Callboard Callboard - Volume XVI • Issue 2 • Fall 2019 Page 3 Introducing BMI Judge Dianna Angell Dianna Angell is a Central New York native who began her theater life at the age of 11 with Rome Community Theater as the naughty human boy Candlewyck in “Pinocchio”. Her early fascination with a giant whale that blew real bubbles and rec- ognition of the impact of good storytelling, set Dianna on a path that currently finds her about to start her 25th season at Syra- cuse Stage. As Associate Director of Pro- duction she thrives on managing the teams that create magic for audiences. Along with serving as Production Manager for the Syracuse University Department of Drama, she teaches in the BFA in Stage Manage- ment program. Specialties: Process of Pro- duction, Collaboration & Communication Skills, Health and Safety in Theater. Annette has worked in community, educational and professional theatre for 50 years. She is a director, designer, stage manager, play polisher, adjudicator and workshop leader. Since 1979 as a director she has worked for 16 different theatre companies in Canada and the United States and her productions have won awards and critical acclaim. As one reviewer said “this was without a hint of exaggeration the best performance we've ever seen.” She was one of the founders of two professional theatre companies in Canada and has served on the boards of opera and theatre companies as well as representing Canada internationally and on the board of Theatre Canada. As an adjudicator Annette has partici- pated in festivals in Europe, Canada, Ja- pan, Ireland and the United States hav- ing judged more than 150 festivals in 35 years. She has adjudicated the World Returning to TANYS Annette G. Procunier Theatre Festival in Monaco for IATA, The World Festival in Halifax, The Liverpool In- ternational Theatre Festival, The Maytime Festival in Dundalk Ireland, The Yakamo Interntational Theatre Festival in Japan and the national festival for the Ameri- can Association of Community Theatre 4 times. Annette is proud to have adjudicated The Tournament of Plays for the USArmy Europe 13 times Annette is the author of the only book on adjudication “Do You See What I See?” and is a fellow of AACT. This honor was bestowed for “single handedly raising the level of community theatre in America” In recent years she has worked exten- sively with playwrights in Canada and the United States on script development and has been a judge in several play writing competitions including the AACT New Play Fest, The Texas Not for Profit play- writing competition and Playwrights of At the Banquet this year, RCT Is sponsoring a costume contest and centerpiece competition. The judges will be looking to see which items best represent the theme “TANYS is For- ever”. If you need a reason to dress like James Bond, his villains or taste- fully his Bond girls--- this is it! We hope you will take part in both com- petitions and would love to see your imagination run wild on the costume or the centerpiece. TANYS spares no expense on the prizes so good luck! Costume Contest & Centerpiece Competition Spring for Theatre Starts. In addition she has adjudicated several new play festivals and worked with new playwrights for the Inspirato Festival in Toronto. Annette continues to be in demand as an adjudicator director, teacher and drama- turge.