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LE ROY PENNYSAVER & NEWS - MARCH 12, 2023 by Lynne Belluscio How well would you do on a quiz about the women in LeRoy who made history? The following is a quiz about some of them and their accomplishments in our town: – What was Jacob LeRoy’s wife’s name? 1. ________________________ – Two sisters came to LeRoy in 1837 and founded a school for women. What was the oldest sister’s name? 2. ________________________ – The younger sister married an artist. What was his name? 3.________________________ – The sisters had first gone to what village to start a women’s school? 4. ________________________ – Pearle Wait’s wife 5. ________________________ is credited with naming Jell-O. – Cora Woodward was married to 6. _____________________ – Cora Woodward had two daughters. The oldest was Eleanor. The youngest was 7. ________________________ and she donated thousands of dollars to Strong Memorial Hospital to build an entire wing on the hospital which is known as 8. _______ Wing. – In 1934, 9. ________________________, the wife of the president of the United States, came to LeRoy on a political campaign for a friend. They stopped at a house on East Main Street at the invitation of Mrs. 10. ________________________ Woodward. – 11. ________________________ Woodward, who was the wife of Ernest Woodward, donated her collection of rare books to the Woodward Memorial Library. – This woman stands on the Oatka creekbank, and was dedicated to the Boy Scouts in 1950 12. _____________________________ She also stands on broken 13. ________________________ of tyranny. – Irene 14. ________________________ was the Town Historian during the town’s Bicentennial. – 15. Joan ________________________ was the first female firefighter. – A historic marker in front of the 16. ________________________ commemorates the first woman to vote in LeRoy. Her name is 17. ________________________. – Amelia Earhart arrived at the DWAirport on January 24, 1929 in a 18. ________________________. – Cecelia Cochran from LeRoy, died in service to her country during which war? 19. ________________________. Cecelia Cochran was honored by LeRoyan Becky Wetzel in 2021, when Becky was promoted to Major Colonel in this United States military branch 20. _________________. – Elizabeth King was four years old when she became the 21. __________________. – Adrienne Sanderson was the first principal of 22. __________________. – Rochelle “Willy” Wilson, a graduate of LeRoy Central School in 1971, became the first woman to be inducted into the LeRoy Sports Hall of Fame. Willy set records in track and field, but was not able to secure a sports scholarship to college because the Federal Government had not implemented Title 23. _______. – Dorothy Layne McIntire grew up in LeRoy and became an aviator during World War II. When she was young, she flew in planes at the 24. ________________________. During the War, while her husband was stationed in Europe, she taught men how to fly and repair airplanes. She is a member of the Tuskegee Airmen. – Kittie McPherson attended Ingham University and served in the Red Cross during World War 1. She served in Europe during the war and was assigned to the front in France. When she returned home, she served at Walter Reed Hospital where she contracted influenza. After the War she served as a registered nurse at Buffalo General Hospital. She died in 1967 and is buried in the Stone Church Cemetery. 25. ________________________ has volunteered to make sure a flag is placed on Kittie's grave on Memorial Day. – Veitel Hosiery in LeRoy manufactured silk stockings in a factory on West Main Street. Franz Veitel presented 26. ________________________ with stockings for her husband’s inauguration. – Ross Harvie’s wife, 27._______________________, worked with her husband at the Smoke Shoppe. When she retired, she came to the Historical Society and became one of the team of people to who worked at the Jell-O Gallery when it opened in 1997. – Mary 28. ________________________ who became a telegraph operator in LeRoy, went on to become the vice president of the Commercial Telegraphers Union of America and was involved with the suffrage movement. She retired to LeRoy and left her entire estate to St Peter’s Church. Answers are found on page 6 Women’s History Month