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LE ROY PENNYSAVER & NEWS - SEPTEMBER 2, 2018 SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL ADVERTISERS! They help sponsor the local news section of the Le Roy Pennysaver. THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Providing full funeral and cremation services. 111 Wolcott Street, LeRoy, NY 14482 (585) 768-6800 www.leroyfuneralhome.com cameronfuneralhome@yahoo.com Jeff Deragon Funeral Director/Owner Benjamin Deragon Funeral Director Mayor’s Corner One touch of a button sends help fast, 24/7. alone I’m never Life Alert ® is always here for me. For a FREE brochure call: 1-800-509-4544 Batteries Never Need Charging. SAVING A LIFE EVERY 11 MINUTES! ® Having An UPCOMING EVENT? Need A Place TO HAVE IT? American Legion Post 576 53 West Main St., Le Roy, NY 585-768-2090 CLIP & SAVE CLIP & SAVE Inside - 2 Rooms Available Outside - Large Pavilion eow by Greg “Porp” Rogers Summer ‘18 is close to being in the books. Once again Jackie Whiting and her recreation staff and programs were over the top, the pool kept over 7,000 visitors cooled of throughout the hot summer. I heard a young couple who had recently moved here couldn’t believe all there was to do for the children. Part of the experience of growing up in LeRoy is the summer recreation, there is no better place to be a kid than right here. Thanks to Jackie and her staff. We made our last sewer bond payment recently, this is a great step forward because we did not want to double stack debt while upgrading our plant. Plant upgrades will be financed with a zero percent bond for 6.75 million and a grant for 2.25 million. This should put our community in a solid and financially stable position for many years to come. What seemed like an easy fix to our dam gate issue has taken another turn. The final numbers for the bid came in well over $300,000. After much discussion and input from many people, we have decided to have our DPW attempt to replace the timbers at a significantly reduced total cost. Bob Lathan is confident his team can do this work, which would be a great bonus for the village. This work is planned for November. The County, City of Batavia, and municipalities of the County, sales tax sharing agreement has expired. Negotiations have started and it looks as though we may be capped in the future of revenues from county sales tax. There are a couple of factors that really need to be brought to light. First Genesee County has one if not the most generous sharing plans in the state. Over the past, the county is burdened with mandates and expenses that go virtually unnoticed. One of the big-ticket items for the county, is a new jail, this not a want but a must have. We still have phase two of the water plan and need more water to meet the demand and give us the ability to grow. The county also has responsibility for the bridges throughout the county which many are in dire need of work, these along with many other mandates and programs. Our county legislators have worked very hard to be fair and diligent in dealing with all these matters. The village will do its part to keep our rate as low and stable as we can, we could use a little help from Albany. Chief Hayward would like everyone to take extra caution driving with the children going back to school. “Status quo, you know is Latin for the mess we’re in” Ronald Reagan