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LE ROY PENNYSAVER & NEWS - MARCH 13, 2022 Paid for by the LeRoy Democratic Committee Le Roy Central School District 2022 Bus/Equipment Purchase Public Vote March 15, 2022 - 2 p.m. - 7 p.m. in the Wolcott Street School Media Center PROPOSITION 1 Le Roy Central School residents are being asked to authorize the district to borrow money for the purchase of new school buses and Lawn Maintenance Equipment in an amount not to exceed $423,000. This dollar amount would purchase one (1) full size 65 passenger school bus, one (1) 30-passenger wheelchair equipped mini bus, two (2) 35-passenger mini buses, one (1) 6 passenger utility vehicle and one (1) Ventrac tractor and additional implements for said tractor. All vehicles listed will include a two-way radio and video surveillance equipment. Le Roy Central School District has implemented a 10-year replacement cycle for all school buses. This replacement cycle is based on a history of mileage and usage. The District has found that maintenance costs, body repairs, rust damage and safety issues increase significantly once a bus reaches approximately 10 years of age, particularly as school buses must pass New York State D.O.T. inspections twice a year. Additionally, the strain of typical driving patterns create a faster wear on buses as an average school bus makes approximately 100 stops and starts during a single day. All public schools in New York State receive a reimbursement from New York State for such school bus purchases over a 5 year period. The Le Roy Central School District’s reimbursement ratio is currently 90%, thus the taxpayers would be responsible for the remaining 10%. The District’s plan is to borrow these funds to align the debt repayment with the reimbursement period. What Does This Mean for Taxpayers? Cost of 5 Buses and tractor: $423,000 NYS Reimbursement at 90% for buses: -$340,200 Local Cost of 5 Buses and tractor: $80,800 The total Le Roy taxpayer cost of buses would be $80,800 for this proposition, which when divided over a five year payback period is approximately $16,160 per year from the General Fund Budget. When this amount is then divided into the assessment value total for the entire District, each taxpayer will pay approximately one and a half cents per thousand dollars assessed value each year. In other words, if your home is assessed for $100,000 you would pay less than $1.50 a year for this proposition. If we factor in the salvage or trade in value of the old buses, this amount is even less each year. **VOTING LOGISTICS UPDATE FOR 2022** The entrance to the media center (typical voting door entrance) located in the parking lot next to the gymnasium is currently closed due to construction related activities. Therefore, all voters must enter through the front (Trigon Park) triple doors located next to the Auditorium. Parking is still available in rear parking lot, as well as in the Trigon Park loop, and along Route 5 if needed. If you choose to park in the rear lot, please follow the sidewalks that run along the side of the Auditorium by the Methodist Church to Trigon Park and enter through the Trigon Park triple doors. We apologize in advance for the inconvenience this may cause.