Theatre Association of New York State For more information, visit us on the web at: Inside This Issue: Cover President's Letter Pg. 2 TANYS Honors 2021 Award Recipients Pg. 3 Note from the 2021 Festival Chair Pg. 3 News from AACT Pg. 4 Note from the 2022 Festival Chair Pg. 5 Note from the TANYS Administrative Secretary Pg. 5 Ruth R. Legg Memorial Scholarship Pg. 6 TANYS Festival 2021 Awards Pg. 7 BMI Design Awards Pg. 9 TANYS Looking Forward Pg. 9 President Michael Krickmire Receives National Recognition Pg. 10 Contact and Membership Pg. 11 Renew Your Membership Moving Forward: An Open Letter from Our TANYS President As this year has progressed, we have seen more and more of our theatres in New York State “Moving Forward.” Some tentatively and others vigorously, but nevertheless, moving forward into the familiar groove of doing what we all love: presenting live theatre. The return of each theatre (one by one) has definitely brought a long-needed breath of fresh air to the lives of those who love to produce and perform, as well as those who love to participate as audience members. On the sad and sobering side of this movement forward are the memories of the theatre friends and loved ones we have lost during the nearly two-year hiatus forced upon us by the pandemic. The happy memories of those individuals who “trod the boards,” supported us backstage, or participated in any aspect of our organizations must sustain us through this forward move. I am sure we will all be aware of their presence and feel them standing right next to us as we bring the curtain up on future productions. The success of our November 2021 in-person State Theatre Festival in Rome NY, though the event was shortened, proved that we are truly “TANYS Tough” as well as “Happy Together.” Also, after two years of Zoom TANYS Board meetings, the Board will happily convene for an in-person two-day retreat and meeting in Albany this June. These examples, and the methodical yet positive movement forward currently being seen in theatres throughout the country, proves that the art of theatre itself can indeed withstand “the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.” (Hamlet, Act III. Sc. 1) In that spirit, we are happy to announce that TANYS is looking forward to a return to our full weekend format for Festival 2022 (The TANYS Family Reunion) in November, once again at the Rome Community Theater, as well as a move to the Northern Region of the state for Festivals 2023 & 2024! We are looking forward to the return of the camaraderie felt at past festivals with opportunities for social interaction, networking, and PARTYING!! Remember the TANYS YouTube Channel is available to all TANYS company members. We have not seen many submissions lately and this is your platform to promote your organization, publicize your productions and events, and showcase the great work that is being done by theatres throughout NYS. Send us your videos to post on the channel. While the storm has not yet completely cleared, if we just keep “Moving Forward” with a positive attitude, and with health/safety conscious behavior and habits, we will be able to see a bright future ahead. Prior to our June meeting we would love to hear from you about issues, concerns, and questions you feel the Board should be tackling, discussing and considering to help TANYS “Move Forward” and better serve our membership. Feel free to contact any TANYS Board member prior to June with topics you have been wondering about to bring to our next meeting. Speaking of our June meeting, we would love to see and converse with representatives from theatre organizations in the Albany, Schenectady, Troy area at a “cocktails, meet & greet event” on Saturday June 4th, at 8:30 p.m. at The Hollow Restaurant in downtown Albany. If you are able to attend, please contact Board member Karen-Christina Jones (Callaloo Theatre Company, Albany). Stay safe, healthy and “break a leg!” Michael C. Krickmire President, Theatre Association of New York State Callboard - Volume XIX • Issue 1 • Spring 2022