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LE ROY PENNYSAVER & NEWS - APRIL 21, 2019 HELP! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up! ® Get HELP fast, 24/7, anywhere with . Call for a FREE brochure: 1-800- 509 - 4544 *A life saved is when a subscriber has an emergency home alone, is not able to reach a phone, activates the system, and Life Alert dispatches help. •FREE Shipping •FREE Use of Equipment •FREE First Aid Kit with order Batteries NEVER Need Charging. HelpatHome Help inShower with GPS! HelpOn-the-Go SAVING A LIFE EVERY 11 MINUTES!* Senator Ranzenhofer’s Monthly Column New State Budget Increases Taxes & Fees Earlier this month, the 2019-20 New York State budget was approved. Unfortunately, it increased taxes and fees and short-changed Western New York families. Due to significant spending increases, new taxes, fees and a lack of funding for our community, I voted NO. Plain and simple, New York State continues to tax too much, driving people to other states. The Governor and new downstate dominated Senate and Assembly increased taxes and fees by over $1.4 billion this year and an additional $4.6 billion next year. New and increased taxes on internet purchases, rental cars, energy and prescription drugs alongside more unfunded mandates on our local governments, will force Upstate residents to pay more without receiving the fair share of funding we deserve. The taxpayer’s across Upstate were left footing the bill for unprecedented spending in the New York City subway and school systems, while funding for Western New York’s infrastructure and education suffered. After a long winter, our roads are in serious need of repair, and the budget cut $65 million for statewide extreme winter recovery road funding. The budget also cut funding for local agriculture initiatives, Lyme Disease research, breast cancer research and delivered proportionally smaller increases to many of our local schools compared to New York City. As a result of changes to school funding allocation, Amherst, Clarence, Sweet Home and Williamsville school districts received smaller increases than previous spending plans provided. It is simply wrong to short-change our Upstate families and favor NYC interests and because of this I could not in good conscious vote for this budget. A recent study concluded that an astounding forty percent of NewYorkers believe they can no longer afford to live in New York State. This budget does nothing to address New York’s affordability crisis or stem our population loss. The new New York State budget makes it more difficult to work, live and retire in our state. There was nothing done to help grow or attract businesses. Although the property tax cap was made permanent, which will help to give relief to homeowners, it was simply not nearly enough. Adding billions of new taxes and fees was not the proper prescription for what ails New York. Overall, the bad in this budget far outweighs the good. As your State Senator, I remain committed to working together to make New York State more affordable and re- open New York for business.