LeRoy Pennysaver & News

LE ROY PENNYSAVER & NEWS - OCTOBER 22, 2017 Re-Elect Shelly STEIN COUNTY LEGISLATOR Elect John DUYSSEN TOWN JUSTICE ● Belief in Smaller Government ● Enthusiasm for Community of LeRoy ● Dedicated Volunteer ● Private Business Experience ● Confident and Competent in Leadership Roles ● Listening Skills ● Supports Economic Development ● Supports Workforce Development ● Vast Network Used to support Goals of Town and Village of LeRoy ● Strong Family Values ● 25 Years of Public Service,including Deputy Sheriff and LeRoy Police Officer, Currently Serving as Town Councilman ● Earned Respect of Law Enforcement, Prosecutors, Defense Attorneys and Citizens of our community for unbiased approach to all cases ● Courtroom Experience - Expert Witness Civil and Criminal Proceedings - Accident Reconstructionist ● Small Business Owner ● Strong Family: Values Expressed through Foster Parenting and Adoption into our Family Paid for by Town of LeRoy Republican Party Vote Row B or C November 7, 2017 Vote Row B or C or F November 7, 2017