LeRoy Pennysaver & News

LE ROY PENNYSAVER & NEWS - OCTOBER 29, 2017 LeRoy Junior Knights – LeRoy 28 – Warsaw 6 The Junior Knights hosted Warsaw for their last regular season game. A win for the Junior Knights would earned them a spot in the champion- ship game. Warsaw won the toss and chose to defer to the second half. LeRoy started with the ball on the 35 yard line. Joey Re- schke took the handoff for 65 yards into the end zone to give LeRoy a quick lead. LeRoy 8 – 0. Warsaw’s first possession started with Grady Gilligan stuffing Warsaw’s running back for no gain. On second down, Cole Tonzi, Grady Gilligan, and Cam Riggi mauled Warsaw’s backfield for a 3 yard loss. On third down, Gilligan and Riggi were in on the tackle again and forced a fumble where Riggi covered it up, and gave LeRoy their second possession of the game. LeRoy’s second possession started just like the first and Connor Elmore made quick work on first down with a 31 yard scamper into the end zone. PAT was not attempted, making the score 14-0. Warsaw’s next chance with the football ended with a four and out because of the gang tackles made by Cam Wilson, Jacob Bowman, Simon Green, Joey Reschke, Cole Tonzi, Con- nor Elmore, and Daswon Wo- jtaszczyk. On LeRoy’s third possession and third down Drake Schwab found the edge and sprinted his way into the end zone to give LeRoy a 20-0 lead. Warsaw started the second half with the ball and ended on third down when Gilligan re- covered a fumble. This would give LeRoy their first posses- sion of the half. LeRoy’s backfield made up of Brady McClurg, Isaac Stella, and Donovan Gaillard moved the ball down field, but they weren’t able to get the first down, giving Warsaw an- other opportunity to work their offense. Warsaw made quick work and scored on the 30 yard run. LeRoy 20 - Warsaw 6. LeRoy would have another opportunity to put some more points on the board and they did. After a few nice offensive runs by Kaczanowski and Reschke, Kaczanowski would sprint 20 yards into the end zone for Le- Roy’s final touchdown of the day. Carson Caton would catch the PAT, putting LeRoy up 28-6. With this win, the LeRoy Ju- nior Knights earned a spot in the championship game. They will meet Bath Sunday October 29th at noon in Bath. LeRoy’s offense was well balanced with 9 different Knights carrying the football. They were led by Joey Re- schke - 72 yards on 3 carries and a TD, Connor Elmore - 2 carries for 49 yards and a TD, Noah Kaczanowski - 4 carries for 40 yards and a TD, Drake Schwab – 1 carry for 20 yards and a TD, Isaac Stella – 4 car- ries for 19 yards, Donovan Gaillard– 3 carries for 11 yards, Brady McClurg - 2 carries for 8 yards, Brandon Shirley and Carson Caton each scored on a PAT and Grady Gilligan ran the ball once. On defense Grady Gilligan and Cam Riggi (fumble re- covery) led the Junior Knights with five tackle a piece. Cole Tonzi, Drake Schwab and Colin Greene each had three. Jacob Bowman, Liam Grayson, Con- nor Elmore, Donovan Gaillard and Brady McClurg contributed two tackles. Brayden Chase, Conner “CC” Corcimiglia, Mike Fortuna, Simon Greene, Noah Kaczanowski, Joey Re- schke, Jeremiah Sheehan, Brandon Shirley, Avante Walk- er, Cam Wilson and Dawson “Wojo” Wojtaszczyk chipped at one tackle. Can You Spot the Missed Marketing Opportunities? EMBROIDERY 1 Church St., LeRoy, NY 14482 585.768.2201 www. l pg r aph i c s . ne t Dress Shirts, Polos, Vests, Hats, Jackets, Etc.