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LE ROY PENNYSAVER & NEWS - OCTOBER 16, 2022 ALLWHO WISH TO BE CONSIDERED MUST SUBMIT THIS FORM The Le Roy Pantry & Help Fund will be considering recipients for this year’s food baskets and gifts programs. If you or if you know of someone who you feel should be considered, please fill out the form below: Applicants must live in the Le Roy Central School District. MAIL TO: Le Roy Pantry &Help Fund 48 Main St. Le Roy, NY 14482 Le Roy Pantry & Help Fund Appl ication Deadl ine October 30, 2022 Submitting a name does not guarantee assistance. The allocations committee must balance need against available resources and must reserve for itself the right to make decisions on its perception of greatest need. You will be notified only if declined. Pick up by Appointment Only Start date: Decemeber 8th Call 585-768-4559 Established 1980 Le Roy, New York 14482 NAMES OF HOUSEHOLD: ADDRESS: PHONE NUMBER ( A MUST ): Prefer local number CHILDREN (names, male or female and date of birth) ( A MUST ) REASONS FOR CONSIDERATION: SIGNATURE OF APPLICANT: All who wish to be considered must submit this form.