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“I’ve Lived In LeRoy All My Life, But ...”
If Ihadadollar forevery time I
haveheard, “I’ve lived inLeRoy
allmy lifebut I’venever been in
LeRoy House or I haven’t been
to the Jell-OGallery” I’dbe rich.
We often joke that if all these
people show up on one day,
we’re in trouble. But we’re
ready for you. Don’t tell me
you won’t pay $4.50 to visit
the Jell-O Gallery, because on
Oatka Festival weekend it’s
FREE - - It’s always free on
Festival weekend. So bring your
relatives, your classmates, your
grandchildren, your in-laws - -
themore themerrier.
The Jell-O Gallery is open
during our regular hours, 10
to 4 on Saturday and 1 to 4 on
Sunday. Don’t expect a guided
tour because it’s a little hectic,
but there’s plenty to see. And I
canguarantee theairconditioning
will be on and the transportation
exhibit in thebasement is “cool”
both figuratively and literally.
to climb into the building to see
the Cadillac, it’s still there and
so are nine other horse-drawn
carriages and sleighs. And so is
the ox cart.)
As you walk down the Jell-O
bricks thatwere recently installed.
If you are looking for a brick, we
will have the card index available
and therewillbeflagsmarking the
different sections. If youwant to
buyabrick, the forms forordering
a brickwill also be available.
While you’re visiting, make
sure you take a few minutes
to enjoy the beautiful gardens.
And if you knowLindaKeister,
she needs a special thank you
for making sure everything is
in tip top shape. She volunteers
several times a week weeding
and transplanting. This year all
of the first grade students from
Wolcott Street School helped
Wewant to thankRonPaganin
for painting the white trellises
for us. We also had the services
of a GCC student who did
some edging and mulching.
My personal project, is to pick
the little green worms from the
fragile InghamRoses. (Wewere
totallyamazed that theysurvived
the brutally coldwinter.)
Don’t miss an opportunity to
visitLeRoyHouse thisyear.The
house will be open 12 to 4 each
has created a lot of interest. And
we have furnished the LeRoy
bedroom for the three oldest
Augustus have left their archery
equipment in the corner. And
the girls have been playing the
latest game from France known
asLesGrace.Across thehall are
the puzzles and board games, as
well as Lincoln logs and several
marble collections. (Don’t get
madbecauseyoumissed theLapp
Insulator exhibit - - that was last
We rely on over 30 volunteers
tokeepLeRoyHouseopen, seven
days aweek during the summer,
and they will be helping out
during the Festival. Shelia Furr
and if you think youmight want
to joinour dedicated team,make
sureyoufill out avolunteer form
and leave itwith the docent.
NowI’mgoing toshareasecret
withallofyou.When thehubbub
and noise of the Oatka Festival
becomes a little overwhelming,
there is a shady, cool porch at
the back of LeRoy House that
providesaquiet refuge. Thereare
whitewicker chairsand tables. (I
have some cold water available
or pickup a lemonade across the
street and come and sit as long
as you want. Plan to meet your
friends on the porch, and enjoy
LeRoy’s best kept secret.
Thisyearwe are takingpart of
LeRoy House across the street
to the Festival site. Yes, we will
have some of the new Jell-O
shirts for sale, andhats, butmost
of the museum shop will be at
the Jell-OGallery this year. This
year, in the shade of the big tent,
themany pioneer games that the
kids enjoywhen they participate
inourPioneerSampler program.
We are bringing over the skittles
If you’ve never played shut the
box, you’ll get hooked on this
simple “no batteres required”
19th century game. We’ve also
cleaned up an old table bowling
game thatwas foundon the curb
several years ago, and the pins
will be set up for everyone to
try. The new crinkinole board
is ready as are the ever popular
marble races. Have you ever
played “Farkel”? Well now’s
your chance and if you like this
dicegame,wehavespecial Jell-O
Farkel sets for sale.
So don’t let this year go by
without stopping by the LeRoy
Houseor the Jell-OGallery.And
stop by the tent on Trigon Park.
There’s no excuse.
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