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LE ROY PENNYSAVER & NEWS - OCTOBER 22, 2017 LeRotary Notes On a cold rainy October 11, the LeRoy Rotary Club gathered at the Greens for their week- ly Wednesday meeting, under the direction of past president David Grayson. The meeting was called to order promptly with the Pledge of Allegiance, a prayer, and the reciting of the Rotary Four-Way-Test. The two guests for lunch are the club’s newest members, Tammy Arneth, who is the Develop- ment Director at Genesee Com- munity College, and Phil Plossl who is with Pavilion Drainage, and Past-President of the former Pavilion Rotary Club. Apparently there were no birthdays this week, but there were plenty of announcements. Bob Bennett reminded every- one of the upcoming Appliance Raffle on Sunday, November 5, at the American Legion on West Main Street. Tickets are still available for $10. Bob remind- ed Rotarians to turn in their tickets, and to pick up more if necessary. Also, check with Bob for openings in the work schedule. All club members are needed to help with this event. Sam Vagg announced the first Interact meeting at the high school next Thursday. Students are encouraged to meet in the Library for lunch to learn about the programs and projects for this year. Sam also announced the upcoming Milne meeting on October25, prior to the regular meeting. Phil Weise announced that there will be a defensive driving course in Caledonia on October 25 and 26. Phil had to pay $3 for his “advertisement.” Randy Vink was asked to an- nounce the upcoming Area 4 Christmas party, but he declined Interim President David’s re- quest. It was also announced that October 24 is World Polio Day. The Missed Meeting list was long. Martha Baily had two make-ups. Lynne Belluscio had to use a green card because she was teaching a kindergar- ten program last Wednesday. Tom McGinnis had two missed meetings and two green cards. Tracy Ford mentioned her five official visits with the Governor and was excused. Rob Murray used a green card. Ron Pan- grazio came up with a make up to keep his perfect attendance record. Anil Sawhney attended was acceptable for a makeup. Phil Weise had three missed meetings which cost him dearly. The fining session was taken from notes left by Presi- dent Scott McCumiskey. First Rob Murray was asked if he was in mourning for Michi- gan’s loss to Michigan State. His response cost him $10, al- though it was brought to every- one’s attention, that David Frost might have been happy at the outcome of the game, but was not called to pay for Michigan State’s win. “Coach” Eric Fix was asked about the swim team at GCC, and he mentioned that there were 18 students on the team - -but then he thought maybe there were only 2 - - at which point President David said he had heard there were 10 members of the swim team and Eric had to pay a dollar for each. There seemed to be a pattern to the fines. Tracy Ford paid $10 for the upcoming closing on her house in LeRoy. Merrit Hol- ly paid $10 when asked about the upcoming Homecoming at school. He explained that today was “scrabble day” and each student had to come in with a letter. Friday is red and black day. Anil Sawhney was asked if he remembered when he served as Rotary president - - which he responded “1992-1993” and then he was commended for be- ing “one darn good Rotarian” for 32 years - - which of course cost him $10. Tim Moag, men- tioned that he was president 1997-1998 but instead was asked to explain the “double entry” method of bookkeep- ing - - which he did, but to no avail and it cost Tim $10. Bob Boyce, immediately responded that he was president from 1976 to 1977, but the question was to explain the football story of his grandson Ryan, who made the team as a “walk on” at the University of Rochester. Anoth- er $10. Carol Wolfe was asked to contribute something to be fined for, and she had nothing to tell, so she was fined for driv- ing to Rotary - - $10. Finally, Sam Vagg called on the services of Past President Bob Bennett. She was surprised that Presi- dent David had not recognized her 10th anniversary as a Rotar- ian, and Interim President had to pay the $10 fine, but then in- sisted the Sam pay $10 also. At that point everyone was glad the fining session was over. Since today’s program, was a no show, Tammy Arneth was asked to do a “birthday talk.” First she mentioned that her birthday is the Fourth of July. She was born in Buffalo and is from West Seneca. Her husband, John, works for C.P. Ward and they have three chil- dren. They live on East Ave- nue and she has been in LeRoy twenty years. For a few years they lived in Florida, but her husband missed hunting and so they moved back to LeRoy. She studied as a paralegal and attended Conesus College. She served as Executive Director of All Babies Cherished in Batavia and recently became the Direc- tor of Development at Genesee Community College to raise student scholarship funding. Interim President Da- vid closed the meeting early and everyone went back to work. Learn more about Rotary at le- royrotary.org and don’t forget to like us on facebook. Can You Spot the Missed Marketing Opportunities? EMBROIDERY Dress Shirts, Polos, Vests, Hats, Jackets, Etc. 1 Church St. LeRoy, NY 14482 585.768.2201 www.lpgraphics.net Connect withYourCustomers! EMBROIDERY Dress Shirts, Polos, Vests, Hats, Jackets, Etc. 1 Church St. LeRoy, NY 14482 585.768.2201 www.lpgraphics.net