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LE ROY PENNYSAVER & NEWS - OCTOBER 29, 2017 Transfer Station I am the town board liaison to the transfer station. The current policies were implemented because of my recom- mendations. The amount of garbage being brought in has not changed since this new policy has been implemented. This indicates that people are not throwing their tin cans and plastic in their garbage. The amount of recyclables is down slightly. Many people I've spoken to are now crushing their tin cans and plastic. This creates less volume in their recycle containers and reduces the num- ber of times they have to be emptied. A card is now required to enter the transfer station. This ensures everyone who uses the facility contributes to its operation. Cards are not punched for metal, yard waste, paper or cardboard. The cost of dealing with recyclables is built into the fees customers pay to private contractors. The transfer station was operating under a shortfall. I feel it would have been unfair to burden residents (espe- cially those who don't use the transfer station) with addi- tional taxes over and above what they already pay. Respectfully, Tom Stella Paid for by Tom Stella SNS Playgroup says Boo! Sunshine Nursery School's playgroup students celebrated Hallow- een by wearing costumes to school, making puffy ghosts and shar- ing treats. A spooky good time was had by all! SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL ADVERTISERS! They help sponsor the local news section of the Le Roy Pennysaver. THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!