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LE ROY PENNYSAVER & NEWS - MARCH 20, 2022 Message to the LeRoy Community Last December LeRoy Ambulance Service, Inc. kicked off a campaign to raise funds for the eventual purchase of a new ambulance. Thus far we have received $12,640 in contributions. Given that the price of a new ambulance is over $100,000, we have a way to go. However, we always considered this to be a long-range project. There are fund raising events in the planning stages that will certainly help our cause. LAS, Inc. wishes to thank everyone who has made a contribution. We will keep you posted on our progress on our Facebook page and the LeRoy Pennysaver & News. Again, thank you for your support! LEROY AMBULANCE SERVICE, INC. P O Box 56 1 TOUNTAS AVENUE LEROY, NEW YORK 14482 · (585)768-8612/2200 www.leroyems.org Board Members Dane Sprague, President Deanna Page, Treasurer Lloyd Hogle Patrick Privatera Tom Stella Chris Stella, Vice President Phil McNish, Secretary Brittany Morse, M.D. Robin Bordonaro Adversity requires perseverance CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GLOW REGION CHAMPIONS UNDEFEATED 4TH GRADE KNIGHTS 2022 KTA 1ST/2ND GRADE CHAMPION RAPTORS AND 2022 KTA 3RD/4TH GRADE CHAMPION CELTICS by Greg “Porp” Rogers Congratulations to newly re-elected trustees Bill Kettle and Rich Tetrault. Both return to the board with knowledge and experience. Bill has 8 years and Rich has 4 years’ experience. The good news is we have a very experienced board with 10 years for Trustee Jim Bonacquisti and 10 years as Mayor and 10 years as trustee for Ray Yacuzzo, and personally have 8 years as trustee and 10 years as Mayor. The bad news is we need to start looking into a transitional phase, with new and young members. Billy Lambert ran a great campaign and came very close. It’s great to see new people willing to take on the task of running the village, hopefully this is a sign of things to come. Thanks for putting yourself out there. The Village is working on the budget, we figure the rising price of gas will cost another $50, 000 a year. Electric is not much better. The board has no plans of any borrowing in the near future, which is good as interest rates a projected to rise. The end goal is to keep a stable tax rate, we have managed in the past and will work very hard to continue. More to follow. One of the projects is to transition our street lights into LED lighting, this investment will pay long term dividends as electricity rises. Any Street project will be done out CHIPS moneys set aside for that purpose, but we are watching the price of materials very closely. “There is a time to let things happen, and there is time to make things happen” Hugh Prathe Mayor's Corner