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LE ROY PENNYSAVER & NEWS - AUGUST 19, 2018 Providing full funeral and cremation services. 111 Wolcott Street, LeRoy, NY 14482 (585) 768-6800 www.leroyfuneralhome.com cameronfuneralhome@yahoo.com Jeff Deragon Funeral Director/Owner Benjamin Deragon Funeral Director One touch of a button sends help fast, 24/7. alone I’m never Life Alert ® is always here for me. For a FREE brochure call: 1-800-509-4544 Batteries Never Need Charging. SAVING A LIFE EVERY 11 MINUTES! ® Around Town by Stephen Barbeau Supervisor, Town of LeRoy (585) 768-6190 ext. 231 In addition to being fully engaged in the 2019 budget process, there are a number of significant items the Town Board is dealing with at present. Some of these will also effect the budget, so they are timely. As you know, for the past several years, the town, through its budget, has helped subsidize LeRoy Ambulance Service (LAS). For the past few years, that subsidy has been $40,000. Last week, Deputy Supervisor Stella and myself met with LAS officials. They reported to us that LAS is still losing significant money and have had to dip into reserves/investments to meet operating costs (payroll, etc.). Basically, even despite Medicare/Medicaid only paying (less than) 50% of the costs, the real problem is patients not paying their bills to LAS. As an example, for 2017, LAS had about $75,000 in outstanding bills, leaving about a $35,000 deficit even after the taxpayer subsidy from the town. Therefore, we need to make a decision. Either LAS closes its doors after 2019 or it becomes its own separate taxing entity. I will not be placing the $40,000 subsidy into my tentative budget for 2019. At out next Town Board meeting, we will decide whether to explore the process for setting up an Ambulance District, with its own tax bill. If the decision is made to explore (meaning just that- consider), we will be holding an information meeting in the very near future to explain what that would look like. NO DECISION WILL BE MADE PRIOR TO THE PROCESS BEING COMPLETED, unless the majority of the Town Board does not want to even explore the new tax district possibility. As always, I will keep you informed as this moves forward. Also, Deputy Supervisor Stella and I met with our engineer to review possibilities for a new water district in the North/Vallance Roads area. This would be in conjunction with the new water main Genesee County, as part of their phase two water program, is installing soon. The Board directed the engineer to look at several options. Once that is completed, we will invite residents of the area for a discussion of these options. The attraction here is that the County will be paying for a significant portion of the construction in this area, making the remaining portion that would be borne by a district much less expensive. However, water districts are not something the Town Board either encourages or discourages. THE DECISION WILL BE SOLELY UP TO RESIDENTS AND PROPERTY OWNERS OF THE AREA. Again, I will keep you informed as this moves forward as well. One of the biggest budget items over the last few years has been the transfer station. I am happy to inform you that, through our most recent contract bidding process, it looks like costs have been stabilized a bit and I do not see a need to increase fees (or taxes) for transfer station use. Other than that good news, it’s still a little early to report anything more substantive on the budget. Stay tuned. As always, I enjoy keeping you informed about our busy agenda items and look forward, as summer is winding down, to seeing you Around Town. Junior Bowling SIGN-UPS Leagues Now Forming! INDIVIDUALS and TEAMS WANTED Monday Night Ladies - 3 Person Team Tuesday Night - 4 Men, Women or Mixed Wednesday Night - 5 Person, Men, Woman or Mixed Thursday Night - 4 Men New Leagues Forming Every other Friday mixed couples LeRoy Legion Lanes 53 West Main St. LeRoy, NY 585-768-8597 Saturday, Sept. 1st Starting at Noon $20 Registration Fee (includes Sanction Fee & T-shirt) Any Questions Or to Sign Up Call Scott at 768-8597 or 409-0459 HELPWANTED Pin chaser Must be 18 years old and available weekends