoneyWentworth allegedly
received from the bank relating to these incidents.
Wentworth was arraigned before the Hon. MichaelWelsh of the
LeRoy Town Court and released under supervision of the Genesee
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