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LE ROY PENNYSAVER & NEWS - OCTOBER 22, 2017 “WSS Media Center: The Place to Be!” From the moment you walk into the Wolcott Street School (WSS) Media Center you can tell many wonderful learning opportunities are occurring! As part of the recent Capital Proj- ect, WSS now has an in-house Library Media Center! The new Media Specialist, Jade Western, and teaching assistant Julie Coleman, are whipping up the creativity and engagement. Did you ever scan out your own li- brary book? Our kids do! With a simple-to-use system, the stu- dents know how to scan their own books, talk about responsi- bility & fun! The love of books and reading is flourishing! All students were able to learn ex- pectations for interacting with the Media Center during ori- entation in the first few weeks of school. From inviting read- ing nooks, to Book Blasts and in-classroom interactions, our Media Center is evolving into a “bookstore like experience!” When Mrs. Western was asked what her favorite part of being the new Media Specialist has been, she replied, “working with all the grade levels and seeing the excitement and enthusiasm with the students interacting!” Her vision for the Media Cen- ter is, “A place where students are excited to come down to use their creativity and imag- ination and problem solve. A place where every child feels success!” Best of all are the connections to Makerspace and Science-Tech- nology-Engineering-Art-Math, better known as “STEAM.” WSS teachers and students have the chance to experience inqui- ry-based learning which re- quires creativity, problem solv- ing and working with friends! Pumpkin Launchers and Ozo- bot Playgrounds were popular the last few weeks and the ever present “when are we going to the media center again?” buzz bounces from room to room! Our STEAM and Makerspace materials have been provided via budgetary allowances, sup- port from PTSO, and grants such as the VOYA Unsung He- roes Award as well as Barnes & Noble. With support like that, the possibilities are endless when it comes to innovation and pure enjoyment of reading! Ad- ditionally, on October 16th our 4-6th grade students will enjoy an interactive presentation from author Steve Cotler (check out his work at: CheesieMack. com). The district is grateful to have these opportunities for students to enjoy the love of reading, explore new activi- ties and have a place where the chance to make new friends al- ways blooms! The WSS Media Center is quickly becoming the “hub” of our school! Article Written By: Jen Ber- trand Instructional Tech Coach @jbtechcoach Providing full funeral and cremation services. 111 Wolcott Street, LeRoy, NY 14482 (585) 768-6800 www.leroyfuneralhome.com Jeff Deragon Funeral Director/Owner